Playing it Cold

The musical stylings of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire are almost upon us! Well, one song, at least!

On August 26, the first song on the soundtrack will be released: “Atlas” by Coldplay.


Check em out!

Our first thought was “Hmmm… Coldplay.” That’s usually how we think of the band. We find their songs agreeable, don’t change their station when they come on, and we might even sing along a bit. We don’t know of they’re quite the musical revolutionaries that they’re sometimes heralded to be, but they’ve got a unique take on pop.

The lyrics for the song were tweeted out the lyrics to the song shortly after the announcement. Lyrics in mind, “Atlas” is referring to the disgraced Titan from Greek mythology who carries the weight of the world on his shoulders, used in comparison to the emotional weight Katniss carries after realizing that she’s become a symbol of the rebellion. The lyrics are pretty simple, but poignant. We’re seeing it as a supporting character offering Katniss not only a political but emotional alliance.

What does this say for the soundtrack? T. Bone Burnett created Songs From District 12 for the first film with a very Appalachian feel that thrilled fansites. But Toto, we are NOT in District 12 anymore! Alexandra Patsavas seems to go for more of an electric, overall feel for her movie soundtracks other than a specific theme. We may scratch the surface of District 12, but if we’re starting off with a band that has a sound that can’t quite be pinned down, we imagine this soundtrack will take us allllll around Panem!

“Safe and Sound”, the first single off The Hunger Games soundtrack, was the first time in a while that we weren’t disappointed in Taylor Swift (and we’ve pretty much been ever since), so we’re curious to see how “Atlas” compares.

Can We Call Coldplay Fans Cold Playas? Please?
The Girl With The Pearl



  1. 8 days til we get our first real aural bit of Catching Fire! Whooo! I already really like Coldplay, and I love the lyrics we’ve got so far, so I’m super happy and excited.

  2. I can’t wait to hear the song—the lyrics seem amazing enough, perfect for Catching Fire, and I’ve never really listened to Coldplay before. On another note, I being from the Appalachian Mountains myself, am glad you put the “n” at the end instead of leaving it up in the air with “ia”. =) It irks me so much how people always fail to add the N, seeing that’s the way people spell it who are from the place. Or how they pronounce it.

  3. I like the lyrics so far and how they allude to Katniss’s situation without being extremely obvious about it. (Thanks for pointing out that “Atlas” is a reference to the mythological Titan, not a book of maps!) I also think that since in Greek myth, Atlas was forced to carry the world after the Titans lost the war against the Olympians, the song could also be interpreted as being about all the Tributes, and how they are forced to shoulder the burden of the earlier failed Dark Days rebellion.

    In that way, the song reminds of the Coldplay hit “Viva La Vida”, which has left many fans speculating who it’s about. Most think it’s about Napoleon, but other candidates are Louis the 16th, and some infamous Roman emperors like Caligula and Nero. But no one has really pinned down who exactly the song is about, and I prefer it that way. It seems it could apply to many kings, dictators, and tyrants who wound up being deposed. Including Snow and Coin.

    As for the musicality; I do expect that the CF soundtrack will not be focused on the Appalachian region; I wonder if they will try to use music that’s traditionally associated with the major districts we encounter? Deep South spirituals for D11, for example, especially as F-Law seems to be making a very obvious comparison between conditions in D11 and historical slavery and segregation.

    It seems that so far, the CF movie is going to show us much more of the brewing rebellion that the CF book itself did (same applies to the THG movie). I suppose some of this is to better bridge the gap I think many readers noticed between CF and MJ. I wonder, therefore, if some of the songs featured on the CF companion album will be about revolution.

    1. Yeah, it’s nice people know the differences between the Greek Titan and the world maps book. Like the other day, I was speaking with a friend and she said she felt like she had the weight of the world on her shoulders (though it was nothing but teenage drama, I assure you), I said, “Oh, you’re Atlas the Titan now?” …. she didn’t get it.

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