Carry Your Woooooorllllld!

Sometimes you ask for guest posts, sometimes they fall into your lap as a gift from devoted readers! The following falls in the latter category, brought to us by the ever enthusiastic mse! Enjoy!

Still prettier than my own handwriting

Still prettier than my own handwriting

I’m a huge Coldplay geek in addition to being an enthusiastic Tribute, and I know I’m not alone. I’m not gonna use words like ‘OMG I’m the biggest fan of the band ever’ because yeah, I don’t even have an authentic lyric sheet handwritten by Chris Martin and we all know that that’s the only sign of a true fan – well that and the ability to rotate air. Alas as it turns out you can become one now by entering this contest here, so good luck! Tell me when you learned how to ventilate so I can give you a call on a warmer than usual autumn day.

Back to our topic, as you can guess I was obviously very excited when I learned that Coldplay is going to contribute to the Catching Fire soundtrack, and was eagerly anticipating the release of the song. By that time we already had the lyrics Chris shared via Twitter and we all brushed up on our Greek mythology and knew that the title ‘Atlas’ referred to the Titan who was sentenced to literally carry the world on his shoulders. But we still needed the song itself to truly appreciate the power of that metaphor , and as it turns out, we also needed a beautifully designed lyrics video to get fully obsessed.

I know that saying that this is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen is a gross overreaction but guys, THIS IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING THAT I’VE SEEN. EVER.

Okay, so let’s first talk about the song itself. Now, this is probably going to be a subjective opinion, but I totally had a flashback of the Coldplay’s first album, Parachutes while listening to it. For those of you who are not as obsessed with the band as the rest of us, here’s some recap:

Coldplay had 5 big studio albums out in the last 13 years, and while they all had a very Coldplay-ish sound, they also had their distinguished characteristics that made the songs on a specific album stand out and separate them from the music on any of the others.

For example A Rush Of Blood To The Head had this very clean, sleek sound with lots of piano. That album probably also has the most memorable melodies, because the songs were just simply great – the intro to Clocks is possibly the most recognizable Coldplay melody ever, even though it really is nothing special from a musical stand point (although it might make your hands pretty sore by the end if you attempt to actually play it on your piano at home, especially if you have such a horrible wrist movement like me). On the other hand, Viva la Vida or Death and All Of His Friends was this epic journey that I personally like to refer to as the “Coldplay opera” . There’s a very complex sonority to it, the songs don’t always follow a typical structure, and this is that one album that you feel like you just have to listen to from beginning to end.

Atlas however… Atlas feels like modern day Coldplay Parachutes song to me. There’s a bit of back to basic feel to it, yes, but that’s not just it. Parachutes was a very early album for the band, they didn’t use a whole lot of fancy electronic stuff back then, but there was also some naivety and some interesting dissonant melodies which you might notice in Atlas as well. Basically: Parachutes is the angsty teenager of Coldplay albums. Or at least as angsty and teenagery as Coldplay can get.

Seriously, even the art work looks like a frickin atlas

Seriously, even the art work looks like a frickin atlas!

Now, I’m not saying that Atlas is a definite addition to that album, and there’s a lot of maturity and a more modern sound in this song. Actually I’d say that it’s more like a blend between Parachutes and Viva la Vida, which also had a revolutionary theme beside all the things I mentioned before. And now that I think about it, it might actually be more of a Viva la Vida song after all. But the dissonance in that piano melody gives it a sense of unrest, there’s a clear underlying anxiety – until the chorus resolves it all by promising that it’ll ‘carry your world’ and also ‘all your hurt’.

I also think that this structure, the way the song makes a translation from angsty to something more hopeful and uplifting, makes Atlas a perfect first credits song. I’m mentioning this not just because the choice of a first credits song is important in the sense that it contributes to the whole impression a movie has left on you – but because in addition to being a Coldplay geek and a Hunger Games fan I’m also someone who’s very interested in movie awards and Oscars and all that jazz.

Of course you might ask now, what does this all has to do with the Oscars? Here’s the thing: some of the most prestigious film award ceremonies have a category called “Original Song” to them, however the definition of what can be considered part of that is kind of fuzzy. The Globes are more flexible with all this as you can expect, however the Oscars have this crazy rule that only songs that were playing during the movie or as a first credit song can contend. RUDE! That means if I put 51 songs at the end of my movie only one of those will be considered. Pfft! (This is also the reason why Safe & Sound was never going to get an Original Song nomination at the Oscars, in case you didn’t know.)

So yep, Atlas being the first credits song and the song of a universally well-liked popular band and this being their first ever contribution to a movie’s soundtrack increases the chances for an Academy Award shout out about 500%.

“But… why do we always have to bring up the Oscars?” I’m sorry, but this is what happens when your lead actor is an effing double Oscar nominee and a fresh Best Actress winner. People are probably gonna talk about the movie’s Oscar chances in costumes and hair and make-up and visuals and music and all that as we approach award season, so get used to it. And wouldn’t it be just plain cool to read the words “Nominated for X Oscars” on Catching Fire’s IMDb page? Don’t lie to me, you wanna see that just as much as I do.

I gasped.

I gasped.

