REACTION POST! The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Now that we’ve all reveled in THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE several times, it’s time for Victor’s Village’s infamous reaction post!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with our reaction posts, our three admins in a chat get together and say anything and everything we feel about the topic at hand… and it gets pretty damn hilarious, if we do say so ourselves!

This post is also long, mostly hidden under the READ MORE cut, and contains ALL THE SPOILERS. Beware!


The Girl With The Pearl: Since we made our readers answer this: Give an overall review in FIVE WORDS or less!
Them There Eyes: Not the Hunger Games, bitches. Sorry, was channeling Spike from Buffy.
Twiffidy: Oh no this is hard.
TGWTP: Mine is turning out to just be “Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!” That could be taken several different ways.
Twiffidy: Spectacular with all the feels.


AMAZING character development we totally forgot to discuss!

AMAZING character development we totally forgot to discuss!

TGWTP: And said feelings start with some MAJOR character development? Whose was your favorite?
Them There Eyes: I think everyone got an ample amount of character development, even Buttercup. But, I think I’m going to have to go with Effie!
Twiffidy: Effie for sure. I mean, they did finally say her name!
TGWTP: Buttercup was so very… orange! T’was lovely.
TGWTP: I agree Effie takes the cake. We finally get to see the pure Capitol in her that was downplayed before AND a more sensitive side!
Twiffidy: When it comes to Effie, I was relieved to see her humanized.
Them There Eyes: Effie crying was like watching an alien have a baby, and then you cry… because it had a baby.
TGWTP: Somehow, that description works. LOL
Them There Eyes: Okay, now we have to talk about how the joke could finally be made! “Go home Haymitch, you’re drunk.”
Them There Eyes: Really drunk! I’ve never been so glad to see a man drunk before in my life!
Twiffidy: That entire scene like a slice out of my imagination when I read the books
Them There Eyes: I know! Right down to the bread, and the “burrrr!”
Twiffidy: He was the right amount of drunk from how the books describes without being too comical.
TGWTP: For sure! It’s a hard line to walk, but Woody knows what he’s doing.

99 bottles of booze on the table! 99 bottles of booze!

99 bottles of booze on the table! 99 bottles of booze!

Them There Eyes: Still made me wish for Drunk!Haymitch from THG, falling off the stage at the Reaping. I hope non book fans aren’t too surprised by his sudden change from social drinker to rubbing alcohol pilferer.
TGWTP: And you know what? Peeta was manned up! And it wasn’t some massive dissolution of his character like people made it out to be. Quelle surprise!
Them There Eyes: I know, just seemed like a boy grew up after he saw some pretty horrible things, and… also had his heart broken.
Twiffidy: Yes, it’s understated but that’s how it appeared to me. I’m a big fan of Peeta’s journey through this movie.
Them There Eyes: I loved Peeta, I had Peeta feels for days after seeing it… also sleep deprivation. People change, Peeta’s one of those people.
TGWTP: Peeta Mellark is the ninja-silent emo badass of Panem, though for good reason.
Twiffidy: It’s important to realize that this is the Peeta that Katniss will miss in Mockingjay.



Them There Eyes: My body is.
Twiffidy: I almost involuntarily squeak out “No!” at that final look at Peeta as Katniss leaves with the wire. Every. Time.
TGWTP: I understand. It’s “Don’t do it, idiot! I know what happens and you don’t want that shit!”


TGWTP: Okay, how about the fresh blood! Who was your favorite?
Twiffidy: Jena is a the standout, but I’m really grateful for Sam.
Them There Eyes: Can I tie Jena and Sam?
Twiffidy: Yes, we can do that!
Them There Eyes: Can I make them into a single entity?

Our Finnick. For real.

Our Finnick. For real.

Twiffidy: Samena
Them There Eyes: Samena!
TGWTP: Fair enough! There seems to be a lot of going back and forth there.
TGWTP: BROTP = Samena! Bam!
Them There Eyes: Also, Sam’s just kind of awesome as a person. And for the record, TOTALLY HOT ENOUGH!
Twiffidy: I almost yelled at my friend for not liking Sam as Finnick.
Them There Eyes: This fandom really did a number on his self esteem, guys.
TGWTP: YES! The fact that people could say he’s not got enough or great as Finnick almost ruins my faith in humanity. LOOK AT THAT MAN.


TGWTP: How did you feel about Johanna’s F-Bombs?
Them There Eyes: Totally fucking surprised, but delighted.
Twiffidy: SO surprised but totally in character.
TGWTP: Much like Peeta during the engagement, I wanted it to be real. Well, one of them, so we could keep the PG-13 rating
Them There Eyes: Even more delighted to learn that Suzanne helped write that dialog the night before that scene was shot!
TGWTP: But yeah, just when Suzanne Collins couldn’t be a more epic, she writes a few “Fuck you” moments for the film!
Them There Eyes: Literally.
Twiffidy: We got see way more of the interviews than I thought.
TGWTP: Gotta appreciate how it was much less montage-y.
Twiffidy: I like that they kept so much of it when they were only planning for a line here or there.
Them There Eyes: We did, and to think…. there’s a whole lot more that was trimmed!


