Everyone’s A Critic, Catching Fire Edition

There’s one particular truth that eludes a lot of Hunger Games fans ignore when it comes to their opinions, especially just after a film release:

You are NOT the most important person on the effing Internet. Crazy, we know!

Tell 'em, Hipster Cat!

Tell ’em, Hipster Cat!

From professional critics to casual fans, they’re always there: The people who don’t know how to sit down, shut up and just enjoy the ride, for once! We’ve seen a whole tide of them roll in since the release of Catching Fire and we’re sure you have too!

To be clear, we’re not talking about everyone who pointed out a thing or two they wished they’d seen or didn’t like. We don’t think any movie, even Catching Fire, is perfect. It’s especially difficult with an adaptation. Everyone will have moments we wish were included or different.

It’s the people who say “I loved Catching Fire, but…” and then go on to provide a fucking LIST of every nitpicky, typically inconsequential issue they saw with the movie, a large portion if it based on their own fanon more than the actual book.

Common Issues on These Lists:

  • Pacing was too fast / too slow and contained too much but also not enough action.
  • The relationship between any combination of Katniss/ Peeta/ Gale/ Haymitch/ Effie/ Cinna/ Finnick/ Johanna/ Prim/ Buttercup/ Those Turkeys in the Woods wasn’t exactly what existed in their headcanon. It was too intense or not intense enough and why can nobody ever read their minds right?!
  • Why wasn’t so-and-so featured more?! GOOOOOOSH!
  • The adaptation wasn’t true enough of the book / too true to the book (Seriously, we’ve heard both.)
  • One scene or another that offered some extra character development but was not entirely necessary to plot was left out for time and IT RUINED EVERYTHING.
  • The movie did not include enough yet was too long… or vice versa. Because if there’s one thing we’re seeing among the nitpicking, it’s a total lack of consistency.

Essentially, these people will accept no less than the film as written and directed by themselves. Everyone is suddenly a skeptical popular film critic of hipster-esque portions. Even after reading this, there’s likely to be one or two who make their way to the comments to explain why they’re right in pointing out Catching Fire’s flaws, thank you very much. Because again, they think their opinion is the most important one on the Internet.

FANDOM BUZZKILLS: Making these two look like Siskel and Ebert since 2012

Dear complainers, you’ve been making these two seem like Siskel and Ebert since 2012

All things considered, both The Hunger Games and Catching Fire are excellent adaptations. We consider Catching Fire to be the richer, more character-driven of the two. If you think differently than us, that’s fine! But to claim to love the movie, then proceed to tear it apart because you can’t just allow yourself to enjoy how lucky you are to have solid adaptations of your favorite books? REALLY?!

There are fandoms out there who would kill for the level of care, talent, and attention put into this franchise. Maybe you also belong to one of them. You know! The ones where books they love have fallen into the hands of movie studios who repeatedly bang their heads against the wall, trying to create a popular film while casually ignoring everything but a thin outline of the original book because they think they can create something better than a bestseller.

Again, it’s okay not to like everything! You know what’s not okay, though? HATING EVERYTHING. Pointing out everything you dislike about something that’s well-loved (in what often seems like an attempt to prove you’re above the hype) does not make you insightful, intellectual, or even book savvy. It makes you THAT GUY who, by virtue of his or her inability to fully enjoy the big picture despite the occasional flaws, drowns out the positivity for everyone else.

There’s another name for the hyper-critical– Giant freaking buzzkills.

C’mon, Hunger Games fandom. You’re better than that.

The Girl With The Pearl



  1. Yay for this post. I actually was talking to a girl at my school about the movie. And she loved everything about the movie, except Sam Claflin as Finnick. When I asked if it had to do with his portrayal of the character. She said no he acted it perfectly. It’s just too average looking to play Finnick. I just want to facepalm for that comment.

  2. HALLELUJAH!! Somebody post this for all of tumblr to see.

    Honestly I can’t wait to see the Mockingjay movies. I want them to expand so much more than what was in the novel. Ex. Peeta/Johanna torture scenes, more characterization for Snow/Plutarch/Coin, show how Katniss/Gale drift apart, Finnck/Annie relationship :), more Prim (for maximum pain), INCLUDE EFFIE IN THE MOVIE.

    The film makers are doing a fan-freaking-tastic job on these movies so I have a lot more faith than the last two installments.

    1. I’m SUPER excited for the Mockingjays because of the 2-movie split. The main thing that makes me go *le sigh* about CF is just all the stuff they had to (understandably) leave out. But they can include and enrich so much more from Mockingjay, in addition to the non-Katniss scenes.

  3. Well that’s why I generally stay away from most reviews and comment sections, especially about shows/movies that I really like and just want to enjoy and hear sensible criticism about. So I haven’t heard or read any of this craziness. And for adaptations, reactions/reviews/discussions by your favorite booktubers are usually great and entertaining.
    FYI: ScreenRant’s podcast review of Catching Fire is really funny and interesting. Plus, one of the guys read all the books, and dropped some serious bits of insightful knowledge on the other guys who only saw the movies.

  4. i don’t see what’s the problem with people pointing out the flaws they see in the movie. people should learn to accept that it’s their opinion and whether they are right or not doesn’t make their opinion invalid. i, myself, love the movie but there were things i was dissatisfied with. that doesn’t mean though that i’m trying “to prove I’m above the hype.” ranting about other people’s rants is even more pathetic tbh.

  5. Uuum.. I in no way think I’m the most important person on the internet, but I’m holding the apparently unpopular view that people are entitled to their opinion…
    I understand you don’t want Debbie Downers to ruin your enjoyment of the movie, but seriously. You can’t accept that people disagree with you just because they’re not – consistent?!

    Have you considered that the complainers could simply be expressing how they sincerely feel?

    Furthermore, have you considered that you might be the lucky ones? Do you think it’s FUN to be in the minority who are disappointed over a movie they were greatly looking forward to? (To clarify: I liked CF better than the first movie, but have some issues with it.)

    Have you also considered that when people seem nitpicky to you, that could be because the source material is actually that important to them? Including those small parts? Or that people open with saying they ‘liked the movie’ to be considerate, to ‘lessen the blow’, or because their opinion is actually that nuanced? That they seem like pseudo-intellectual film critics because they feel they have to come up with good reasons to dislike it?

    When a movie gets as popular as this, it’s going to attract the whole spectrum. Haters, apologists, obsessives, hipsters, the lot.

    This has been one of my favorite fansites for THG, but I’m pretty shocked that you would send the message that we should shut up, consider ourselves lucky and not criticize the movie and just consider ourselves lucky..Can you seriously not hear how that sounds like?

    1. Feeling like you didn’t fully read or understand the post. It’s not about people who have a couple complains. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. It’s about the people who come off as totally ungrateful, full of negative rants and raves, and ruin a positive experience for everyone else.

      Those people suck. We’re just being honest. Sorry not sorry!

      Also, the argument that people are nitpicky because they care about the books more and thus have seemingly pseudo-intellectual opinions because they’re coming up with “good reasons to dislike it” is totally flawed, not to mention a huge insult to the majority of the fandom.

  6. I loved the turkeys — both your comment and the actual movie turkeys. Since the film made its US debut in time for Thanksgiving, I think it was sort of a cute little wink from Francis Lawrence.

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