Keeping Homes But Cutting Cartwright

Some characters get cut, some characters stay the course, get filled out, and become something else entirely. This is what happens in the process of adapting a novel into a screenplay, things just, well– change.

Over the last several days we’ve all hopefully been witness to the casting announcements of characters like Commander Lyme, Boggs, Castor, Pollux, and now most recently Homes. Most won’t remember Homes, I’ll even admit that when I saw that the character was officially cast, that I thought the character was originally female, and that they had made a creative decision to gender swap “her”. However, I’m pretty sure now that I was probably mixing him up with Jackson, the only other female Squad 451 member besides Leeg 1, Leeg 2, and of course Katniss Everdeen. So, they kept Homes, I won’t be the first to say this, but I’m surprised. And the reason I’m surprised is that in the grand scheme of thing, or at least the grand scheme from my point of view, Homes is one of the more superfluous mockingjay-homes-casting-omid-abtahicharacters in the novel. Now, that’s not my saying that he doesn’t serve a purpose, because he does– everyone in that Squad has a specific talent that’s needed to fill a certain quota, or role if you will, and Homes is one of the squads long distance sharpshooters, like Mitchell and Jackson. I’m just taken off guard that characters that are somewhat forgettable are being kept, whereas characters from The Hunger Games, and Catching Fire were summarily cut seemingly for time, and alleged fluidity purposes. Examples: Peeta’s father, Lavinia the Avox, Darius the Peacekeeper, and Madge Underseee.

I won’t lie, I’m still a bit miffed that those four characters I just named were cut, which brings me to this– I hope they don’t cut Delly Cartwright. Look, I know to some of you she’s just as superfluous as Homes, but it cannot be denied that she’s an integral part of Peeta’s storyline in Mockingjay, and I personally see her character being wholly cut from the film franchise as a major disservice to the rounding out of Peeta as a fully realized character. I know that Delly’s character could be spliced and combined with say, Prim fairly easily, but that just seems counter intuitive as Delly is the only person in the whole of District 13 who has a past with Peeta that is not connected directly to Katniss– and Prim is directly connected to Katniss, who we all know is Peeta’s trigger. Disaster in the making in my mind if Delly is left on the cutting room floor like Lavinia was in The Hunger Games.

Here’s to hoping we get a casting announcement soon for some young actress filling the shoes of Delly– the most optimistic person in the entire series.


Them There Eyes



  1. We do need to remember that Mockingjay is split into two therefore there’s much more room for secondary characters. If they cut Delly then that’ll be for creative reasons in which case I’ll be okay with it as long as it serves a purpose. Danny Strong is a good guy so I trust him. 😛

  2. They shouldn’t cut Delly. Like you said, she is integral to Peeta’s storyline in MJ. Besides throughout the whole series we only see Peeta though Katniss’s eyes. This is the first time we see him from another perspective, someone who knew him long before Katniss. They have already cut our Mr Mellark and Peeta’s brothers. Mrs Mellark was only in the first movie for a few minutes and only book readers remember her. Most people who saw the movie without reading the books didn’t even realize she is Peeta’s mother. Delly is the only character left who has a connection with Peeta.

  3. Hear, hear for Delly!

    I admit, it seems strange to cast an actor like Abtahi – instantly recognizable but one of those actors you’re not sure what films/shows you’ve seen him in – to be in a role that was forgettable in the book.

  4. I don’t even remember who Homes was, and if I am really honest I don’t care about him at all. On the other side I hope they are keeping Delly, with two movies instead of one they should give importance to this minor characters, and as you said, she’s important to Peeta’s storyline and development. Time will tell

  5. They have to have SOME Star Squad members in the movie who aren’t Katniss, Peeta, Gale, Finnick – or Boggs. Therefore I find the surprise that Homes is there, well… surprising. The squad has to have some actual soldiers from District 13 in it, or it wouldn’t make sense. Now, I don’t know if they will keep all of them (Mitchell, Jackson and the two Leegs in addition to Homes) since most of them are almost interchangeable. Maybe some will get merged – or maybe they will go the other route and keep them all and flesh them all a bit so we would care when they die.

    On the other hand, I completely agree that Delly should not be cut,

    1. And before anyone starts to correct me, yes, I know that Boggs is an experienced soldier from District 13, but he’s in command and he’s a bigger character, and I don’t think it makes sense for a soldier to command a squad almost entirely comprised of media stars and no other experienced soldiers from District 13.

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