SNL Calling On the Boy With the Bread

I don’t know about the next person, but I did not except yesterdays news, and that news was that Josh Hutcherson will be joining the ranks of such people like Steve Martin, Katie Holmes, Justin Timberlake, and of course his friend and co-star Jennifer Lawrence. Yep, Josh will be hosting the American comedy staple Saturday Night Live, and he’ll be embarking on this hosting gig on the strategic date of November 23rd, i.e the day after The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is released in the United States, Canada, Mexico and a dozen other countries.

Like I said above, I was not expecting this kind of news, I mean sure I expected Josh to do the talk show rounds, maybe do an After Hours interview with Josh Horowitz at MTV, maybe just maybe do an interview with DP/30 on Youtube, but not host SNL! It’s not that I don’t think Josh is capable of pulling off sketch comedy, to the contrary, I think he’ll actually kick ass at it, but I don’t know– I guess I’m just brain washed into thinking the media at large thinks he’s second fiddle to Jennifer Lawrence’s all-powerful charisma and talent, and that somehow that means he’s not a viable candidate for hosting. Hell, even I know that thought process is ass-fucking-backwards, ’cause derr– Josh is a super talented, funny as hell, charming, charismatic, young, and also an indisputably good-looking guy. In other words, he’s a bold faced, perfect fit for playing host for an evening, and in that sense I can’t believe I never thought they’d think of him for the gig, ’cause well– did I say perfect already?! CBS' Teacher's Rock Special Live Concert - Press Room

So, what do we hope will be covered during his episode? Me, if they don’t make any short jokes, I’ll be very surprised. If they don’t do a parody on The Hunger Games I’ll also be very surprised. If they don’t have him dance, I’ll be very very surprised, because I keep hearing left and right that he’s got some good moves on the dance floor. If they don’t utilize his athleticism, I’ll also be very surprised. Also, if some of his famous-ish friends don’t show up to do some cameos, I’ll also be very surprised. Calling Jennifer Lawrence, calling Jennifer Lawrence, come in Jennifer Lawrence! Benicio Del Toro, come in Benicio Del Toro. Oh, and Lady Gaga will be the musical guest, how oddly apropos is that?

If he shows up blond, we’ll know he’s finally been filming Mockingjay as well. Bring on the Goldilocks!


Them There Eyes



  1. Holy crap, you watch DP/30 interviews?! Me too! Irrelevant, I know, I’ve just never heard or seen anybody mention DP/30 or The Hot Button before…
    And Miss Gaga isn’t the musical guest his week, she’s performing AND hosting the week before.

  2. When i read that he was hosting I was really excited! I think he’ll do a really good job, and be able to show off some more of his acting skills.

  3. I was so happy to hear this. I was hoping they’d get a member of the cast on to support the movie, but I figured it would be Elizabeth because her promotional responsibilities might be lighter (and she would be awesome on it).

    But anyway I didn’t dream that Josh would get the chance. This is a big deal for his career and I hope there’ll be a follow up to that Hunger Games sketch where he/Peeta can get some vindication.

    *please be blond soon, please*

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