Sensory Overload: Taste The Hunger Games

The five senses: Subject of many a childhood science experiment and now, your new pathway to The Hunger Games!

We’ve seen interpretations of what The Hunger Games trilogy looks like, sounds like and even smells like (thanks to those industrious perfume makers on Etsy!), but there’s another question out there! What does it TASTE like?

Behold the great blood sugar destroyer!

Behold the sultan of the sugar rush!

Wild Ophelia and Vosges Haut Chocolat are giving that concept a shot via chocolate starting October 15th. We’re suckers for chocolate. It’s delicious and it makes us happy, screw the calories! At the same time, we saw this and thought “Urgh… Another company trying to capitalize off this fandom. What could possibly make chocolate Hunger Games-y?”

Let’s analyze how well they did, shall we? Here’s a look at the District themed “Chocolate Bar Library”:

DISTRICT 12 – Mining: mined salt + milk chocolate
DISTRICT 11 – Agriculture: harvest cherry + dark chocolate
DISTRICT 10 – Livestock: beef jerky + smoked mesquite + milk chocolate
DISTRICT 9 – Grain: milled oats + vanilla hemp seeds + dark chocolate
DISTRICT 8 – Textiles: carmelized crispy rice + dark chocolate
DISTRICT 7 – Lumber: smoked chipotle chili + milk chocolate
DISTRICT 6 – Transportation: crunchy runner peanuts in peanut butter + milk chocolate
DISTRICT 5 – Power: crispy crunchy caramel Corn + dark chocolate
DISTRICT 4 – Fishing: sea salt + coconut + dark chocolate
DISTRICT 3 – Technology: arabica coffee + crystal salt + dark chocolate
DISTRICT 2 – Masonry: caramel + pecan + milk chocolate
DISTRICT 1 – Luxury: rare harvest cashews + milk chocolate

Some of it is quite clever, mind you! Mined salt in District 1! Runner peanuts in the transportation district! Sea salt and coconut in the tropics of District 4!

But some others have us ranging from curious to confused.

The livestock of District 10 has translated into what is essentially BBQ Meat flavored chocolate. Mesquite jerky sounds like something my fiance would love, let’s just say he’d eat about anything you dared him to eat. ANYTHING. Call us silly, but we would’ve gone for bacon. Because if you’ve never eaten chocolate-covered bacon, 1) it’s sweet and salty deliciousness and 2) you probably haven’t been to a fair in New England recently.

Only $225 for these truffles! No, seriously. TWO HUNDRED TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS.

Only $225 for these truffles! No, seriously. TWO HUNDRED TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS.

Other combos have us trying to read between the lines. Does District 3’s bar have coffee in it because programmers and techies consume crazy amounts while working? Does the Masonry chocolate feature caramel and pecan because that mixture forms its own special type of cement between your teeth? What does chipotle chili have to do with Lumber?!

Of course, there’s also the Katniss (apples, hickory smoked bacon, alderwood smoked sea salt, milk chocolate), the Effie (dried strawberries, candied violet flowers, dark chocolate) and the President Snow (blood orange, telicherry peppercorns, caramel, dark chocolate). Because candied violets and peppercorns are totally things we’d pay $7.50 to chew on! …Expect not at all. The company doesn’t offer Peeta or Gale flavors, probably because fangirls couldn’t handle themselves if given the opportunity to interpret what the man candy of the series tastes like. (So many inappropriate jokes could go here. SO MANY!)

Personally, we don’t know if we’d invest unless we get the Haymitch bar next. ICYMI, Booze and chocolate mix WONDERFULLY. Throw in some Baileys or Schnapps or rum, chocolatiers! We’ll be all over it!

Chocolate on the whole is a Capitol product. Perhaps other Hunger Games cooking experiments like Fictional Food and Panem Kitchen are a little more authentic to what The Hunger Games trilogy REALLY tastes like (general synopsis: Gamey and mostly bland, except for Capitol dishes), but we don’t know if we can straight up hate on this. BECUZ… CHOCOLATE!!1!

There’s Even Hemp Seeds In There For Woody Harrelson!
The Girl With The Pearl

P.S. If you don’t hate the idea, you can enter to win a year’s worth (aka a month’s worth, in our homes) of chocolate by clicking here!



  1. “probably because fangirls couldn’t handle themselves if given the opportunity to interpret what the man candy of the series tastes like.”

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