EW Covers Are Not “Ew”

Entertainment Weekly and The Hunger Games go together like pie and ice cream. Ever since we got our first look at Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss, the magazine has given this fandom some great gems (Jennifer Lawrence toasting with “To Amelia Earhart, may she find her way” is a great example). Also, let it be known that I have an Entertainment Weekly subscription just because it was more cost effective for me than to keep going out and buying magazines with Hunger Games covers. So, of course, fast forward to now, pre-Catching Fire release, I was just waiting for their second The Hunger Games: Catching Fire cover – because let’s be real, we knew the first teaser one wasn’t going to be the only one. And we get four – yes, FOUR – covers to collect choose from.


We’ve got Katniss, sans braid, which we’ve been seeing a lot lately, her blown behind her. At first I thought that maybe they could’ve chosen a better picture, but the more I look at it, the more I’m digging the vulnerability in her expression.


For Peeta, I feel like it’s time to retire that pose for Josh Hutcherson. Poor Josh, they don’t seem to like having him look straight at the camera, he seems to always be looking up and to the side.


Sam Claflin as Finnick (yay, he gets his own cover!) is dead on in my opinion. That’s Catching Fire Finnick to me – smoldering and a little dangerous with something hidden. I’m crossing my fingers for this one; if it doesn’t come to my house I’m going out looking for it.


And Gale… in the arena. Okay, okay. I’m fairly confident that he’s in front of the arena background to make all the covers look uniform – no, I don’t really think he’s just going to randomly show up at the Quarter Quell. I really can’t wait for the Mockingjay movies so that Gale can stop looking out of place. But it’s just like with the chair pictures where, as a major character, he needs to be included in the major marketing. And the waves and rain are just added into the picture with Photoshop. We can live with that, right? (Everyone: Right.)

I really can’t wait to get this issue of Entertainment Weekly. November is fast approaching, and I’m ready to get into fangirl mode.

Oh and I’m sure the article will be awesome too



  1. It’s kind of a shame EW couldn’t be bothered to give Gale a more appropriate, maybe District 12-ish background. Because other than that, he looks really good, and really GALE, and I really like it. Someone edited his cover with a fiery, orangey background and posted it on the HG Explorer this morning, and it actually looked really fitting. I actually think it would have been nice if they had varied all the cover backgrounds a bit. There is jungle in the
    arena too, not just water. And why is it raining? It never rained in that arena. Well, not with water anyway. Whatever. I might get the Katniss cover, I’m not buying 4 EWs.

  2. Gale would have fit better with a District 12 background. But personally, if they wanted a tributes-in-the-arena theme for the covers, I think they should have had Johanna instead. But that’s just my take on it, I guess. Covers are still great.

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