Global Fan Day

Know what’s awesome? Global Fan Day. Know what’s not awesome? Yeah, having to work during the entirety of Global Fan Day, feeling like a jerk, taking out your phone to check on things, but then realizing your data plan won’t cover the chats, hangouts, and whatever else went on– because that’s just how the cookie crumbles. Also, I’m outside pretty much 90% of the time during my earning hours, and well, it’s raining right now, so, do the math!

Jen testing out Google Glass. Taken from Popsugar.

Jen testing out Google Glass. Taken from Popsugar.

I’m sure it was an awesome, fantastic, amazing good time, but little ol’ me didn’t get home until almost 9pm, and then frankly all I wanted to do was waste time on Pinterest, catch up with friends, and um– eat food finally, also put on my jammies. That’s right folks, this article was written while I was in my jammies! That’s okay, I’m sure we’ve all done it, some of us have probably even tweeted whilst naked.

Anyway, I was able to catch up on some of the happenings today, and while none of the stuff was live for me it was still enjoyable. I liked the Google Hangout, Jen was on as usual, teasing Josh like crazy, and forgetting about Liam’s most intense scenes (the whipping scene). However, it’s got to be said– there was a lot of repeating going on throughout the day, mostly because there are only so many original questions to be asked, and so many original answers that could be said– and no, that’s not a dig. However, there were still some valuable tid-bits that were revealed, like that Katniss’ bow was custom made, and worth $8,000, also that Jen nearly lost it. That parts of the film were also likely used in Jurassic Park, that the CGI monkey’s are top of the line, and that the sounds are based on Howler Monkey’s, and that Liam just seems like a very quiet, thoughtful guy. Oh, also that Josh Hutcherson needs to probably do a dance movie!

Dance movie, Josh Hutcherson, NOW!

Them There Eyes


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  1. I don’t know if you heard about Facebook’s technical difficulties last night, but I even had fun waiting to see the live chat. Which I ended up watching on Ustream at 7:42. But in the meantime, the fandom on Twitter kept busy with jokes and comments about Facebook, Beetee, possible Capitol interference, and someone even did a “You’ve messed with the wrong fandom” edit. 😀

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