Life Imitating Art

I’m pretty up on current events, I watch both the local and the national news, I have the CNN app on my phone, I follow several news outlets on Twitter, and I listen to NPR, the BBC, and PRI almost daily, because I spend an unfortunate amount of time in my car. So, when I was making dinner for myself this evening (baked chicken, and green beans if you’re at all curious), and I heard this story being presented on CBS News’ evening broadcast, I stopped what I was doing, stood there in my kitchen and possibly said out loud something akin to, “you have got to be fucking with me?”

See, if you’re unwilling to click on the link above, this is the gist: professional athletes are or could now go public. If you don’t know what that means, this is what it means, professional athletes can now be considered like corporations or businesses that have stock options and the like, i.e. professional athletes can now be bought off in pieces– just like Tributes, or Victors. Sure pro athletes have seemingly always been sponsored by big corporations, think Tiger Woods and his Nike endorsement, or Shaun White with his

Escapist Magazine art, lovely eh?

Escapist Magazine art, lovely eh?

Burton endorsement. But, this is different, now you can buy shares in a specific athlete, and not have them shill for your company– because the shareholder can for all intents and purposes be your friendly high school gym teacher who happens to also like to trade in stocks. I’m both intrigued by this concept, and totally freaked out by it at the same time, because like what I said above, this makes our professional athletes seem even more like the Tributes from The Hunger Games. It also makes them seem even more like the gladiators of ancient Rome, whom Suzanne Collins was partially inspired by in the writing of The Hunger Games trilogy. Gladiators were commodities, just like Tributes and Victors, just like professional athletes are today, and they were sponsored usually by rich Roman citizens, supplying them with armor, food, and worldly pleasures. So, to me at least we as a society are one step closer to The Hunger Games not being a figment of a nice lady from Connecticut’s imagination. Go us!

I have the uncanny urge to rewatch Rome.

Them There Eyes

Escapist Magazine art, lovely eh?

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