The Guy Who Makes Fans Love Catching Fire

The Hunger Games actors are super special to the fandom, but here at Victor’s Village, we’ve also got a special place in our hearts from the behind-the-scenes masterminds.

We love Francis Lawrence, Philip Messina and Jo Willems, for example. Anyone who writes probably wants to be Michael Arndt. And Trish Summerville? FORGETABOUTIT! We’d just straight up marry her, because she is made of pure costume-designing spectacularity.

So when we saw this new interview with Tim Palen, Lionsgate’s Chief Marketing Officer, which largely focused on The Hunger Games and Catching Fire, we were pretty damn psyched.



Still not a huge fan of the cowl neck, but DAYUM, does Josh Hutcherson look like a pimp in this photo or does Josh Hutcherson look like a pimp in this photo?! That new Robin Thicke song just started playing in my head!

MOVING ON… Tim Palen is the guy who manages the vision for all the advertising we see, from the trailers to those fanciful character posters splayed all over the Internet. He and his team have really pulled out the stops for Catching Fire, but apparently there’s a reason for that:

So I really needed this first glimpse of the second film to work hard to reassure the fan base that the characters they know and love are back and that the integrity we showed with the first movie is still intact. But almost equally important for me was to show that the stakes are higher, the drama will be greater and that CATCHING FIRE will be taking the story of our reluctant hero Katniss Everdeen to a whole other level. I’m grateful that Francis Lawrence has delivered a gigantic movie that has so many rich and amazing pieces for me to play with. He’s really made my job a fun and easy one.



It still astounds us every time we see something like this, but in the best way possible. The Hunger Games fanbase is big and ferocious! If the entirety of the Catching Fire film campaign consisted of animated stick figures, we would still go see the movies. We would bitch like hell and annoy the whole Internet to death about the advertising, but we would still go see the movie. Despite that, the studio is still trying to prove something to us: They’re not coasting on the franchise’s success. The marketing department, at the very least, is hunting down fan approval like a lioness going after a gazelle!

While the campaign for The Hunger Games was solid, the fandom reaction to the advertising for Catching Fire has been way more positive overall. There’s more to discuss, more to question, and way more originality. So it looks like someone’s doing something right!

Yup, We’re Drinking This Kool-Aid,
The Girl With The Pearl



  1. As a marketing degree holder (recently graduated, thank ya very much), Hunger Games fan, and advertising lover, I have been saying “HELL to the yes” to the CF campaign for the last several months, ever since I saw the logo in the theater. It had what I pictured the CF teaser logo should center around: a small flame that spreads. But then the mockingjay changed, and when the spokes twisted with that sound effect, my mouth fell open. And now there’s the Quarter Quell posters, direct from the Capitol, along with a letter from Snow. I’m also psyched to start seeing ads for the Cover Girl Capitol Collection. And does anyone know if there’s gonna be more of those interview outfit pictures? Because, yes, pretty. 🙂

  2. I loooved the animated ads we got the last time for Caesar’s toothpaste/whitener (whatever it was), Cinna’s eyeliner, and…I think there was one other one like that but I can’t remember. I thought it was genius how they went so far beyond advertising the movie as to advertise the world itself.

    And Hutch looks otherworldly here. What an amazing transformation.

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