The National Pastime

Josh BaseballBaseball. The great American pastime and the major sport that I happen to care the least about, much to the dismay of a friend who has spent every day of this year’s playoffs trying to get me interested. Don’t get me wrong, I know the rules and have enjoyed going to the occasional game in person, but there is something about putting a baseball game on TV that makes me fall asleep. I come from a basketball family, and having gone to a college that takes its rivalry football game super seriously, it’s just not really my thing.

So, of course, the final Catching Fire will have to debut during Game 4 of the World Series this Sunday. I’m in a fandom dilemma: do I really want to sit through a ball game for this? Thankfully, they have specified which inning it will air during (5th), so we don’t have a VMA situation where we’re forced to sit through practically the entire thing with no knowledge or hint as to when we’ll see it.

All of this aside, let’s ponder this for a bit. The Hunger Games to Panem is what baseball is to us, minus all the death. Did Panem have other “sports” or were the Hunger Games like their World Series? Coming from a Hollywood perspective, given the time of the year that Catching Fire comes out, airing during the trailer during the World Series is a pretty big gig (the Super Bowl is ideal, but not good, timing-wise), but the irony doesn’t escape me.

I want this movie to do well for all demographics, and this is a few notches above debuting on MTV. But will it be enough?

Take me out to the Hunger Games
Take me to the arena
Buy me some bread and an orange backpack
Because you care if I ever come back



  1. I think it’s genius … this is appealing to a much broader and also very different audience than say MTV. Let’s be honest, most of the fans (even the ‘casual’ fans) are aware the movie is out soon, but by airing this during the baseball it’s encouraging a whole new audience. Assuming that the trailer is good (with lots of action etc) this should be a great marketing move IMO.

  2. “The Hunger Games to Panem is what baseball is to us…”
    Uh, I think the HG and it’s surrounding festivities is way more exciting. No offense to baseball, when a team is running the bases or gets a home run it gets interesting, and I will always support Dodger Blue, but other than that it’s a lot of setup. I do not think the Hunger Games and baseball compare at all, even if it is the World Series. If anything comes close to being our Hunger Games, it’s gotta be the Super Bowl, or a really big fight in Vegas.

    25 DAYS 🙂

  3. But actually, what THG has always reminded me of is the Olympics, just every year instead of every 4. All the nations competing, the opening and closing events, the victorious ones becoming almost instantly famous, if they weren’t already, and it’s one of the only regularly scheduled events that “the world will be watching”.

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