Peeta Paranoia Problems

We have a confession to make. Most fansites are too nice or perhaps too sane to think like this, but– Oh! We’re not! Here goes: We take some sick pleasure in watching tiny factions of the fandom lose their minds over nothing. IT. IS. HILARIOUS.

We’ve touched on Peeta Paranoia, the completely unfounded and totally irrational fear that Peeta’s role in Catching Fire will be overshadowed because Gale is also featured in the advertising, in the past. But recently, it’s been taken to a whole new level after the reveal of a Catching Fire soundtrack number entitled “Gale Song”. A new, pathetic level.

Click for the infographic!

Click for the infographic! posted an infographic detailing how Peeta is actually way more dominant in the Catching Fire advertisement. It breaks down stills, promotional images, lines and appear times in the trailer, and appearances by the actors, among other things. To be clear, we think this is BRILLIANT. It spells out how this is an irrational fear… unless you are SO very irrational that you assume it’s a conspiracy, of course!

The comments on are enough to throw us into a giggle fit (though some of them are just plain rude to the awesome, hardworking MJ staff and that is NOT COOL)! They accuse the site of going along with “The Gale Agenda” and a couple even question how much Lionsgate is paying them to side with their marketing campaign.

AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *gasp* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA! Do you honestly think Lionsgate pays fansites for anything? Like ever?! REALLY?! Literally, there’s giggles happening as I write this, because the very thought is so ludicrous. Also, a “Gale Agenda”? Have they read the books?! Besides the fact that Peeta is featured much more heavily in the campaign, anyone who knows Suzanne Collins’ endgame should be bright enough to realize that a Gale Agenda would be completely counter-productive. Lionsgate would be shooting themselves in the foot come Mockingjay Part 1, when the audience needs to be so emotionally attached to Peeta that they are in constant fear for his safety and shocked by his hijacking.

Also, Peeta and Katniss end up together so it is not an actual competition, kids! And we assume Lionsgate would not set up the series to make non-readers root specifically for the character that’s maligned in the end, because they like it when their movies get good ratings.

We'd approve this script change, just to spite people.

We’d approve this script change, just to spite people.

The more reasonable portion of the unreasonable try to argue that it’s not the time that the characters have been promoted, but the context in which they’re been promoted. Gale kissing Katniss and tackling a Peacekeeper is shown, along with some heady quotes inspiring revolution. Peeta’s lines are more quiet and introspective, his relationship with Katniss is strained and not particularly loving. This small faction of Peeta fans has got their panties in a bunch because apparently, they’ve never read the first half of Catching Fire, in which this is almost exactly what happened. The tackled Peacekeeper is the only considerable difference and it won’t make or break character favoritism.

In case you forgot, Gale DOES spout off talk of revolution often, get in trouble with Peacekeepers, and kiss Katniss on a whim. Peeta and Katniss DO struggle to discover where they truly stand and during that time, Peeta is very careful in what he says to Katniss. This isn’t fanfiction. Gale is strong but a bit loud and showy in his rebelliousness, Peeta is strong but quiet and careful– at least, at the points we’re being shown in the trailer. If you don’t like that, you’re not yet fully aware of your own hypocrisy. Not to mention that audiences crying about Peeta not being portrayed correctly HAVEN’T SEEN THE MOVIE and have no idea how he is portrayed throughout! They’ve seen about three scenes.

BOTH are important characters! Crazy, we know!

BOTH are important characters! Crazy, we know!

Real talk, guys. If Peeta is portrayed as poorly as he was in the first movie, we’ll be right there with you complaining. But we can only say that about the first movie because we’ve watched it several times and analyzed it at an almost unhealthy level. Nobody has seen Catching Fire yet. You’re judging a whole movie by a two-minute trailer meant to show you a very restricted peek at specific scenes.

Where is Peeta’s kiss, you ask? Or Peeta being a badass in the arena? Or Peeta being a brilliant spokesperson during the Victory Tour? That stuff is probably being saved. Not because it’s not worthy of showing audiences, but because those are the big moments! You don’t show your whole hand at once or you’re destroying the element of surprise! We haven’t seen anything passed the countdown in the arena, because that’s when things get really good and 98% of it involves Peeta. Be patient!

