Catching Fire Soundtrack Shenanigans

Alexandra Patsavas is a very talented, well-known music director, so we have faith that she’s going to make The Hunger Games: Catching Fire soundtrack awesome, but that doesn’t mean we’ll love everything on there.


You have stiff competition from the first soundtrack!

While Coldplay seemed like a smart choice to get the soundtrack awards recognition and please a wide range of audiences, two recent revelations regarding the soundtrack have got us pretty freaked out.

First, Ed Sheeran submitted THREE songs for the Catching Fire soundtrack, all of which were rejected. While some of you may know him only as that guy touring with Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran is a soulful singer-songwriter whose music brings the feels. There’s something so genuine and raw in his music that we think he’d be a great addition to the Catching Fire soundtrack. Given that Sheeran has pitched to Catching Fire and the Twilight series soundtracks, all of which was manned by Alexandra Patsavas, it seems she disagrees. Maybe none of the songs were up to par, maybe they were. Still, we could see his songs representing so many moments and emotions in the series and the news is disappointing, especially considering that…

Ellie Goulding let it slip that she may be featured on the Catching Fire soundtrack, though it hasn’t been confirmed:


HUH? We’re not hating on Ellie or her music, but given her typical sound and general reliance on a techno beat, we cannot picture her on the soundtrack. Unless she’s representing the Capitol. And let’s just get this out of the way now– If the soundtrack is Capitol themed, we are going to puke… and not buy the soundtrack.

Maybe she’ll pull what T. Swift did in her turn on The Hunger Games soundtrack and bust out something totally different from her usual sound. Or perhaps her song will play the same role that Kid Cudi’s “The Ruler and The Killer” did: The out of place song that everyone kinda hates at first, but then learns to love. We’ll bite our nails and worry until we know for sure.

Alexandra, you’re a professional. We trust you. I mean, people who hate Twilight still love the Twilight soundtracks (admittedly, I’m partial to New Moon’s soundtrack). Just don’t let the hype get you. Allow us to get Mother Hen on and ask you this: Just MAKE GOOD CHOICES, okay?

We Worry As If These Songs Are Actually In The Movie,
The Girl With The Pearl



  1. I’m not hating on Ed on his music… Lol, no, seriously, I love his stuff, but there must be a stiff competition going on so someone will always be left out. Of course if I’d have been the music supervisor and someone like Ed would’ve pitched not one but 3(!) of his songs I probably would’ve left in one just out of sympathy. But then again, that just shows that I’m not fit for such position and that Alexandra knows exactly what she wants on this album.

    And I for one trust her. Not just because the soundtrack of Twilight was the most (only) enjoyable thing about those movies, but because I’ve seen her work her magic on some of the shows that I’ve been watching like Chuck or even Tru Calling, and I’ve downloaded my fair share of Grey’s Anatomy music. She knows what she’s doing. She knows what fits a theme or a situation and what doesn’t. And she has the talent to find some real uncovered gems. I also wouldn’t worry about the album being Capitol themed, that’s not really her style – but it will probably have less Appalachian music in it. Atlas already proved that.

  2. I would love if Ellie was on the soundtrack, just for her voice alone. And interestingly enough, I’ve recently added “Burn” to my personal songs-that-have-nothing-to-do-with-THG-but-the-lyrics-really-fit list (“I Need Your Love” works too). And even though I think you’re making much ado about nothing, I wouldn’t mind if some songs (where did you even get the idea of the whole album being themed to it?) sounded Capitol-y. Whatever the heck you think that means…

  3. I’m actually really excited about Ellie if that one’s true. Ellie Goulding’s singles are clubby but her album has some meatier songs with piano and orchestra, like Explosions, Joy, I Know You Care and Dead in the Water. So she actually has a lot more range with her style. I’m secretly hoping that if Ellie Goulding does have a song on the soundtrack, it would be something like her acoustic cover of Robyn’s Be Mine

  4. Ellie Goulding on the soundtrack doesn’t make me too happy, but if I had been in the fandom before the movie and known Maroon 5 were to be on the THG soundtrack before I heard it, I would have definitely puked. In the end it seemed like they, and Swift, were there to attract some people who wouldn’t otherwise have bought the album, those with musical tastes very different from mine, but they did songs that had nothing to do with their musical styles (although it’s a pity that Glen Hansard didn’t get to record “Come Away to the Water”, his original live version was really hauting).

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