#TickTock7: The Catching Fire Control Center

Citizens of Panem, it is time to report to The Citizen Control Center for the Quarterly Census! It’s #TICKTOCK7, y’all!

That’s right, TheCapitol.PN is open once again! After being closed for maintenance for several months, The Capitol’s internet technology has certainly improved. My browser may not always like it, but it’s all flashy and high-tech!

Featured in all of the hubaloo is OMG A NEW CLIP FEATURING THE VICTORS TRAINING!

Katniss Catching Fire Training


It’s short and silent, if you don’t count the grunting, but the improved visual effects have got us all riled up. Add in some sweet weapons skills (Finnick with his trident!) and the menacing look of all the victors, even Katniss, and you’ve got a recipe for an intimidating training session. It could have gotten very montage-y, but we are SO GLAD it didn’t!


Now your D.I.P. kinda looks like your license!

The new page also features new District Identification Passes, Panem Dispatch news, connects to District social networks, real time district population and activity stats, and the ability to sponsor your favorite victor!

We’re pyshced to see the more sophisticated look of The Capitol, especially knowing that the film is reaching toward the same goal. The question is: Can it last?

We loved TheCapitol.PN the first time around, but after the initial launch it was never really updated, so you were tapped out after one or two visits. Lionsgate’s real challenge this time around is to keep The Citizen Control Center, as its newly been dubbed, a place that fans can explore over and over again with new, fresh content. Maybe some clips? Looks into the behind the scenes action, perhaps? Stills? Anything to keep the content from getting old after a few days! We know you can do it!

Somebody Sponsor Johanna! Girl is ranked EIGHTH! HOW?!
The Girl With The Pearl


  1. Did anyone else notice the small fan kerfuffle over Katniss’s birthday on her ID? I don’t know, I think maybe they were just being cute, using Katniss’s birthday and Jennifer’s birth year. Even though it makes zero sense that she would’ve been born in 1990. I even saw a post on the Explorer that said, “So apperantly CF takes place in 2007.” 😀

      1. No, that’s what makes it even weirder. Everyone else’s birthday just says “unknown”. I’m guessing because, technically, they are, whereas we know from the book that Kat’s bday is May 8th.

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