Re: “Gale Song”: There are a couple songs about Peeta or Katniss/Peeta on the Catching Fire soundtrack, as there were on The Hunger Games soundtrack. Just because it’s not called “Peeta Song” doesn’t mean it doesn’t count for anything. There could be songs about Snow, Finnick, Effie or Haymitch for all we know. So let’s stop freaking out just because The Lumineers (who we’re just happy to see featured on the soundtrack!) didn’t come up with an alternate title to what was probably their placeholder title during the submission process. Also, the song is FREAKING BEAUTIFUL. Stop hatin’!

Way to Embarrass The Sensible Peeta Fans,
The Girl With The Pearl



  1. I try to understand these people; they obviously love Peeta and worried about his portrayal in the movies – especially after THG where his characterization was arguably flawed – and that fear has made them highly irrational… But the comments I’ve seen on that post are just full of full-blown ridicule.

    Like I can’t believe that it still needs to be said that just because Liam Hemsworth was at a few promotions, LG is pushing some kind of a ‘Gale Agenda’. Like wow. Do these people check IMDb like… ever? Do they know how promotion and shooting schedules work? Do they know that Josh Hutcherson has an acting career and life beside The Hunger Games? Do they understand that the main promotional event so far was Comic-Con? Also how come no one says Finnick’s role will be reduced based on Sam not being there?

    And what about that Gale song? Geez, Get it together, fandom. The Lumineers has decided to write a song about Gale. No one would get their panties in a bunch if it was Johanna song. And beside that being a freaking awesome idea the question is why?

    No, this is not just Peeta paranoia. This is Gale hate. If these people were being honest with themselves they’d realize that as well. Nothing that we’ve seen so far suggests that Peeta’s role would be decapitated in any way, and nothing really suggests that Gale will be more in the center than the source material would allow. All these guys do is complain every single time something related to Gale or even Liam gets released and completely ignore the fact that Gale is actually a main character who does have a major role in the first half of the book on which the early marketing focused.

    And I’d love to tell all these things to them but if that brilliant Mockingjay graphic can’t convince them to try and be reasonable for a moment, then neither can I. So at this point I’m just happy that I’m not running a major fansite where I need to find a patient way to deal with this level of paranoia and accusations. Because wow, that is just the best part of all of this. Yes fandom, be horrible to the people who work so hard and so much to bring you all the news of your favorite franchise and give you a platform where you can join into the community and share – or at least could share – your enthusiasm over it. Way to go people.

    1. Apparently they don’t know about scheduling and availability at all. One of them actually used the – first – press release for the SDCC as a reason on why Gale gets favored over Peeta. And if I remember correctly, then it wasn’t certain at that point whether Josh was available or not.

    2. Yes, Gale hate, exactly. I don’t know how many of them are in the Peeta-paranoid camp, probably most, but there is definitely a portion of the fan base that just can’t stand Gale, so they’re getting rubbed in all the wrong ways with anything having to do with him in the marketing and lead-up to the movie. As a Gale sympathizer and defender myself (I’ve already listened to “Gale Song” like 7 times and teared up the first time) that’s the most annoying part of the whole thing to me. Not liking certain characters is one thing, but these people have just gone so beyond fandom sanity. Oh well. It may be exasperating, but at least it’s fun to laugh at sometimes. I totally cracked up at the post. πŸ˜€

    3. Really, we didn’t even get into the comments on to its fullest extent. A lot of it is vicious and uncalled for, with blaming certain members of the staff and spewing hate against other fans, then losing their minds when their comment is deleted or their commenting privileges are blocked. They do a kickass job keeping fans informed and entertained on and all the other fansites, so it’s really disgusting to see that this is how some of their “fans” treat them.

      What’s even more frustrating is the people claiming it’s not about shipping when clearly their paranoia stems from their shipping bias. They like Peeta better than Gale, for Katniss and for a lead male. If Haymitch was more prominent in the trailers, no one would complain, even though 90% of fans like Peeta better than Haymitch. OF COURSE it’s about their shipping preferences.

      Regarding scheduling, you and Uli are right. Josh was filming Paradise Lost and Jennifer was filming American Hustle and X-Men: Days of Future Past during most of the time Liam was at events promoting CF. Josh finished filming just before SDCC and Jennifer was still in the middle of X-Men, but that whole gang attended SDCC. Really, Liam did the MTV appearance and CinemaCon because he was the only of the three available.

