Catching Fire: The Camping Edition

The Los Angeles premiere of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is creeping up upon us in a matter of 26 days, that’s less than a month from now– which means several things. One: You’re allowed to be overly emotional about it being so freaking close. Two: If you haven’t read the book by now, you might want to get on that, or drink your self into an oblivion. Three: I got nothing, ’cause I’m probably driving a few of my family and friends to the ER, to have their stomach pumped from alcohol poisoning.

Any who, there’s one other teeny tiny thing that you might want to do if you have any inkling of attending the LA Premiere, and that is– registering for the campsite lottery that will allow you possible access to tickets to the said premiere. You heard me, or you probably heard about twelve other fan-sites, and a few major media outlets telling you about this yesterday! But still, get on it fast. However, you should prepare yourself if you do in fact get picked to set your behinds down for 48 hours outside The Nokia Theater in downtown LA! Preparation tools are as follows!

1. If you do not in fact own camping equipment, look into renting, borrowing,tent-clip-art-10 or taking the plunge and buying some. Camping equipment that I personally believe will be an absolute must whilst quite literally camping on concrete– padding. Seriously, look into getting air mattresses, or good, thick, comfy folding camp mattresses. Or, forgo the mattress and get a raised camp bed, they come in two models in my experience, easiest-thing-to-set-up-ever, or RAGING-OH-MY-GOD-WHY-IS-THIS-SO-HARD-TO-SET-UP?! And yep, I own both! Oh, air mattresses require pumps, get the battery-powered one, you won’t be sorry, but your neighbor will when your cheap mattress deflates in the night and you have to re-inflate it! A tent would be good as well, just sayin’.

2. Buy some gift cards: To be more specific– get gift cards for the eateries around The Nokia. Why? Because cash is passe, and who am I kidding! Most of you will just skip off to the Starbucks that’s a 2 minute walk away, and gorge your selves on caloric pastries, and possibly tolerate buying a 6 Oz bottle of San Pellegrino for way too much money! Oh, and be prepared to drink bad coffee for two days, ’cause that’s all Starbucks makes! san-pellegrino

3. Books, bring ’em, ’cause your cell phone batteries will die, and you will get bored. So, head to your local library and take out a few volumes, or hell– bring your copies of The Hunger Games trilogy and re-immerse your selves in Katniss and Co. That’s why you’re there, right?

4. Sunscreen! I’m not bloody kidding, guys. Buy it, use it, share it. Los Angeles has sun, and it will hurt you, especially if you’re from out-of-town and your town doesn’t get a lot of sun is not the norm. I’m speaking from personal experience here!

5. Sunglasses, also see above. You can likely get both sunscreen and sunglasses in the same location, and also for not very much money. So stock up people, go to Rite Aid, CVS, Wallgreens, Target, or god forbid Wal-Mart, and save your skin, and save your precious, young eyes from the evils of the sun.

5. A sense of humor: You’re camping in downtown LA to get in to see a movie, that in and of its self is hilarious. So, please, don’t get your panties into a twist about minute things like, I don’t know I’m not you. But, yeah– breathe, laugh, make some new friends, keep the old…

…One is sliver and the other’s gold.

Them There Eyes


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