Before I’d finish this up, we need to talk about that lyrics video though. Because that is just abso-freaking-lutely STUNNING. That’s not just a lyrics video guys, that qualifies as an actual music video if you ask me, and those animations… Wow. It’s simple but effective, and the whole constellation concept is really clever, because obviously there’s no cooler archery symbol than the Sagittarius itself, but it also gives off a sort of mythologic vibe which is obviously a reference to the lyrics themselves and the inspiration behind them.

I also spent a lot of time thinking about the meaning behind the 7 lines that start off and finish the video, and I’m kind of convinced that it refers to the 7 members of Peeta and Katniss’ alliance: Finnick, Mags, Beetee, Wiress, Johanna and Katniss and Peeta themselves. Of course that doesn’t include people like Woof or even the morphlings who were obviously supposed to have been part of that alliance but I stand by my theory.

Now excuse me, but I gotta get back to listening to this song for the 1002th time,



  1. Thanks for the enthusiastic post! I wouldn’t call myself a Coldplay fan, but I have liked most of their popular songs, and I agree that the “lyrics video” really could qualify as a “real” music video, I loved the constellation images, the “Sagittarius = Katniss” symbolism, the arrow/wire imagery, etc…and I also gasped when the Mockingjay showed up at the end. I really hope this is used as a first credit song and qualifies for the Oscars. I hope this is a harbinger of other great CF companion songs to come!

  2. 1) I just noticed that a lot of “Atlas” sounds a bit like “Clocks”,especially the piano. Which fits the thought that it sounds like earlier Coldplay.

    2) Yeah, lyric videos sure have come a long way in the last few years. Some of them really could pass for official videos if the artist/label wanted to be lazy/save money and just stop there.

    3) I also gasped at the mockingjay at the end, then said, out loud, “aaw, our mockingjay!”. From the cover of a book to the end of an official Coldplay lyric video, how awesome.

  3. Interesting article, I also follow the Oscar races intently so I hope Coldplay will get a nomination. I find it fascinating of all the franchises they could have chosen to score, Coldplay choose this one. Not that I’m saying I am unhappy, it has me very curious. Did they want to reach a younger demographic or get more mainstream? (Which is weird because they do have a large following that varies in ages). Maybe they got rejected by the franchises? (which is find absurd but still plausible).

    More along the song itself, what i liked most about it is that it really ties in well with the Hunger Games first credit song, Abraham’s Daughter. Both Abraham’s Daughter and Atlas rely heavily on symbolism while former is biblical the latter is Greek. As much as I loved Safe and Sound, I believe Abraham’s Daughter should have been the first single of the album. I’m just glad they are not repeating the same mistakes.

    Random tangent, if Hunger Games: Catching Fire doesn’t AT LEAST get a nomination for Best Costume in the Oscars, I’m going to be very disappointed. Hunger Games’ costume designer (Judianna Makovsky) was at least nominated for the Costume Designers’ Guild which is prestigious in itself. I think it is pretty much universal that the fandom loves Trish Summerville’s costumes so far (even if the clothing line is in bad taste). It would be a shame if she wasn’t recognized for her work and finally clench that statue.

    1. My biggest worry about the costume and hair & make-up categories is that the Academy might find the Capitol extraganza a bit too much. They tend to go first for the period dramas and costumes and then maybe consider something out of the main competition. Of course, Snow White and the Huntsman did get some love last time despite the lukewarm reviews the movie itself received, but at the same time the Academy also dismissed Cloud Atlas – although that might’ve been the nonsense controversy that was caused by how they masked Caucasian actors to look like Asians. Those complaints however failed to mention that there were all sorts of interracial transformations going on and it wasn’t actually because they didn’t want to hire Asian actors to play these roles… But then again, others just simply thought that the make-ups were not always done well and that the movie was biting off more than it could chew, so moving on.

      I also thought that Abraham’s Daughter was the superior track, at least as a soundtrack for the movie. I actually think that it tied into the themes even more than Atlas does – while there’s a symbolism in both as you pointed out, Abraham’s Daughter’s is much more obvious, I mean they even created a fictional biblical character for God’s sake! It’s impossible to listen to that song and not think about The Hunger Games, while Safe & Sound much more easily stands as a separate entity. To me Atlas falls somewhere in between those two; the mythological symbolism is really fascinating but it doesn’t necessarily scream “I’m a Catching Fire soundtrack!!!” for those who are not as familiar with the series. That might not gonna help at the Oscars though where they prefer the songs to have a strong connection to the movies, but I also have faith in the their eagerness to finally invite Coldplay to their party. 😀 Because what else is the Original Song category really about than to invite cool musicians to the Oscars to bump the ratings? I know I sound cynical, but it’s true, and I’m still convinced that the lack of mainstream popularity is what really caused Arcade Fire to miss a nomination last time…

  4. Reblogged this on mse szerint a világ and commented:
    Amennyiben nagy fanja vagy Az éhezők viadalának, de unod az egyhangú őrült rajongói hírportálokat, erősen ajánlom figyelmedbe a csajokat, akik egyszerre szólnak a fandom hangján és csinálnak olykor viccet is belőle. Mellesleg voltak olyan rendesek, hogy kiposztolták a saját rajongói túltengésben szenvedő gondolataimat a Futótűz új betétdaláról, azaz Coldplay Atlas című szerzeményéről. Semmi extra nincs benne, tényleg csak egy “ereszd el a hajamat, IMÁÁÁDDOOM” szövegelés. 🙂

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