The Beginning of the End

Sam Claflin is back to the dreaded chicken and asparagus diet, location scouts are out and about in northern Georgia, we have our first official cast member’s name announced to the public, and we have the alleged production start date marked on our calenders. It’s the beginning of the end, the Mockingjay films are becoming less of a hypothetical in our minds, and damn guys– it’s really happening. Let’s focus on one thing for now though, and that thing has got be be Natalie Dormer of course!

This lady is a royal, and I’m not just saying that because she’s English or something, I’m saying it because the woman has played both Anne Bolelyn on Showtime’s The Tudors, the Photoshoots-natalie-dormer-29541046-619-484hopeful queen of the fictional country of Westeros, Margory Tyrell on HBO’s Game of Thrones, and the Queen Mother in Madonna’s W.E. All that being said there are three things that come to my mind when I think of Natalie Dormer as a person, and as an actress, and they are first and foremost intelligence, second most is poise, and third most is beauty. When I saw the news in a Google alert that Natalie had been cast as Cressida I think all of those characteristics I just listed off, came flooding through my mind, and I realized that that is exactly what I had been subconsciously hoping Cressida’s actress would be able to bring to the film set. True, Cressida is physically described as sort of more Lisbeth Salander than what Natalie Dormer looks like in her real life, or in any of the characters she’s

Less Salander more something else entirely

Less Salander more something else entirely

currently known for– but that doesn’t mean that a hair cut, and some strategically placed fake tattoos won’t transform her into the Cressida from the pages of Mockingjay. Come to think of it practically every other person cast in this franchise in their real life, or in their other roles do not fit the physical descriptions of their characters to a T. Examples: Jennifer Lawrence is not small in stature, nor is she a natural brunette. Josh Hutcherson does share the physical characteristic of being of average height like Peeta, but is missing Peeta’s sandy colored locks. Sam Claflin is not an amber headed sex god, or maybe he is a sex god, just a brunet one– I dare you to ask his wife. Lenny Kravitz is not a young man with green eyes– yeah, he’s just not.

With the casting of Natalie Dormer as Cressida I personally feel a little bit revitalized toward the franchise. True Catching Fire hasn’t even been released yet, but in my mind so much rests in the casting of the final installments of the series. We have our original main characters cast, but Mockingjay has a whole slew of new people to feel out, get to know, and semi fall in love with. Cressida may not be crush material on the pages of Mockingjay though, unless you’re into uniquely placed tattoos, and ladies with no hair, but I’ll say this– casting Natalie Dormer who is without a doubt one of the most beautiful women I have laid my eyes on in the last few years, she’s going to bring a certain appeal to the role, and a few more butts into those movie theatre seats. I just hope none of them yell out when she comes on-screen to “get your tits out!” Which you will understand if you’ve seen both The Tudors, and Game of Thrones, and then I will hope that if that does happen, that you dump your potential icy beverages on those people’s heads.

Here’s to awaiting the semi intrusive telephoto lens shots of Natalie with hopefully a Bruno Gunn like haircut in the near future!

Them There Eyes



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