The Changing of the Demographics

I wish I were a bigger comic book fan, I also wish I was a bigger Hugh Jackman fan, but alas… I am not. Unfortunately, this itty-bitty character flaw of my own, is making it almost impossible for me to see The Hunger Games: Catching Fire trailer in an actual movie theatre. Why? ‘Cause across the US, and Canada said trailer is attached to many screenings of Wolverine the new Hugh Jackman film, where I’m guessing a lot of sideburns are on display, along with rippling muscles, tank-top wearing, and some hell-a agro fight scenes. This is a good thing though, guys! Well, not for me,’cause I’m never going to plunk down 12 bucks to see that film, nor am I going to see The Conjuring, which also apparently has the trailer attached to many of its screenings as well. But, yes believe it or not this is also good news! However, again– not for me personally, ’cause the world hates me, and my taste in movies, but still good news none the less for, yes– The Hunger Games franchise!

Awhile back, May of this year actually, the teaser trailer for Catching Fire was attached to another comic book based film franchise, the Iron Man franchise, if you recall? I covered this phenomena here, and now I’m going to cover it again, not Iron Man 3 though because, news flash… I never saw it! That’s right, I am a rare bird, because I have never seen a Hunger Games trailer in an actual movie theatre. Nope, not a once, not a second, not never, not no how. Aside from my sad predicament, the phenomena covered here is the magic of the changing marketing demographics for our fair franchise. It’s officially changed, everyone. Why? Because Iron Man 3, Wolverine, and The Conjuring are not films geared towards one audience, not even slightly. Iron Man 3 appealed to technically everyone, but on paper the Iron Man character has been historically popular and directed at young adult males. Wolverine, like Iron Man is also on paper geared towards young adult males,

I shall call him Vein-y and he shall be mine and he shall be my Vein-y.

I shall call him Vein-y and he shall be mine and he shall be my Vein-y.

however due to the lead in the films being stacked, and a very handsome Hugh Jackman, the stereotype of the audience is blown wide open, and now includes heterosexual females of pretty much every background. I realize that the stereotyping of comic book fans is somewhat antiquated, but they still hold water, as the vast majority of comic books are read, written, and produced by men. On to The Conjuring, which believe it or not on paper is geared towards women, why? Because women lately seem to be bigger fans of horror than men. I know it’s a weird statistic, but it’s seems to be real. Women are also bigger readers of mystery/thriller/crime genre fiction, go figure. However, with The Conjuring is not just simply marketed at women, it’s marketed at couples. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, The Conjuring is a date-night movie! So, what does that mean? Well, that means that Unsuspecting Boyfriend, who I shall call Steve, who’s probably never read The Hunger Games trilogy, but thinks Jennifer Lawrence is super hot, ’cause he saw Silver Linings Playbook probably with his girlfriend, has been willingly coaxed into going to see The Conjuring with the girlfriend who probably did read The Hunger Games trilogy, and bam! Boyfriend, I mean Steve, thinks he’s just going to see trailers for horror films, thrillers, and probably cop/ crime themed movies, but instead he gets the Catching Fire trailer, and now he’s going to want to see the movie– yes, ’cause the trailer is totally awesome, and Jennifer Lawrence is still super hot. Ah, isn’t marketing fun? I think so. Now, if only they could attach the trailer to something like Fruitvale Station, Before Midnight, or The Way Way Back– I could finally see it on a big screen.

Girl can dream, right?

Them There Eyes



  1. I’ve never seen a HG trailer in the theater either. I saw the trailer for THG on tv before the Super Bowl (before I read the books), and I saw Iron Man 3, but apparently that theater didn’t have the CF teaser. šŸ˜¦ Hopefully when I see The Wolverine they’ll have the new trailer. I’ve only watched it twice (YUP), mostly because I don’t want to get totally worn out on it before I see it on the big screen.

    Also, does anyone feel like Lionsgate is REALLY selective about where the HG trailers are placed? Because I’m an avid movie-goer, and I’m used to seeing the same trailers multiple times (which gets annoying, especially when the movie already has tv spots or has been released already), yet I’ve never seen a HG trailer in a theater… The closet I’ve gotten so far was the CF logo before Breaking Dawn Part 2.

    1. From what I know studios put out their trailers, and try and attach them to similar, or other films that they footed the bill for. However, even if they package them with their films, the theatres where the trailers are meant to be shown get final decision on what will be shown. So, we’re just unlucky I guess.

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