      1. I also think it was way easier for Liam to get his schedule cleared because wasn’t he doing promo for Paranoia, too? And that movie is also released by Lionsgate whereas X-Men comes from Fox. (Not sure about the other project mentions, but I assume if you he’s already “claimed” for promo by that studio, it kind of doesn’t matter which movie he’s doing it for.) That’s just a wild guess though.

  2. I’m pretty sure “Gale Song” wasn’t a placeholder title. The Lumineers also have songs called “Gun Song” and “Morning Song”. Apparently they just like that titling tactic. And I’m a “Peeta fan”, but I’m also a Gale defender, so after I got over the emotion of reading “Gale Song” on the track list, my next thoughts were amusement at the possible reactions of Peeta-paranoid fans, and a slight hope that the whole mess wouldn’t actually flare up again. But dammit, it did…

    “Have they read the books?!” is my usual go-to response whenever I run into this preposterous nonsense. Really, regardless of what you feel about Peeta’s portrayal in THG (I personally think it was OK, all things considered, with room for improvement. *shrug*), they couldn’t cut-out or downgrade him in CF too much if they tried. He’s all over the damn thing. From the first chapter to the last, there’s a LOT of Peeta. And I get to look forward to seeing most of his Peeta goodness, in context, with score, on a big-ass screen.

    Also, he’s on theater Coke cups you guys! Gale didn’t get a cup. Does that make you paranoid people feel a little better? Geez…

  3. Amen. I’ve finally decided to simply not read the comments on that site, whenever something related to Gale or Liam is mentioned. The graphic was awesome and it was a funny way to deal with the whole thing, but the comments showed that it fell on deaf ears.

    And yeah, the hypocrisy. So, they’re upset because Gale is “tall, dark and handsome”, acts impulsively and talks angrily about the revolution, and because Peeta talks seriously about his relationship with Katniss and does not grab Katniss and kiss her suddenly, like Gale does? And they think it shows Gale in better light? Wait, so why are they Peeta fans rather than Gale fans in the first place?

  4. No question that Peeta was underdeveloped in the first movie and that’s where a lot of this anxiety comes from. Me, I don’t see the point in worrying too much about how Peeta is portrayed in CF until I actually see the movie.

    There are some great points here about how it is completely in Lionsgate’s interest to make sure Peeta gets due time and characterization in CF. The Mockingjay movies will not work at all unless you are fully invested in Peeta’s character and understand Katniss’s feelings for him. Who knows, Lionsgate could still completely screw it up, but that’s a discussion for Nov 22.

    I’ve noticed a lot of the rancor comes from a place of “I feel what I feel and have every right to feel that way so stop judging me.” Which is fine. Feel what you feel. Speak your concerns. You don’t have to love everything in this marketing campaign (God knows I don’t). Just don’t be nasty to other people about it.

  5. Full disclosure: I am not a Gale fan. I don’t dig his vibe and I’m firmly stationed in the camp that believes he is (in)directly responsible for YOU KNOW WHO’S death at the end of Mockingjay.

    That being said, the FILM franchise is doing NOTHING wrong by including Gale in the promotional material, adding scenes with him in the films, and just reminding us (and the millions of casual viewers) that he does, in fact, exist.

    So many people like to ignore the fact that while Gale isn’t physically present in the majority of the first and second books– he is C-O-N-S-T-A-N-T-L-Y there on Katniss’ mind. She considers him (his thoughts, his feelings) as she navigates the Capitol and the Arena. Gale was her best friend and the SECOND MOST IMPORTANT PERSON IN HER LIFE for years.

    That’s all kind of hard to convey without A.) having a constant running inner monologue from Katniss’ perspective or B.) including him more in the marketing and the film. They didn’t do the former (thank goodness), so they have to go with the latter.

    That’s it. That’s the Gale agenda– making him a visible entity with thoughts and feelings and interactions with Katniss. It’s done so that he’s not some pathetic straw-man, constructed solely as the third side to a love triangle. NOT featuring Gale does a disservice to both the characters of Katniss and (yes) to Peeta.

    Without featuring Gale in a visual capacity that shows his relationship with Katniss, he would be relegated to a cardboard cut out of Liam Hemsworth who (all of a sudden) has Katniss all a dither of emotion. The implication would be the Katniss is super-crushing on some hot Seam eye candy because, well, he’s hot. By building Gale’s character and increasing his presence on screen, Katniss’ conflicting feelings about him, his revolution, and his role in her life make sense.

