The Realism of Capitol Couture

tumblr_mursx0Y0Ir1r9i187o1_1280I like Capitol Couture! There I’ve said it, I’m outed or something. I know Capitol Couture is not the most popular aspect of the promotional campaigns surrounding The Hunger Games franchise, but for me I think it’s kind of unprecedented, and a little bit on the brilliant side of marketing. I know, I know, what’s wrong with me? Capitol Couture is a glorification of the Capitol’s ass-backwards way of thinking, living, walking, talking, and dressing. Yeah, it is– but isn’t the Capitol deserving of a little hype every now and again? I think so, especially considering how much Gary Ross’ The Hunger Games did not set a very solid, or inspired visual base, or well– not much of anything for it. Which, for me at least, is one of the reasons I like Capitol Couture, because while it is rather surface, and bubble-gum at times, it’s doing a better job at building that world of The Capitol in the virtual world than what we got in the first film to begin with.

Social media, and the Inter-net are still very new things, or better yet tools, that the film industry is seemingly just now latching its teeth onto, and using them to degrees that many of us never thought was possible. Just think how much bigger, or better some films or film

Alexander McQueen Fall/ Winter 2007

Alexander McQueen Fall/ Winter 2007

franchises could have been if Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, or Instagram existed ten to fifteen years ago, or hell– if people had known what those platforms were capable of five years ago! So, yes, Capitol Couture is a virtual representation of The Capitol spouting its point of views on things that many out there in the ether consider pointless, time-wasting, stupid, and weird. I disagree though, because eh-hem, I like fashion, I also like fiction which is something else Capitol Couture has been doing– fleshing out more aspects of the fiction, and for gods sake I love art, and I like having my culture put under a microscope and given a weird, slightly sickening new twist. Sadly I’ve noticed that some are seemingly so adverse to anything and everything that may possibly put The Capitol in any semblance of a positive light, they scream “foul!” or “I don’t understand this… this… this weird fashion, it serves no purpose!” Fashion is art though, and art isn’t supposed to make sense, and fashion my dear friends more often than not is not pretty, sometimes it’s even, dare I say it– ugly. I posit this, don’t we want ugly, don’t we want weird, don’t we want The Capitol to seem frivolous, superficial, dead-in-the-eyes, and isn’t that exactly what Capitol Couture is doing?

If it’s not, erm I need to get my eyes checked– again.

Them There Eyes



  1. This is part of the reason why you’re my favorite blogger on this site. I’ve already explained why I think some of the indignation over THG’s association with Captiol and fashion marketing is ridiculous, and I’m not going down that road again. I just want to enjoy it all in the lead-up to CF. So about this article…
    The CC Ignis Glace (aka Fire Ice…see what they did there?) is really nice. I loved the teasers for it, “Her Effect” and “Coal Miner’s Daughter”. One of the things I really like about CC in general is that some of the articles actually include subtle or winking references to the books, and have cool quotes like this from the Katniss profile: “this Victor’s flame is internal, if not eternal. Everdeen smolders, yet there is little smoke.” And about almost bringing the world of Pamen into our world (and vice versa), there’s been viral marketing for movies before, but CC really takes it to a whole other level of fictional world immersion. Like this new issue, of COURSE Katniss is the cover girl leading up to the Quarter Quell, which coincides with Jennifer (sometimes as Katniss) being on the covers of I don’t know how many magazines leading up the release of CF.
    And as for what “exactly” CC is doing? Um, if there’s anything deeper than what I just wrote, I don’t know, I just like to read the articles and see the photos.
    Oh, and now we know who the designer is behind Katniss’s now-famous one-shoulder knit shawl: Maria Dora.

    1. I’m one of the fans who doesn’t love capitol couture but I respect your view point. I check out and see the pretty clothes sometimes to see how they reinterpret things.

      My biggest problem with it is they are not showing enough of the world besides the capitol. I have a much greater sense of what the capitol is like than what the districts are like. I guess they have the capitol looks of each of the districts but I really want to know who they really are. Ex. What do they eat, how they survive, how is their lifestyle? etc.

      1. Well, CC is by Capitol citizens, for Capitol citizens, with a Capitol point of view. I’m pretty sure the non-governing citizens are kept mostly ignorant of what the districts are really like and what goes on in them on a regular basis.
        Even though we have yet to see CF (5 weeks!), I’m already super curious about the Mockingjay marketing in terms of CC, if they still include it. Will it be “hacked” by rebels? “Shut down”, then used by the Capitol government to spread war propaganda? The possibilities are quite interesting…

  2. It would be fantastic Mockingjay promotion if Capitol Couture becomes “hacked”. All “Capitol-run” sites we have currently will either be shut down, hacked, or the system failed somehow. I could easily see District 13 doing something like that.

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