What. A. Badass.

What. A. Badass.

TGWTP: But I felt like that moment was a great nod to diehard fans. Any other moment catch your attention like that?
Them There Eyes: Mahogany!
Twiffidy: Oh yes that it is a nod to the fans all right
TGWTP: Seneca Crane’s beard on the dummy was big! Also, blooooooooood in the champagne! (Sung to the tune of “Smoke On The Water” in my head, for some reason)
Them There Eyes: Silly. I am so glad that they got that characterization in there, ’cause there was seemingly no other way for it to get out other than having Katniss saying something about his breath.
Twiffidy: A friend who hadn’t even been into the first movie and never read the books loved CF and asked me eagerly about what was going on with the blood from President Snow.
TGWTP: Did you tell him to read the books ASAP?
Them There Eyes: Yeah, better have.
Twiffidy: LOL I’ve tried.
TGWTP: I’m the horrible person who does that to everyone, “What is that about, Kait?” “Not telling. Read the books.”
Them There Eyes: I do that too. But it’s more “Read the fucking books!”


TGWTP: What did we think of the inclusion of Snow’s granddaughter?
Them There Eyes: Great, made us see another side to him.
Twiffidy: I think it provides good insight into Snow’s motivation and preps us for the “Should we have another Hunger Games” debate that is likely to occur two movies from now.
TGWTP: YES. And she’s an adorable little muffin who loves Katniss so it’ll be even more upsetting when Katniss and co. decide she should face the games herself.

The next generation of Panem!

The next generation of Panem!

Them There Eyes: She was also just a tiny bit creepy, just like granddad.
Twiffidy: Well, I guess being the President of Panem’s granddaughter is likely to make you a bit strange from our perspective
TGWTP: I found the “Someday, I’m going to volunteer just like you!” girl more creepy.
Them There Eyes: Yes!
TGWTP: But both of those girls packed punches in so few lines.
Twiffidy: It really does a lot of the work needed from translating from book to film, like how do you show Katniss’s impact vs. Bonnie and Twill in the woods.
TGWTP: True. And I think that does it a lot better than the actual inclusion of Bonnie and Twill. Now I’m like “TWILL WHO?”
Them There Eyes: Bonnie and Twill in the woods was one of the most awkward sequences in the novel anyway.
Twiffidy: Yes, I’m glad someone else has said it, because I’ve been saying up down left right since they were revealed to not be in the movie that they won’t be needed.
Them There Eyes: Having the exposition made almost silent observation was a much better use of the film’s time instead of introducing two whole other characters.


They actually scared us this time, guys!

They actually scared us this time, guys!

TGWTP: Let’s talk about the big guns now! THE ARENA.
TGWTP: Visually, it was everything I wanted and more. I’m so pleasantly shocked haha
Them There Eyes: Can’t wait to see it in IMAX. I’m also so glad they let them be dirty this time!!
TGWTP: Yes! Dirty and sweating and out of breath!
Twiffidy: I’m a little confused about Johanna’s smudged makeup in the arena. Like, wasn’t she covered in blood that she washed off?
Them There Eyes: Girl brought her smudge tipped eye liner in with her, yo.
Twiffidy: But at least it was smudgey.
Them There Eyes: How do we feel about the other Tributes and/ or Victors?
TGWTP: I loved them! The Career pack was actually menacing this time!
Them There Eyes: Thank you!
TGWTP: I see why they weren’t solely menacing in the first film, but it worked much better this way.
Them There Eyes: But here’s the burning question that I will never complain about…. Why were Brutus and Gloss shirtless?
Twiffidy: It’s hot!
Them There Eyes: I know, like I said… I will never complain.
Twiffidy: Heck, if it were socially acceptable for me to walk around without a shirt, I’m sure I would too!
Them There Eyes: And some people would love you for it, Tiffany!
TGWTP: It makes sense for the Careers, but did you guys find it funny that almost everyone else was pretty in shape? Besides the Morphlings, really. Like… no Victors ever get fat?
Them There Eyes: Nope, because they could be called on by the Capitol at any moment to perform sexual favors for the Capitol elite. And no one wants to bone a fat Victor.
Twiffidy: I guess with all the money in the world they can get some advanced form of liposuction every month or something.
TGWTP: They probably are Capitol people that DO want to bone a fat Victor, to be fair. They’re just the minority. So I suppose your theories make sense ahahaha.
Them There Eyes: Well, we didn’t get to see any of the fat Victors, we saw the ones with the bodies that put us all to shame.


