Catching Fire Still Life

Yes, the final Catching Fire trailer is coming later tonight! But in the meantime, we’ve been offered some other visual sneak peeks to keep fans begging for more!

Both US Weekly and People released exclusive new stills on Friday, leaving fans with something to squee over all weekend. We found them via It’s mainly close up character stills, but there are a few outliers that really make the visuals shine. Let’s discuss, shall we?



AHHHHHHHH SO HAPPY! This moment makes us positive that the other moment featuring the female morphling will also be featured! Peeta allowing the morphling to paint his arm shows his compassion and his kindness toward those who have less than, or are perhaps more misunderstood than himself. If this is any indication, the morphlings will look really messed up (which is good, because it’s pretty accurate of severe addicts.) Peeta accepts her anyway. And she repays him in the most unbelievable way possible and OMGWE’RESOGLADIT’SINTHEMOVIE!



One of our character development concerns with the first film is that Haymitch didn’t actually seem so drunk that he couldn’t function properly as a mentor. This time, we’re definitely getting a look at Haymitch’s semi-torturous everyday life. Plus, the looks Katniss and Peeta give each other across the table are not just about Haymitch. They’re running the gauntlet of emotions right there! And this is a freeze frame! Imagine when they’re movement and music and dialogue involved!



This is a two-pager shot that we’re too lazy to piece together, but it’s also a great behind-the-scenes look. Finnick, Peeta, and Katniss are all huddled around a hearty breakfast the morning after Mags’ death, with Katniss rockin’ a bruise on her cheek. But Francis Lawrence is right in there with his camera, catching a tense moment of planning between the group. If it’s true to the book, this is just before Johanna, Wiress, and Beetee. It’s the calm before the storm. And what a storm it’ll be!

There’s only so much more promo fans can see before some fans feel like they’ve seen too much, but stills are a safe, happy place. Let’s savor it!

Visual Stimuli, Y’all!
The Girl With The Pearl



  1. “Haymitch didn’t actually seem so drunk that he couldn’t function properly as a mentor.”

    Isn’t that because of the deal he made with Katniss and Peeta? That he would cut back on the drinking so he could really help them?

    1. In the first movie, he doesn’t make a deal to be more in control and thus a better mentor. He just doesn’t seem drunk enough to be dysfunctional in the first film because Gary Ross didn’t want Haymitch’s alcoholism to be too pronounced and asked Woody Harrelson to dial it back a little. Not sure why. I guess he was afraid it would come off as comical?

      Something like that actually happens in Catching Fire. During his “victor” training in D12, Peeta gets Haymitch to sober up significantly, but not completely.

      1. “You don’t interfere with my drinking, and I’ll stay sober enough to help you.” -H. Abernathy, The Hunger Games.

        “I guess he was afraid it would come off as comical?”
        That could be the case, because when I finally read THG after seeing the movie, I sure laughed at Haymitch’s antics during the reaping. Between Effie’s tilting wig, him yelling at the cameras, then falling off the stage, it was pretty funny. So when I watched the movie again, I totally got why none of it was included in the movie. In a book it’s all good, but in movie form it really would have undercut the seriousness and anxiousness of what was going on in the reaping scene.

        1. Haymitch only says that in the book though, unless I’m forgetting that happening in the film? But even then– the times we see Haymitch on screen are before and after the games, when he’s not holding himself accountable for Katniss and Peeta’s lives and is probably RAGING drunk. Also, “sober enough” for an alcoholic is still incapacitating for most people, so it could still be obvious (though some are better at disguising it than others, but Haymitch doesn’t seem like he bothers disguising it often).

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