When’s Mockingjay Starting?

There’s one, actually several now that I think about it, facts that are looking menacingly down at me at this point. And no, it’s not a tax collector, or my mother, or even my father, and nope– definitely not a cat. Nope, it’s the fact that while we’re gearing up for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’s release in November, which is less than five months from now give or take a few days, the production start date for Mockingjay: Part One is allegedly next month. That is if we’re inclined to listen to Liam Hemsworth who’s stated recently that they’re starting in September. Erm, actually he just smiled and nodded through a morning chat show interview, and the host said they’re beginning production in September, but Liam

Let the casting rumors begin in 3... 2...

No photo yet. Yeah… ’cause we have no real information at this time, and we’re eating our hands. Yummy.

agreed– so I’m goin’ with him on this one! The looming, scary, and staring things though is not just the production start date, it’s this: Where are the casting announcements for the major roles to be filled in the Mockingjay films, where are the filming location/ scouting/ permit request reports, and where are the semi veiled extra casting call announcements? Well, where are they?! Fair warning, this is not a fan-casting article, even though I quite literally have more people in mind for all the major roles, and some of the minor roles as well, in mind than most people have thoughts in a day.

Nope, I’m just here breathing life into my own petty, confused, and slightly paranoid thoughts where it comes to the completion of this franchise, and the completion of it being put forth, and executed with precision, and forethought, and um– care. That and I really need to stop listening to Radiohead, because it messes with my head, and makes me twitchy like Thom Yorke. I just keep thinking back to when casting, and production information was being released, and in many cases leaked to us, and we were satisfied, because we had months, not weeks to ruminate on an actors dossier, or stock photos of a city, or neighborhood to pick through with a scary amount of detail. So, what’s up? Where’s our Coin, where’s our Boggs, I assume these cast members have been vetted and cast at this point in time, but they’re keeping it mum, or in my twitchy-Radiohead-listening-head, they’re still looking for those two, and are going straight for the Insects, Fulvia, and the rest of the lot. All I wanna know is this… have they found themselves a Posy? Also why do all mock-up photos I find of Posy Hawthorne make her look like an Elf?

Let’s pretend I didn’t say any of this, ‘kay… thanks, bye.

Them There Eyes



  1. Calm down, breathe, stop rocking back and forth in the corner while mumbling “Mockingjay production info?” over and over again. It’ll be okay. Production is supposed to start September 16, and I’m sure any pertinent information will be released in due time. In the meantime, please take some happy thoughts from this correction to your post: Catching Fire will actually be released in 3 months, 2 weeks, **fangirl squee!** and the 100-day mark is next Tuesday. 🙂

  2. I’ve actually been thinking about this: if they were to release casting info for Mockingjay now… how would they describe the characters without spoiling the heck out of Catching Fire for any non-book viewers who happen to come across those entertainment news articles? How would you describe Coin without spoiling the existence of District 13 and another president? Or Boggs? Or Fulvia, or Cressida… Or Annie, for that matter? Unless the entertainment websites and magazines just say things like “Julianne Moore has been cast as Coin” without any explanation as to who that person is… which you know they would never do.

    1. GOOD POINT. a lot of it probably does have to do with the fact that CF isn’t even out yet. no putting the cart before the horse.

  3. Didn’t they announce who was going to play Cinna just as production for The Hunger Games movie began? Perhaps they are going to use the same process for Coin and the other important roles in MJ?

    Also Liam indicated that “production” was beginning in September. However, we don’t know what production means in this context. It could be that they are going to start with some pre-production work/training to get everyone ready for some of the amazing action-packed scenes in MJ. Jennifer described some of the training that was necessary for Catching Fire and I would suspect that even more is going to be needed if they are going to attempt to replicate the amazing action scenes from MJ. Perhaps this will consume much of the time leading up to the opening of Catching Fire.

    No matter how you look at it, production/filming for MJ needs to start in the fall though since Francis Lawrence (no relationship to Jennifer) needs to shoot two movies at the same time and still give himself enough time to do post-production for the first movie which is going to be released in Nov. 2014.

    100 day countdown is almost upon us…..May the odds be ever in you favour!

  4. I’m pretty sure that they’ll announce Coin at the 100 day mark. And I’d say that at this point there’s at least a 78% probability chance that it will be Julianne Moore – based on the rumors and also the lack of rumors on anyone else. I personally theorize that the reason why we don’t have too much information on Mockingjay productions as of now is because post-production on Catching Fire is still very much happening, and so they can’t focus on MJ a 100% just yet. But we already know that pre-production is on its way, casting calls for extras were already put out months ago. So yeah, it’s happening, it’s just happening behind the scenes and it’s not on full force. Yet. We’re getting there. 😉

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