Julianne Moore: Officially Alma Coin

It’s official, as in not made up, and totally real– Julianne Moore has been cast as the leader of District 13, also known as President Alma Coin. First off, I’ve kind of been slowly freaking out over this news all day, and it hasn’t been an empty day for me in the slightest, so the information would get forgotten, and then I would remember, and it was like a rush of blood to the head, or a brain freeze. Good times.

Eight months ago I wrote an article titled The Moms Are All Right, where in I fantasy cast both Annette Bening, and Julianne Moore in the role of Alma Coin. Two months previous to that article I had also mentioned in another article that Julianne Moore would be a good choice for Alma Coin. Today the idea, which I had written up twice— came true. You don’t understand, AN IDEA I HAD ALMOST A YEAR AGO CAME TRUE! That doesn’t happen,julianne_moore_ that just doesn’t happen ever. It’s not like I outright campaigned for Julianne either, I’ve known for a long time that that methodology doesn’t work, and in the end just ends up breaking your heart. So, in this castings case, I didn’t pit all my hopes and dreams on one horse, Julianne was not my Pie from National Velvet, she was simply a niggling hope I had at the back of my mind. Like, “it would be kind of awesome if they cast her, ’cause she’s really talented, and pretty, and I wonder how she’d play opposite Jennifer….” It was never, “ohmygodtheyhavetocastherorI’lldie!” Yeah, like so many people demonstrated their crazy after someone else was cast as some other character in another franchise, poor Charlie.

Anyways! After all that back-of-my-mind hoping, I was magically put in charge of the preliminary logistics of the fandom wide Campaigning for Coin series. And this is how it happened: For months, maybe even a year, I’d been gathering photos of actresses who I thought could be potential candidates for Coin on a secret pin-board on Pinterest, Julianne was one of the first women I’d pinned to the board. So, when I was put in charge of the preliminaries for the series, I decided the best way for us to decide the 12 women we’d all write up on, would be to invite everyone involved to view the board, and vote and/or like the photos of the women they wanted to write on. The 13th was decided by you guys, i.e. we all kept track of the actresses who were mentioned the most in the comments on all our separate sites. The voting was a nagging, slightly tiresome two week process, but eventually the list was narrowed down, voted on again, and then officially sealed. Julianne Moore always managed to stay on the board with only a medium amount of votes in comparison to others like Anjelica Huston, amazingly.

Many people don’t take fantasy casting seriously, and you know what– I think they’re right to. But, sometimes the ideas really and truly work, and maybe the people in charge are listening, and paying attention, and thinking they’re good ideas too– that’s what I’m coming away with in this instance anyway. It’s done, it’s awesome, no one in their right mind should be disappointed.

It’s been a long time coming.

Them There Eyes



  1. I am very happy about her taking this role. She can give those scary stares so well. Just wonder if they will make her gray and a perfect line cut so Katniss can stare it when she is bored of the district 13 Mockingjay meetings. LOL. Yes most people seem to be happy about the choice. Still waiting on Boggs. Who will that be? I was hoping for Bradley Cooper just for fun. But hey I’d take Charlie he is would be fun to watch huh?

  2. yay, mini The Kids Are Alright reunion. But under VERY different circumstances… Also, it was announced on Friday the 13th. Foreshadowing…? 😉

  3. I tend not to get that caught up in fancasting either, because chances are that you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. The Finnick fancasting being a case in point; I don’t recall Sam Claflin being on the “fancast short list” either. However, I think where Coin casting is concerned, I think we had a pretty good chance of getting someone on the fancast A list, mostly because of the nature of Hollywood; there just aren’t that many well-known actresses around Coin’s age who would bring name recognition and gravitas to the character.

    (Much as I doubt there were too many actors on the fancast faves list to play Tyrion Lannister; and actually, Peter Dinklage is about twenty years older than Book!Tyrion, who’s
    only in his mid-twenties. Although I think people tend not to notice, since they aged up all of the other major GOT characters as well.)

    Anyway, it seems most fans are satisfied with Moore as Coin, even if she wasn’t their first choice for the role. I’m not jumping up and down, but I do think she’ll do a good job. Also, without naming names, I think some of the fancast faves actually would have been too obvious as playing an evil character. While we fans know Coin is just as bad as Snow, perhaps even worse, the unspoiled movie fan is NOT going to know that. I think the movies will work well with a “softer” Coin who will be slowly built up into the ultimate villian.

    That approach to movie!Coin, would also work well as a contrast to the movie version of Snow. The THG movie already established what kind of man Snow is, much earlier than SC did in the THG book. Which was fine with me, considering Donald Sutherland’s talent. But when I first read THG (which I did a few weeks before seeing the movie), I saw Snow (who only appears at the end of the Games) as more a representative of Capitol tyranny than a man who’s quite evil even by Capitol standards. However, the movie left no doubt that he was meant to be the Big Bad. So, I can see the MJ movies first showing Coin as fairly benign, and slowly reveaing to the movie viewer, how ruthless and evil she really is. (Or they could show us her behind-the-scenes scheming from the get-go, but I hope not.)

  4. I am uber-excited about this casting. I wasn’t following the fan-casting and “Campaigning for Coin” too much, though I always made sure to read the suggestion, but quite frankly, I didn’t expect Lionsgate to choose someone who wouldn’t be able to at least go up against Donald Sutherland in terms of their vita and acting experience. I am really very happy Julianne Moore got the part and I am more than convinced she’s going to nail that role.

    On another note, what sickens me is people still (even after two films being cast and being presented with final looks of the characters) complain about her look. A lot of those comments I’ve been reading on the German FB page for the movies and granted, most of the people posting there are in their teens, but comments along the lines of “She’s looking too chipper, too young, not stern enough” do get my blood boiling a tad bit. Yes, of course Julianne Moore doesn’t look like Alma. Because she’s Julianne, not Alma. She’ll slip into the role eventually. It just bugs me so much and sometimes I just want to verbally slap these people.

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