That Scarf-Wrap-Sling Thing

scarfAs most of you know, I live in Los Angeles, which has been hot and humid and all kinds of gross to be outside in lately. This morning was the first morning I got even the slightest chill, so I am welcoming the cool, crisp weather of fall (let’s be real guys, I know that LA autumn isn’t exactly the same as autumn everywhere else but I’m talking in a relative sense) that is looming just over the horizon.

Back when the first non-mockingjay pin poster for Catching Fire came out, there were a lot of mixed feelings about it, but what pretty much everyone agreed upon was that the gray knit wrap she wore was AWESOME. And every year when it starts to get a little chilly, I like to think about my next knitting project.

There was something unbelievably District 12 about that article of clothing despite it not being, strictly-speaking, book canon. Whether it be the rustic, homemade feel of it, or the fact that, of course, Katniss would need a little more than her father’s hunting jacket to keep her warm, it seemed to fit. For some reason, it’s easy to imagine a trade at the Hob for wool yarn and Mrs. Everdeen painstakingly weaving or knitting that for Katniss. It’s easy to imagine knitting circles in District 12, especially the Seam, since it’s easy to assume that most clothing is made at home, not bought.

I’m hoping one of two things happens: 1) I miraculously come up with a pattern myself to recreate that piece of wearable art. I could theoretically comb through the knitting books I’ve been gifted throughout the years for inspiration. 2) Some person more talented than I could beat me to it. Wishful thinking, but crazier things have happened. Our fandom is a very talented bunch so it could happen.

Like I said, I’ve found my project for the upcoming fall/winter. It’ll probably be a poor imitation, but here’s to hoping.

Then there's this project.

Then there’s this project.

Now I need twenty cats all named Buttercup



  1. Though I’ll admit I thought this piece was a little too “fashion runway,” I’ve noticed several examples of knitwear in the stills releases so far, mostly appearing in D12. As a fellow knitter, I think we need a post devoted to Catching Fire knits, Twiffidy! (And I’m sure some talented knitter will develop a pattern soon.)

  2. So, I’ve done some digging. There are a few patterns floating around out there, but there is some debate on whether the cowl Katniss is wearing is knit or crochet wear.

    For knitting, here is the best pattern I found:

    And for crochet:

    There’s a healthy post about it here with lots and lots of comments:

  3. Nice legwork Shylah! I like the one on the manniquin shown on allnightknitter, but when I look at it closely, it’s not quite the same is it? The actual one on Katniss seems to have some of that “short row shawl” thing going on that’s so popular in knitting lately.

    Here’s a question: does the design leave her arrow arm free or her bow arm? Would be smart design if that’s the side she nocks the arrow.

  4. I do love that scarf… wrap… whatever – thing! Unfortunately I can’t knit or crochet 😦 ….but I am sewing my version of the “girl on fire” dress for Halloween!

  5. There are actually several designs we’ve been working on that haven’t been published yet – we’re still test knitting. Lolly Knits has a great design that is open on the arms and I believe she’s posted a bit about it. There’s also an open thread on Ravelry if you wanna join in. Good luck! 🙂

  6. Mine is a copy of the one on the mannequin posted by allnightknits…and you’re right, Tess, it doesn’t look like the real one. I think the real one may actually be braided rags (more like a braided rug) rather than either knit or crochet…

  7. The designer says that it’s a woven garment, not knitted, and I think I recognized a basket-weaving technique for the neck opening.

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