The Wright Stuff

The Wright Stuff

TGWTP: Who surprised you most out of the Victors, Sam and Jena aside? I think it was Jeffrey Wright for me.
Them There Eyes: Jeffrey and Amanda.
Twiffidy: Jeffrey and Amanda for sure
TGWTP: You see his others works and his interviews and you think you know what to expect. I know he’s super talented, but he just morphed into this character so different from himself so effortlessly.
Twiffidy: One of my favorite moments for Jeffrey was the Caesar Flickerman interview. The way he says that line about the rules being written by man, it showed his intelligence and cunning without being overt.
Them There Eyes: I wish the other named Victors, besides Mags of course, and Gloss, Cashmere, Beetee, Wiress, Finnick, and Johanna got to speak.
Twiffidy: I really wanted more of Seeder and Chaff.
Them There Eyes: Yes!
Twiffidy: Though I was glad Chaff was missing a hand! And was scarred too on his face.
TGWTP: Yeah, they were great. I wish it was a little more firmly established that Chaff was Haymitch’s BFFL.
Them There Eyes: Drinking Buddies for Life!
Twiffidy: The kiss thing though I did not think was going to happen and it did!




Them There Eyes: I still can’t get over the elevator scene.
TGWTP: STRIP TEASEEEE! It was so perfect. So very perfect.
Them There Eyes: The faces. Oh my god the faces.
TGWTP: Jen’s “This is awkward” face is my favorite ever
Twiffidy: And oh Peeta! It’s probably the first time he’s seen a naked lady.
Them There Eyes: Peeta’s smug…“I’mma gonna unzip this chick’s dress” face was so very wonderful.
TGWTP: I really wish we’d gotten a little more dialogue after she walked out. A funny little back and forth between Katniss and Peeta, maybe.
Them There Eyes: Maybe, but I’d say the faces did all the work for them, unless you mean more dialog in general between them?
TGWTP: No, after Johanna left in that scene. About her nudeness.


Peeta won! We need more details!

Peeta won! We need more details!

TGWTP: Any last things we want to discuss?
Twiffidy: I was a little sad there wasn’t any hint that Peeta killed Brutus.
TGWTP: Oh yeah.
Twiffidy: I only bring it up because I’m sick and tired of this “Peeta is weak” business.
Them There Eyes: I don’t think Movie! Peeta is allowed to kill people overtly. Which suuuuuuucks.
TGWTP: Movie! Peeta killed District 10 guy though.
Twiffidy: Not to glorify what he did, but he does take down the most physically intimidating character.
Them There Eyes: Brutus, you mean, or 10 dude?
Twiffidy: Brutus.
Them There Eyes: I know! I wanted to see that so badly! I feel weird saying that.
TGWTP: I WANT MORE DEATH, DAMMIT! …. No, I get it. Peeta is always categorized as “Needs saving” and that’s not really true.
Them There Eyes: Peeta doesn’t need saving, he just needs help from time to time.
Twiffidy: Like most people would.
TGWTP: I think Katniss needs help from time to time too, but nobody considers that as much. Just let them be equals! I know in the books, they make light of Brutus’ death in Mockingjay. I’m hoping for some cool flashback replay from Peeta’s POV.


Comin' at you, sucka!

Comin’ at you, sucka!

TGWTP: How about that ending?
Them There Eyes: Near perfection, although I thought the being lifted bit was a bit melodramatic. I’m also getting really used to hearing Jen screaming “You’re a liar!”
TGWTP: I think that very sweeping dramatic rescue of the protagonist is used a lot in films these days. But it works
Twiffidy: I think her tears turning into fierce determination and then the logo changing was a HUGE tease for Mockingjay and I loved it
Them There Eyes: I’m in love with Jen’s ability to change her expression like that, made me think of this amazing scene on Prison Break where the lead goes from total nervous wreck to determined man about to go rob a bank… and all in silence.
TGWTP: You really see that journey into anger Francis talked about. And every part of me thought “RAGE ON, SISTER!”
Them There Eyes: Put that in our next t-shirt design.


