Johanna Mason’s (Possibly Naked) Truth

Okay… this may sound weird but… We need to know if we’re going to see Jena Malone naked in November. Okay, not actually naked, but in an on-screen situation that seriously implies nudity. It’s driving us crazy!

So funny story-- there's not much fan art depicting this scene cleanly!

So funny story– there’s not much fan art depicting this scene cleanly!

When District 7’s Johanna Mason introduces herself to the readers in Catching Fire, she sets the tone stripping down in the middle of the elevator to psych out the ever uptight Katniss. It’s there for a little shock value, but it shows that she’s not intimidated by the other Victors and she’s probably got a better handle on the Capitol lifestyle to boot. It’s also a great moment of differentiation between Katniss, who is mortified, and Peeta, who laughs at the situation because he’s adapted a little better and doesn’t let Johanna ruffle his feathers.

And we have no idea whether or not it’s going to happen. We think so. We’re pretty sure. Kinda.

It’s not that Jena Malone hasn’t been asked about it. She was asked. A lot. But she gave basically the same answer every time. Something along the lines of “What’s great about this film is that Francis Lawrence worked really closely with Suzanne Collins, so we’re very true to the book and the core of the story.”

Us, unless we get answers... Not really.

Us, unless we get answers… Not really.

This could be Jena saying two things: “Yup, I’m totes naked” or “My character does a helluva lot more than get naked in the books, so stop being getting so damn obsessed with that one scene.” Maybe both! Truthfully, we just can’t be sure. And maybe we shouldn’t care, but the moment actually has some interesting context, not just bare skin.

Also, it would be a glorious “fuck you” to that parent review site who cited a quick shot of Jennifer Lawrence’s bare leg from the knee down in The Hunger Games’ speed bathing scene as “some inappropriate nudity” back when the first film came out. We’ll show you real inappropriate nudity!

And why not say one way or the other? Were the actors, particularly Jena, told to keep mum on the scene? Or did she decide it would more fun for the fans to guess? Either way, good move. We’re intrigued. NOW TELL USSSSSSS!

Let’s Face It. Johanna Will Look Hot Either Way,

The Girl With The Pearl



  1. Um, pretty sure it’s just gonna be a typical nudity discretion shot; the characters see, we don’t. No big whoop about it.

      1. This scene also maybe gives another implication of the Captiol’s, and maybe Panem’s, rather blase attitude towards nudity. There were other victors in the elevator with them, but apparently no one else even blinked at naked Johanna. When I first read CF I was like, “So did no one else notice the naked chick?” I mean, they were in an elevator. You can’t NOT notice the naked chick. I don’t know if they were just laughing to themselves because of Katniss, or they were just used to Johanna’s antics, or nudity is just that little of a deal.
        I do love how it’s the last bookend of the tribute parade for Katniss. Before it she meets Finnick, after it she meets Johanna, and both times she’s like “WTF? What is up with these people?”

  2. What I’m really curious about is the scene that directly follows this, where Peeta explains to Katniss that the victors are just messing with her and she gets all mad. Its really funny, and one of my favorite scenes, but it’s capped off by the discovery of Darius, who didn’t make the movie, so… It’s also not a very important scene, so I don’t know if any version of it is in the movie, if at all.

    1. I’m pretty sure that SOME version of Johanna stripping will make it to the movie. However, I think it might just be a quick scene meant to be a wink at the book fans, and a way to introduce Johanna to the movie audience. I think the conflict between Peeta and Katniss over this scene might not make it, for various reasons. First, because the idea that Katniss is uncomfortable with nudity, wasn’t really established in the THG movie the way it was in the book. Though the CF movie could certainly update the audience by having her squeamish about Gale possibly being half-nude when her mom and Prim care for him after his whipping, or show her to be very freaked out by almost-nude Finnick; but Finnick is NOT “almost nude” in the movie, is he?

