Game Review: Panem Run

Welcome to your newest addiction!

Panem Run Stills

If there’s one thing The Hunger Games franchise has done well so far, it’s creating games to go along with the series that don’t promote the violent aspects of the series, therefore ripping the whole message of the series to shreds (they’re too busy doing that with their other advertising, but anywaaaaay…)

For the first film, we were given mission-based The Hunger Games Adventures.

For The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Lionsgate teamed up with Reliance Games to create Panem Run, a mobile endless runner game that takes you through the districts!

In Panem Run, you control Katniss (you can also play as a male character, though the identity isn’t specified) as she moves through Panem, dodging, sliding, and leaping to avoid obstacles. Along the way, she collects sparks and resources to boost points. The more sparks you gather, the more hope you can spread to the districts! But if you fall behind or hit an obstacle, you’ll be greeted by a swarm of angry trackerjackers.

If you’ve never played an endless runner game before, they are strangely addictive! You’ll start off on wobbly legs if you’re not already an endless runner game expert, but don’t give up! My first few times playing, Katniss met her gruesome end pretty quickly. The controls are simple: Just swipe left, right, up or down to get your avatar to go that way. But in the hype of the moment, I swipe up to go down, down when I meant to go left, and directly into the nearest obstacle. Not to mention that we’re seeing a semi-official rendering of many districts for the first time, so there’s an urge to gaze at graphics and then, well… SPLAT! Eventually, even I managed to get a hold of it, so I know you can too!

Soon, it becomes a mission to see how long you can keep Katniss going. When you’ve got a hang of things, you can plug into your District or invite friends, then compete against others! It’s not all challenges, though– you can also share resources with each other.

In between gameplay, you can break things up with some high speed archery practice. Just flick your arrows in the right direction with a slide of your finger for some sweet bonus points!

While we wish we had l33t gaming skillz, we’re pretty much n00bs. But Panem Run is something everyone can manage and enjoy, either for an individual challenge or a neck-to-neck race to the top of the leaderboard against friends.

Panem Run is available FREE for iPad, iPhone, and Android via the iTunes App Store and Google Play



  1. Well, it’s basically a copy of Temple Run with Catching Fire themed stuff. As a game on its own, it’s bad. As a game edition of a movie it’s… what you get, most of the time. It’s just an average movie-game promotion thingy.

    Also, The Hunger Games Adventures is not just for the first movie, but for the whole trilogy. And it’s the typical boring social non-game.

    For the first movie specifically, we got this neat little game: – which in my opinion is the best Hunger Games game. The art direction is great, the style is pretty good, and the gameplay, while quite unoriginal and casual, is better.

    It’s probably because it was done by a small indie team instead of a company dedicated to specifically make Temple Run clones with movie graphics, or one that produces the terrible social non-games related to movies.

    1. As someone who’s harbored a mini-addiction to both Panem Run (knowing full-well it’s a Temple Run spinoff) and the Hunger Games Adventures “non-game”, I think you’re being really unfair. Just because they’re not games YOU want to play doesn’t mean they’re instinctively bad. They’re simplistic and not for crazy-skilled gamers, but they’re fun and interesting and get people’s attention.

      I haven’t had the Girl on Fire game on my phone because it’s for Apple products only, but from the looks of it, it could be considered a ripoff of so many other games, with slightly improved Nintendo-style graphics. Also, it’s by a small indie team, as noted in their own press release. We’re sure it’s a good game, but is it worth being so harsh about the others for the same reasons?

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