Marie Antoinette and the Fish

Today, Covergirl unveiled two looks from their The Hunger Games: Catching Fire collection. You know those silhouettes? We’ve come to find out that they’re actually models done up in high fashion interpretations of each district using products from the line. So far we have District 1 (Luxury) and District 4 (Fishing).


What we’re seeing so far is lots of color, which is a far cry from the gray-brown, muted nail polish line we got from China Glaze for The Hunger Games (yes, there were a couple bright colors but overall it was pretty dull). Like Them There Eyes said, if you want to go Capitol, go Capitol.

That being said, there might be the opposite problem with this line. Is there really going to be blue lipstick? It’s a little hard to imagine that’d be a huge seller for anyone that isn’t a diehard fan who just needs to get every single item from the collection. The look is fabulous (dare I say, abnosome?) in the photo, on the gorgeous dark-skinned model with fans in her hair to represent fins, but the translation to real life is lacking. I don’t think I’ll be able to walk into the office with blue lipstick.

Covergirl seems to be doing their best with marketing this line so far, revealing the looks to appeal to girls and young women who have grown up on America’s Next Top Model and Project Runway and know what editorial looks and photos are like, very different from their ultra-commercial magazine ads of close-up faces. If anything, the photos so far are very much like if tributes in the tribute parade were models instead of children or victors. Which, though executed incredibly, is a little disturbing. Sorry guys, I’m now running with the head-canon that these are concept photos by Capitol stylists testing their looks out on models first.

The line will be available on October 1 so we have a month and half-ish to save up for the seemingly extensive line. I’m ready to add yet another mascara to my collection, all for the name of The Hunger Games.

I hate that I’m probably going to buy them all, blue lipstick be damned!



  1. I’m just hoping the line includes some super shimmery, sparkly mascara, a la “lashes that throw off bits of light when I blink.” 😉 I will gladly wear it to the midnight release.

  2. Since you brought up ANTM, I’m now thinking of an old topic from fireside chat: MODEL LAND! (or is it modelland?)

    Also, perfect timing for my Katniss “girl on fire” Halloween costume.

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