Boggs Is Cast

Well, he’s probably been cast for quite some time now, it’s likely though that the Powers That Be just deemed us worthy enough to finally have the information of who exactly will be filling his fictional shoes for the next two films. Mahershala Ali is the man who gets to be fake thrown up on by the lovely Jennifer Lawrence, and yes, his name is a mouthful, he’d probably be the first to admit it, and if he doesn’t, well his game– not mine.

First of all, I’m just bloody relieved that the wait is over! Second of all, I’m glad it’s him. Why am I glad it’s him you may ask? Because, damn it all to hell, he’s a fucking good actor, and highly trained one at that, yep with an MA in acting from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts– see, told ya’ he’s all trained up. Which, at least from what I know is somewhat rare for an American actor, usually it’s just the Brits who go to drama school, like our dear Sam Claflin with his degree from LAMDA. Why else am I glad it’s Mahershala, whom I’m now just going to just call Ali– because it’s easier to say, spell, and it’s apparently his nick-name anyway? ‘Cause well, um… yeah, he’s hot. What? My eyes take in his face, and his physique, and my brain goes, “well, that’s nice.” Nice voice too, did I mention he’s a respected rap artist as well? Yeah, anyway Ali’s a looker, he’s also no slouch in the acting department, which frankly is why I think he was hired.

Let’s see, what he’s probably most known for right now is his work on the NetFlix series House of Cards, where he shared screen time with none other than Academy Award winning actor, and Old Vic Artistic Director, Kevin Spacey, as well as the original Buttercup herself, Ms. Robin Wright (side note: Robin Wright was one of my top favorites for Alma Coin, and at one point I thought Kevin Spacey would make a wicked awesome President Snow.) Yep, the man has literally stood opposite those people, and told them no— or well, blackmailed them. You should watch House of Cards, it’s like Game of Thrones, but without swards, and blood, and horses, plenty of Wildlings though, yes– in suits. I also wouldn’t be surprised if his character shows back up in the second season of the series as well, so keep your eyes peeled!

Ah yes, what else? HBOs Treme, which I’ve been meaning to watch since its debut, and now I finally have an excuse, other than John Goodman being awesome, and amazing, and starring on it. And then there’s the cult

Yeah, he's not good looking at all... or talented.

Yeah, he’s not good looking at all… or talented.

series The 4400, which I admittedly have never had a desire to watch, but I’m sure some of you out there have seen it, or will be interested in seeing it now we know Ali was a regular in the cast. Sure, he’s done some great, to decent, to meh TV shows, but he’s also taken part in some stellar feature films. For me I say check out his work in A Place Beyond the Pines ASAP, he doesn’t have the largest role, but he still makes his mark, and does some very moving work, also the film stars Ryan Gosling, and Bradley Cooper, so even if you’re only watching it for Ali, the principle cast will keep you engaged throughout. Actually, I just recommend A Place Beyond the Pines as a whole, not only for Cooper and Gosling, because in all honesty it’s the supporting cast of actors that I found the most interesting, especially the young actors whose characters are introduced in the third half of the film, in fact Ali’s best scene is with one of those young actors.

Now, I don’t actually remember him in The Curious Case of Benjamen Button, but he’s in that one as well– and I simply love to give people any reason to watch that film, because it’s chockablock full of good performances, yes, even from Brad Pitt who’s notorious for rather wooden performances, that always leave you seemingly wanting. 

If you’re not willing to take the time to watch House of Cards, or anything else I’ve written about, which frankly to me says you’re lazy as hell, and probably didn’t even finish reading this article anyway, you can always click this link here, and watch a 6 minute short film Ali did in 2008.

Boggs is cast! Welcome to the fold, Mahershalalhashbaz! Told you his name was a mouthful.

Them There Eyes



  1. Thank you for mentioning 4400, NOW I remember where he was so damn familiar from! 😉 I may also have some kind of an impression of him in Benjamin Button, but I can’t actually place him in the movie, no matter how hard I try.

    I gotta admit that I never watched House of Cards and The Place Beyond The Pines never arrived any theater near me (but I am planning on watching the DVD version at some point) so that’s all I know about him. But I approve. I approve very hard just as I approve of Lily Rabe even though I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing her theater work. Because these guys are all high profile A+ actors, so high profile that they don’t even need the general public’s approval to stay at the top of their game, but the fact that they decided to grace our dear franchise with their presence anyway says a lot. Four for you casting team, you go casting team!

  2. I like the casting. I’ve only seen him on The 4400 (which I liked – it was like a good version of Heroes) and he was really good. Some people have expressed concern whether he will seem like a father figure to Katniss, but I am not worried, because he came off very mature and fatherly in The 4400, despite being 30 at the time- and actually playing against a 22-year old actress as his daughter (don’t ask – it’s complicated – remember that it’s a SciFi show).

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