  1. i really enjoyed the movie. i thought it was great and much better than the first film. i like the addition of Snow’s granddaughter to show how much of an impact Katniss had with the Capitol audience. i did feel though that some things were lacking.

    one is Cinna’s death. i didn’t feel anything when he died to be honest. i don’t know. i guess the lack of Cinna-Katniss interaction in the movie made me indifferent to his death.

    another thing is i found it awkward that at the start of the movie Peeta was already so cold to Katniss when at the end of the first movie, Peeta’s last line was “I don’t want to forget.” well, i mainly blame the first film for this since they really didn’t give us the train scene where Peeta found out Katniss was just playing for the cameras. Peeta’s coldness would have made more sense if the first movie ended with Peeta and Katniss already drifting apart.

    i also think the movie should have shown more of the Capitol being so engrossed with the ‘star-crossed lovers’ of District 12. the Capitol audience should have been more chaotic when Peeta announced that Katniss was pregnant. also, they should have kept that scene where Cinna’s assistants cried over seeing Katniss and Peeta cuddling in bed before the Games.

    and speaking of Katniss being pregnant, they didn’t follow it up during the Games. it seems like the moviemakers forgot that Peeta and Katniss should be selling the story that she is pregnant even during the Games.

    also. the Morphling saving Peeta felt like it came out of nowhere because the movie didn’t establish that Peeta had a connection with the two Morphlings during their training.

    lastly, still no on-screen kill for Peeta?! he was supposed to kill Brutus just before Katniss shoot the arrow that will destroy the Arena. they should have at least included that scene before Peeta will be gone for like half of Mockingjay.

    1. Oh dear Debbie Downer! While we agree with you on some of those points, we think sitting there and listing them makes us jaded.

      Personally, I disagree on the points about Cinna’s death (which was actually just a beating. He dies much later from Capitol torture), the Capitol fascination (It was so there! There were people reaching out just to touch them in the mansion scene and they had to forcibly shut down the Capitol broadcast due to outrage), the pregnancy (Capitol outrage was so thorough that constant reminders weren’t needed) and the Morphling (Haymitch establishes that half the Victors were in on protecting Katniss and Peeta. It’s safe to assume the morphling was one.)

      1. whether it be just a beating or beating to death, i should still feel something but i felt none. which is sad because when i read it in the book, i literally held my breath for a couple of seconds. it was shocking in the books. in the movie, that scene felt so forced. even my sister, who hasn’t read the books, agreed.

        yup. the fascination is there. but more like it’s because they were Victors and not because they are the ‘star-crossed lovers’ of District 12. like i said, Cinna’s assistants crying over seeing Katniss and Peeta cuddling in bed just before the Quarter Quell would have made that more obvious. also the shutting down of Capitol broadcast was due to the Victors holding hands, showing some unity between the Tributes for the first time, and not because of Peeta’s ‘baby’ revelation.

        i still feel there should have been a followup to Peeta’s ‘baby’ revelation during the Games. simply touching Katniss stomach during their intimate scene at the beach would suffice. it’s important to Peeta’s character because playing-for-the-cameras was one of his major strategies to keep Katniss alive during the Quarter Quell.

        ok. granted that the Morphlings were in on the plan to get Katniss out of the arena, it still would have been better to establish that Peeta and the Morphlings had a connection before the Games. that would prevent people from having a ‘huh?’ reaction to that scene and instead will make the Morphling’s dying scene more emotional. also, it’s character development for Peeta.

        don’t get me wrong. there’s a ton more things i liked about the film than things i didn’t like. but those that i liked have already been echoed by tlots of online reviews for Catching Fire so i didn’t bother to write them down. 🙂

        1. A lot of what you’re saying is your personal speculation and not the general reaction we’ve seen so far. To each their own.

          Though it’s important to note that the Capitol audience started flipping out leading to the shutdown directly following the baby bomb, before the hand-holding. Trust me, I’ve seen the movie enough to know lol

  2. Love this post! Snape ‘My Body is Ready’ LOL

    Haymitch’s character development was my favorite. Not just the drinking (actually he looked more at the hung over but still drunk stage), but I also totally loved those moments of compassion, like when he hugged Katniss after yelling at her after the District 11 speech.

    Haymitch played the elevator scene best, with Peeta as runner up. Haymitch’s deadpan introduction at the end was fantastic. But I had my doubts about that scene even though it was funny. I agreed with one Tumblr post that Jennifer’s expression was 99% Jen and 1% Katniss; ditto the reaction to Chaff’s kiss. Book!Katniss would have been more shocked and embarrassed.

    Cesar Flickerman was even more over the top this time. The eyebrows!! And is it possible the teeth are even whiter? When towards the end of the tribute interviews as he starts to lose control over the whole show, his fear starts to show — great moment.

  3. Maybe they will show Peeta killing Brutus in Mockingjay, when he does his interview with Cesar about what happened in the arena?

  4. I also hope they show Peeta killing Brutus at his interview with Caesar, and I think there is a fair chance they might! The reason is the AWESOME use of holograms in this movie, for example in the Snow-Katniss conversation. And that’s exactly what they did there: Show a clip from the last games.
    I was so surprised they didn’t show Peeta vs Brutus. It was like FLawrence was almost too true to the book sometimes,

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