    In the same respect, you can’t build Peeta without building Gale. Peeta’s movie plus is that he gets so much “screen-time” in the books. We learn about him as Katniss does, and we fall in love with him as she does. He already has GREAT stuff that will (and has) happened for him: the cave, the beach, and all the Mockingjay stuff that culminates with Katniss realizing that Peeta is what she needs. She can’t make the choice– or at least struggle with that choice– unless there is another viable option. Leaving Gale out totally deprives Katniss of her conflict– and it would make her choice of Peeta have much less meaning.

    Essentially, unless Gale is built up as a real, possible option for her (and of course Gale is more than a character, he’s the embodiment of everything she wanted in her pre-Games life: freedom, revolution, violence, self-sufficiency); Peeta (and all the things he represents) becomes the inevitable only choice. And that’s boring.

    Gale makes Katniss and her choices more real and more costly. She can’t turn away from the burgeoning revolution just as she can’t let go of Gale. This also makes her incapable of fully embracing Peeta. They are both halves of her (in more than just a romantic sense), and until she can reconcile them, she walks a thin and emotionally draining line.

    Maintaining the balance between the two sides is crucial to the effectiveness of this struggle for Katniss. Peeta will get the majority of the screen time, and has an initial advantage of being a “new” entity from Katniss’ POV– one who is unabashedly sweet and nice and in love with her. Gale struggles on film because the relationship predates the movie, and (if we stuck with the books) would only have a scene or two to establish this vast, deep, and complex friendship. That doesn’t work (especially comparative to the amount of screen time Peeta gets by default), so adjustments have to be made


    Gale needs to be built up because if he isn’t a fully fleshed out character then both Katniss and Peeta’s characters suffer.

    1. *starts a slow clap*
      THIS. Is it exactly. Regardless of what you feel about Gale as a person/character, or the fact that they’re friendship eventually ends ( 😦 ) and Katniss marries Peeta ( πŸ™‚ ), Gale was one of the very few most important people in her life for years. You can’t just dismiss that, like he was some random minor character who the movies made a main one just because he’s good-looking. He was half of Katniss’s whole world before the events of the first book.

    2. Part of me is tempted to copy this whole entire comment and paste it onto the page, but again i don’t know if it will do any use 😦

    3. “Gale needs to be built up because if he isn’t a fully fleshed out character then both Katniss and Peeta’s characters suffer.”

      ITA! The idea that this is a zero-sum game, in which giving Gale any attention automatically means attention is diverted from Peeta, really makes me think that, despite their protestations, that much of the Peeta Paranoia/Gale Hate is based on shipping partiality issues, and the assumption that this story is mostly a Twilight-like romance between Katniss and Perfect Peeta who loves Katniss even though “she doesn’t deserve him”.

      But this isn’t Twilight, and Gale is no Jake; he doesn’t get a Deus Ex Machina ending in which he’s conveniently paired off with another girl due to supernatural imprinting forces that make him perfectly content to be friend/family-zoned forever. Katniss doesn’t wind up with a HEA ending with no losses or sacrifices. (Well, to be fair to Twilight, it does seem for 3/4 of the story that Bella will need to make sacrifices, and that there’s more going on than just a romance, but that potential was unfortunately never realized.)

      Now, I think there is certainly a place in our culture for sappy romantic love stories, but personally, the fandoms I enjoy are ones in which romantic love is not the be-all and end-all. THG is one, so was Harry Potter; so is Game of Thrones; romance is part of all these franchises, but are NOT the main focus. Peeta and Gale are much more than just Love Interests, they represent very different approaches to life that Katniss is torn between.

      There’s also the “movies are not books on tape with pictures” aspect. We know in the books that Gale is important to Katniss, and that she thinks about him often. But we can’t read Katniss’s thoughts in a movie without cheesy voice-overs. So, I am pretty confident that even the “extra scenes” will help establish, not just that Katniss is drawn to Gale as well as Peeta, but WHY.

    4. It is good to hear this from somebody who isn’t Gale’s biggest fan. I’m starting to think that maybe I am his only “fan”. I find him the most inspirational character in the book personally. Gale the character serves many important functions in the book that are required to drive the plot and inspire a larger discussion about war and violence by the author. Without somebody you care about, that discussion and the plot wouldn’t be as compelling.

