Comedic Timing: Josh Hutcherson Does SNL

I don’t know if you’re aware of this or not, but Josh Hutcherson, our Peeta Mellark, hosted the North American comedy staple, Saturday Night Live last Saturday (November 23, 2013). And in my not so humble opinion, I think he nailed it. Sure there are some reviewers out there who aren’t so generous with their praise for his performance that night, but I’m basing my opinion on my gut, and also the fact that last Saturday I fell asleep before the broadcast, woke up in time for the broadcast, and managed to stay engaged throughout the program, i.e. I didn’t fall asleep in a fit of complete and utter exhaustion.

Saturday Night Live is supposed to be a reprieve from the average person’s mundane week, at least that’s what I’ve discerned over the last near twenty years of being a semi regular viewer of the program. Was last Saturday a welcome reprieve from my mundane work week? Damn straight it was, it made me laugh, it made me smile, and it made me a little bit proud of Josh. I know, I know, I hold no real ownership (for lack of a better

Josh, meet you're new friend, Turkey.

Josh, meet you’re new friend, Turkey.

word), of Josh– but he’s one of the main faces of The Hunger Games franchise, and when he does well outside of the franchise, I think I feel a little bit like a big sister or something, like “he did good, this job isn’t ruining him for the world.” Yeah, I shouldn’t feel that way either, but I just hate the idea of someone as talented, and versatile as Josh being painted into a corner because his name’s synonymous with The Hunger Games. However, that phenomena doesn’t seem to be something that’s followed the heroine of the franchise, Jennifer Lawrence, because hell– she won an Oscar after she played Katniss the first time. So, I don’t know why I’m even fleetingly feeling apprehensive that Josh will be pitted as Peeta, and nothing else.

About the show last Saturday though, I think the surprising thing I picked up on during all the sketches, was that Josh can pull off a multitude of hair styles, including most shockingly– a mullet. Seriously, who looks good with a mullet?! Apparently Josh Hutcherson. He also can pull off tapered leg jeans in light blue, and a pink and green rugby shirt. That of course is the costume he donned for probably the best sketch of the night, which you can see here. And then there was the sketch where one of the newest cast members played a man with the motor function of a baby, but had the business brain of a business genius, yes– and Josh was his brand spankin’ new executive assistant. Erm, Josh ended up probably more than once with a grown man’s fingers in his mouth, and I think he also took the brunt of that same grown man’s full body weight, more than once. Did he seem daunted, did he seem flummoxed? Hell to the no! He took it, and the audience laughed their heads off. So, to the panning reviewers, next time you want to judge a host like Josh– let a grown man put his fingers in your mouth without asking permission, then I’ll listen to you with an open heart, and an open mind– ’cause I laughed, and I don’t know why the hell you didn’t.

Josh’s grade as first time SNL host by moi: A-.

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