The TV Show That Cried Wolf

Hey, E! News. Today you’ve made an enemy out of the Hunger Games fandom. Not that we were ever really friends, considering your show’s programming tends to be about the kind of subject matter that The Hunger Games criticizes. But we didn’t really ever call you out specifically.

Until now.enews

Around lunch time, I was alerted to “brand new footage” to be shown at 7ET. If @ENews says it, then it must be so! Of course I was in a bit of a panic because, being on the west coast, this would be shown approximately when I’d be driving home from work. I called home so that it could be recorded since I’m fortunate enough to get east coast channels and was sure that when I came home I’d have new Catching Fire footage to obsess over.

Womp womp.

Instead, I was treated to a Twitter feed full of disappointed tweets from my fandom friends. Yes, E! News made my fellow Hunger Games comrades sit through an hour and a half of 50 Shades of Grey news and people sitting around a table bashing celebrities’ fashion choices. For nothing.

No new Catching Fire footage was shown. Lionsgate did not give them an exclusive anything.

Next time, do not misrepresent the whole lot of nothing you’ve got. Do not try to stir up buzz over stuff we’ve already seen. Do not poke the sleeping bear that is this fandom pre-movie release. We are starved for news considering we’re in that so-close-yet-so-far period. And do not say you have something you can’t deliver.

You have been warned.

Even Romulus Thread doesn't care for your shenanigans.

Even Romulus Thread doesn’t care for your shenanigans.

No one cares about your show anyway


Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 10.24.33 PM



  1. Miscommunication my ass. They knew exactly what they were saying and how it’d be interpreted. Of course most of the fans probably figured out that there must be something fishy going on with these news (the way it came out of the blue, the fact that it was E!, the lack of mention at the beginning of the show, etc.) but many of us still couldn’t resist holding out hope for it. I suggest all THG fans to stop watching the show altogether – not necessarily as a boycott but because I actually felt my brain cells melting last night. No person should willingly do that to themselves.

  2. Agreed, there was no miscommunication. They knew what they were saying. That apology is total BS. I loved reading all their angry mentions last night on twitter. They deserve every last one.

  3. Miscommunication? Is that what we’re calling false and misleading Twitter announcements now? Sam’s message to the fans, that we have already seen, is not the same as “brand new Catching Fire footage”. Seriously, they knew good and well what they were doing, and so does the majority of the fandom. Also something about how much likes The Hunger Games FaceBook page has gotten, too, right? Yes, E! News—talk about some incredible CF footage, that is, like, totally brand new and really awesome—right there. -__- I don’t watch those junk shows, anyway—but I was, however, looking forward to actually seeing this “new footage” in all of its new wonderfulness when I checked The Hob. That ended up to be a joke and a ploy for more ratings.

    Congratulations, E!. You’ve now made yourselves hated by the fandom, even more so than Snow and Marvel, which is saying a lot. Trust me on that one, I won’t pull the carpet out from you like you did me last night.

    1. Also, it did seem strange to me at first, after my initial glee, of course. Why hadn’t Lionsgate, on any of their sites, confirmed the news? Surely they would have spread the word. Some people actually think that Lionsgate helped pull this stunt of E! News’ off, which I really doubt. Lionsgate is nowhere near that stupid, they know their fandom, and they know not to toy with their emotions. Especially when it comes to things like video footage and pictures.

      1. Yeah it makes little sense that they would help orchestrate false news considering they’re the ones that actually dole out real news.

        In any case the fansites have been told by Lionsgate they didn’t know what that tweet was referencing either until they reached out to them.

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