      But here is why I love Gale, and why I think Katniss does too in her way. He speaks truth to power before anybody else does, when everybody else is afraid to. He helps Katniss understand that she can do more than just protect herself and those she loves, that she can inspire real change that will improve the lives of everybody for generations. Katniss is understandably so scared with her own life and those in her immediate circle that Gale needs to get whipped for her to understand that. Which is why I love the scene where he is taking down the peacekeepers. He got himself whipped purposefully to inspire the revolution, and inspire Katniss. If that isn’t a hero, I don’t know what is.

      1. “…he never underestimates the cruelty of those we face.” ~ K. Everdeen, Mockingjay
        No, you are not the only Gale fan. This is someone who gasped in happy shock after reading “Gale Song” on the soundtrack list, then teared up the first time I actually heard it.

  6. Wow. Just wow. I had no idea about the Gale Agenda conspiracy since I haven’t been online much lately but I appreciate the warning to steer clear of reading the comments on

    Sheesh! Although I would be the first ti say that I felt Peeta’s character was underdeveloped in first film, there is no objective reason to think it won’t be in CF and MJ. In fact I believe Francis Lawrence’s underdeveloped

    1. (darn phone) unfortunate comments about manning up Peeta’s character in CF refer to his acknowledgement that it needed work. So I personally feel excited about the possibilities, not worried.

      And re: Gale, haven’t these readers heard of a foil? You need a character to be opposite in order to shed more light on the main character. Gale is Peeta’s foil. And Gale’s strength, passion for revolution throw

      1. throw into contrast Peeta’s steady, thoughtful nature. Take a chill pill, fans. It will be okay. Probably. Most likely.

  7. I love you guys! It made a crappy weekend feel better! I’ve been moderating forums for years and years and I always try not to let the crazies get to me, but it still does hurt some, especially when I can’t fully bust out my smartass replies because I represent something. The snappy bitch in me feels woefully oppressed. lol

    1. Crystal, just wanted to give you a virtual pat on the back for the very professional way you handled yourself in the comments. πŸ™‚ I’ve moderated forums myself and it can be very difficult NOT to lose your cool. I personally think coverage, indeed all of the main fansites, is pretty objective and fair to all segments of the fandom.

  8. thanks for this! it’s nice to be reminded why we love this fandom and why we do what we do– because there’s fellow fans out there who actually do appreciate the effort we put into this and enjoy getting hunger games news. love ya, ladies! πŸ™‚ ~carla from MJ.

  9. The comments on are dreadful in nature, I’ve concluded. People get so catty. You cannot argue rationally with those people, it’s almost like a pack-mentality with some of them. I found out the ones who supported and fully agreed with’s infographic were the ones that were down-voted the most. *smh*

    And the ones who disagreed had the most up-votes. *smh, yet again* Seriously, though. I like Peeta and Gale both—they are both quite crucial to the story, and both need promotion. Peeta fans are ridiculous. I mean that in a nice way, but that mostly goes for the omg-they-are-going-to-ruin-Peeta-in-this-movie!!!!=O characters. Even at The Hob, wherein I believe Francis’ comments were taken and blow way out of proportion, the comments were sobbing over how Peeta is going to be “ruined” or is “being treated unfairly” and how Gale is “obviously” favored by Lionsgate and that’s why Peeta (not really Peeta, Josh) wasn’t being promoted. One girl asked if any of them realized that Josh was busy doing another project or something and couldn’t be present, went on to say that making a character be able to swim isn’t a travesty, and they just about lynched her for it. Oh dear, do not argue in the favor of Gale, especially if Peeta is brought up! Sometimes I think the only reason people like Peeta is because of Josh, whom I really don’t find attractive or haven’t found his acting in the past to be particularly good. But that’s just me. Also on, one person said something and another really lost it, not that I believe half of the commenters had it to begin with, rebutting with “so young fans aren’t allowed to have an opinion?!” Well, of course they are allowed to. Said commenter didn’t say that. But like said commenter, I believe a lot of the young fans (not all) haven’t read the books (or went beyond the first one) and have only seen the movie, are blinded by Josh’s looks and a ship, want to make this Twilight and believe the “love triangle” is center of every single thing, or all of the above.

