Win a Catching Fire Soundtrack and Poster Package!

Victor’s Village is offering one lucky fan the opportunity to win The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Soundtrack and a movie poster featuring YOUR name!


As we’ve mentioned before, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Soundtrack is looking pretty amazing and we can’t wait to get our hands on it! Now you can get the best of the best with this Soundtrack and Poster bundle.

Winner will receive:

  • 1 CD
  • 1 Double Picture disc – includes images of Katniss, Peeta, Johanna and Finnick
  • 1 24”x36” movie poster

This bundle is the snazziest option out there, currently priced at $59.98!

To enter, comment on this post and tell us about your favorite artist on the soundtrack and why you love them by 9am PST on October 27th! All comments will be numbered and one lucky winner will be chosen via The winner will be contacted via email.

Click here to pre-order the soundtrack in any of its available formats.

Best of Luck, Tributes!



  1. Coldplay! I love their music (composition, lyrics, messages, etc.). Also, their song ”Atlas” for the soundtrack carries a lot of messages related to the Hunger Games trilogy! I love that!

  2. My latest obsession is Imagine Dragons, so I can’t wait to hear what they’ve come up with for the soundtrack. The have songs that are great to sing along to with beats that really move you.

  3. I love Imagine Dragons! They’re such a talented group and they always seem to amaze me with every song they create. I’m SUPER excited for their song “Who We Are” and I know it’s going to be perfect for Catching Fire!!

    1. My favorite artist is Of Monster of Men because they have such a unique sound. Plus i have a soft spot of Icelandic music. I curious how they will fit into the Catching Fire Soundtrack.

  4. My favorite artist on the soundtrack is the Lumineers. They has such a pretty sound to their music. And I love the lyrics that they write.

  5. Of Monster and Men! I love them so much!!!! They are so unique and I have a extreme fetish for Indie so I’m so excited that they are on the soundtrack!

  6. The Lumineers and Imagine Dragons! I just love their songs and I love them even more because the songs for the soundtrack are perfect!!!

  7. My favorite artist on the soundtrack is Imagine Dragons. I like them because the first time I heard them was through their song “Radioactive”, which I still listen to non-stop to this day. I’m excited to see what they do for Catching Fire!

  8. Christina, Christina, Christina. I’ve loved her since I was 10 and “What a Girl Wants” was my favorite song. But it was hearing her voice on a ballad, “I Turn To You”, that really made me notice her voice, not just the song. I’ve been a devotedl fan ever since.

  9. When I found out that Coldplay was doing a song for the Catching Fire soundtrack, I was ecstatic. They’re currently my favorite band, and I had a thought from a few months before the announcement that they should do a song for the soundtrack. I’m glad I was right and I’m glad the song came out amazing. It was a mix between their old songs and their latest album, and the lyrics had so much meaning behind it.
    Thank you so much for having this contest and I hope the odds are in my favor! I would love to listen to the entire soundtrack over and over again!

  10. Coldplay! Atlas is such a powerful song, the lyrics portray some of the many emotions in catching fire, and in thg and mockingjay, and that’s what makes a good song on a movie track.

  11. My favorite artist on the soundtrack has to be Sia. Her music has helped me get through some of the worst times in my life, when I couldn’t bring myself to talk to anyone about what I was going through. All I had was music, and hers hit me on a level that few other artists’ works have. Her songs “Breathe Me” and “Lullaby” especially. When I saw that she was one of the artists on the album, I was so excited, and “Elastic Heart” is such a fantastic song. I like most of the artists on the soundtrack, but there’s just no contest. Sia has to win for me.

  12. I most excited to hear Imagine Dragons because their sound is so versitile! The sound of “Radioactive” is so different from “It’s Time” which is why I love them.

  13. Coldplay, all the way! Because my brother (who basically taught me everything I know about music) showed this to me when I was a bit younger. They were probably the first serious band I fell in love with. My brother is on a mission right now so he can’t listen to this music, but how cool would it be if I were able to email him and tell him that I was this contest and Coldplay was on the soundtrack? Haha, that’d probably make him really happy. I also do like Imagine Dragons a bunch! They’re one of my latest obsessions. My brother also introduced me to them. Haha. Imagine Dragons and Coldplay just have this effect on me, ya know, like when I listen to them, that’s all that is there. Music. 🙂 I really really hope I win this! This would probably make my entire life! XD

  14. My favourite artist on the soundtrack has to be Imagine Dragons! Their songs are so powerful, which I think will go amazingly in the Catching Fire soundtrack!

  15. Coldplay, I have always loved their music, and I was super excited to find out that they were in the Catching Fire soundtrack, and Atlas did not disappoint, I am completely in love with this song

  16. I love Elastic Heart by Sia and We Remain by Christina. These are such powerful great songs, and I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album.

  17. Coldplay , I literally have grown up listening to them and have loved every song of theirs. I was so happy to hear that they had made a song for the Catching Fire soundtrack, and it was amazing to say the least!

  18. This album has some great Artists! I love Imagine Dragons!! I’m super excited for Catching Fire to release, ahh 🙂

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