      Also, this scene was somewhat of a step back from the general Peeta-Katniss CF relationship arc, which is to get closer and closer. A detour the book could afford to take, but the movie, perhaps not. Also, I’ve seen some people bash Katniss for “over-reacting” during this scene, and later by “locking Peeta out”, even WITH the Darius reveal, which I think the book makes clear was the larger reason for her doing this, that she didn’t think Peeta could truly understand why she was so upset. But many readers assume Katniss was just being petty and shutting Peeta out because of what happened in the elevator. With Darius being cut, could the movie include the full context of the scene in a way the movie audience would understand? Or would they just be mystified and think Katniss losing her cool here would be out of character?

      1. “the idea that Katniss is uncomfortable with nudity, wasn’t really established in the THG movie”

        Precisely. We know by now that Finnick will definitely get his sugar cube moment and Johanna will probably get some form of a nude scene (even if possibly not in the same context as it happened in the book), but those will be most likely more about introducing the characters to the audience. Which is a shame in a way, because not having the whole playful “all the Victors are teasing Katniss” angle takes away from these scenes, but the moments themselves are so iconic that they can’t just leave them out in any way.

        I won’t even add anything to the rest of your comment, because all I want to do upon hearing about these complaints against Katniss is to grab her in a bear hug and shout ‘THEY DON’T LOVE YOU LIKE I DO’ from the rooftops. (Which would probably make her run as far away as possible from me now that I think about it…)

        1. Re Johanna nude scenes, I can also see the movie changing when the scene takes place. In the CF book, Katniss also notices Johanna stripping and oiling herself up for “nude wrestling”, and Johanna also tells other tributes she plans to strip naked during her “private session”, so I can see the movie showing one of those scenes instead just to show Jo’s propensity for nudity. I think there’s also been speculation that the reason Jo doesn’t show up with the other tributes in the background during Katniss’s interview, is because she might have made some scene in her interview and been ejected from the stage. Certainly, stripping naked might have resulted in that.

          As for the complaints against Katniss for “over-reacting”, I was honestly flabbergasted when I heard them, too. As Twirl4me says, I saw the whole episode more along the lines of a humorous “Lovers’ Quarrel”. I even recall someone taking the quote “I’m seriously rethinking the question of who should get out of these Games alive” LITERALLY and going off in a tizzy about how horrible she is for considering such a thing. If the movie version of the scene ISN’T cut down, I hope JL says this out loud in an obviously sarcastic tone, to make obvious that she is KIDDING.

          Anyway, I suspect people who engage in such extreme anti-Katniss interpretations of this scene are in the minority. However, I think it IS a little bit of a step back from the overall relationship arc, and therefore, something the movie might skip over so as not to make the relationship too complicated. Because the scene is almost something out of a rom-com, and that certainly isn’t the way the movie seems to be taking things, at least the trailers make me think they will play most of the scenes for drama and suspense, not comedy.

          1. The scene that kept her off the stage was her saying “The deal was that if I won The Hunger Games, I would get to live the rest of my life in peace, and now you wanna kill me again, so yes, I’m angry. But you know what FU*K you and FU*K everyone who had anything to do with it!” And as Katniss approached the stage, Johanna told her to make snow pay for making her wear her dress, she was the only one who kept her remarks from the book.

      2. “this scene was somewhat of a step back from the general Peeta-Katniss CF relationship arc”
        Really? I never thought that, it seemed like just a spat. I think it was a very couple-y fight too, which made it kind of cute as well as funny. Especially because she was getting genuinely upset, but he couldn’t stop laughing. 😀 Yeah, in case you couldn’t tell already, I LOVE this scene, but I’m not adamant about it being fully intact in the movie. We don’t even know if the victors messing with Katniss thing will be explained, established, or included at all.

  3. Since they insisted on Finnick wearing the door mat shorts or whatever you call them, instead of his costume as it was described in the book I can’t see them letting Johanna go naked.

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