    They don’t understand that Gale is part of the story, too! He was a very important person in Katniss’ world before the first book began, in a non-romantic sense! Why people can’t grasp that is beyond me. Katniss and Peeta are endgame, and yet the fans are obsessing over the delusional idea that Lionsgate and their alleged Gale love will reign supreme. I put them in the same little wooden boat with the fans who want there to be a fourth book, even though the story is finished and there is nothing worth telling about unless it is a prequel. A boat that has a hole in the bottom and is sinking, at that. Sometimes I truly believe that some fans aren’t fans of The Hunger Games at all, and are just there for the boys or Peeta. Which is sad, really. I love The Hunger Games, and when I say that, I mean all of it. The movies and the books. Does that mean I love the actors? No, it does not. I’ve come to have a liking to Jennifer Lawrence, but that’s about it. I’ve liked Woody Harrelson before THG. I’ve grown to like Leven Rambin. I like the actors in the sense that they are portraying characters in the movies adapted from the books I read. But the only actors I can say THG has really exposed me to and made me actually like are Lawrence and Rambin. The comment sections of any place I visit are usually hostile at some point or another, are filled with ignorance, etc. I must say, I tend to avoid the comments on The recent infographic post has shown me I’ve decided well.

  10. Wow, this might be the most commented-on posts this year! I missed the kerfluffle on because I’ve been very busy with my off-line life, but I took a quick look, and wow, it really does seem that SOME fans suffering from Peeta Paranoia have gone into full-fledged tinfoil hat conspiracy theory territory. Conspiracy theorists love to accuse people who don’t buy into their theory of being part of the conspiracy themselves. When I see that tactic, it’s usually a sign that I’m dealing with an irrational conspiracy theorist who cannot be swayed by any evidence.

    I know that it’s always the most passionate people who are most active in the fandom, and hopefully the irrational Peeta fans do NOT represent the majority of Peeta fans. I especially hope so as a declared Peeta fan myself! πŸ˜€ Peeta actually is my favorite character, certainly he fits what I tend to be attracted to in men. However, it seems some fans who love Peeta think they MUST hate Gale, which is silly, since I certainly don’t hate Gale, nor do I want to downplay his importance to the story (indeed, I thought him important enough to write a whole essay on him earlier this year!).

    Also, as timetravelingbunny touched upon, it’s somewhat — hmm — ironic, I guess, that some fans who proclaim their love of Peeta so much, seem to feel so threatened on his behalf by Gale’s prominence in the marketing. If Peeta is so wonderful, then why would showing Gale being Gale, and, so far, being featured in the story just as much as he is in the book, but no more, automatically turn movie viewers against Peeta?

    It also seems that some Peeta fans take things way too personally because they think being Peeta fans basically proves they’re better people than non-Peeta fans; that loving Peeta proves that they’re thoughtful, mature, and deep people. (Even though many of their posts are sadly lacking in those qualities.) Many of the comments seem to dismiss Gale fans, or even just fans who don’t worship Peeta, as shallow fangirls who predictably jump for the typical Hollywood “bad boy” action hero cliches. I think much of the nastiness is rooted in a “I’m a better fan, perhaps even a better person, than you” attitude that I think is the root cause of most fandom wars. (Perhaps even real wars, come to think of it.)

    There also seems to be this idea that Gale is “only a minor character” until MJ, which is somewhat valid. Just because Gale is important to Katniss, doesn’t automatically make him a major character story-wise. Prim is even more important to Katniss, yet I still classify her as a relatively minor character. However, I think the THG movie certainly established how important Prim is to Katniss, while I think it did NOT establish Gale’s importance to Katniss. Many casual moviegoers thought Gale was a brother, cousin, or other relative! (Which is ironic considering the “cousin” rumor that’s used to downplay Gale’s importance to Katniss by those marketing the Katniss-Peeta showmance.) The CF movie has to do this, because if we don’t understand Gale’s importance to Katniss, then what happens in MJ loses it’s poignancy.

    Anyway, thanks admins for tackling this issue head-on. I understand some people having concerns and trepidations, but the “I KNOW LG is out to get Peeta/Josh, if you disagree with me you’re ONE OF THEM” attitude strikes me as really immature, and really not the way Peeta himself would behave (pre-Tracker Jacker exposure, at least).

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