Fashion Gaps

6e1505e0cebdca31176d43851a5fd063I’ve noticed this odd, but wholly predictable trend happening amongst the cast of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire– and it’s a fashion gap. This isn’t a big reveal-y topic mind you, it’s just a silly little observation, but there is definite favoritism where it comes to fashion and fashionable amongst the cast, and it’s seemingly split decisively down the middle between the males, and the females. I noticed it over the last few days, and mostly because members of the cast were very visible at the recently concluded Comic-Con 2013– the ladies were dressed to impress, but the men were dressed for comfort.

The Casual Vs. The Painfully Planned. There is no doubt about it that Jennifer Lawrence has stepped up to the fashion plate over the last couple of years. She’s had some hits, and she’s had some misses, but I think she’s come into her own– and knows what to say no, and what to say yes to. Last Saturday (July 20th), she showed up in the press-line preceding The Catching Fire panel at Comic-Con in a well planned, and fashionable out-fit. The color scheme was on trend (black and white), actually everything was, all the way Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutchersondown to her lace detailed opened toed black heels. She even stayed on trend later that day when she changed into a fitted white ruched dress for The X-Men: Days of Future Past panel. However, when you stood Jennifer next to her co-star, and good friend Josh Hutcherson, there was a fashion disconnect happening– and mostly on his part. True, Josh gets points for trying to color scheme his clothing (gray), but in all honesty he looks like he could be going out to hang out with his buddies, not network, and promote one of the biggest franchises in the modern world. I think this says less about Josh than it does about our own society though, because it’s simply right there for the taking. Women are expected to be on point at all times, have their hair coiffed, lipstick in place, and not a nipple out of place– but men, at least from an image stand point can show up to one of the biggest entertainment industry events of the year, and just seemingly not care what they look like at all.

The Unfairness of Fashion. It’s screamingly true that there is an uncomfortable unfairness happening in fashion, actually it’s an unfairness that seems to have been here since the dawn of fashion. The corset for example: Horrible thing that it is– it’s been around for centuries, and guess what, it’s still around, it’s still glamorized, and they’re built into prom dresses across the planet! It’s a perpetuated myth that women are supposed to be shaped a certain way, when frankly not one woman is shaped exactly alike. Uniqueness is also a contradictory trait that’s bombarded at every fashion conscious human being on this world, and I say contradictory, because we’re all told to be shaped a certain way, but also have something special about us, something enticing. So what happens? Easy, the same shade of lipstick, or same colored top, or shoes, or watch, or wallet, or sunglasses, or hair color is shoved down our collective throats– because that’s what will make us unique, yes– having the exact same lunchbox as your best friend in grade school is still the basic need we have in life. Well, at least according to the mass media. What does this have to do with The Hunger Games though? Simple– Suzanne Collins and the women in charge of visualizing the fashion styles she envisioned in the made up world of Panem, pulled from our own reality.

Unless you’re Lenny Kravitz.

Them There Eyes



  1. Preach! Thank you for this post. This whole one-sided fashion craze drives me nuts. If you’re a man and you appear in a shirt, even for a premiere you’re ‘edgy’ and ‘casual’, if you’re a woman then you get crucified. And don’t even dream about wearing the wrong color scheme!!!

    Like seriously, is this the 21st century or… At least the Capitol forces EVERYONE to wear uncomfortable clothes and be fashion ready at all times, regardless of their gender.

  2. Looking like a bedheaded college student doesn’t qualify Josh as “edgy”; he barely even rates “casual.” I was surprised to see him dressed down this much when everyone else took the event at least somewhat seriously. Would it kill him to wear slacks and tuck in a shirt sometimes? It might be Comic Con but it’s still marketing, after all. I admit some of this is superficial on my part – he cleans up so freaking well in THG and CF, then in real life is all “Meh. I just grabbed the top of the laundry pile and came over here.”

    The larger point of the post is well taken – there is a massive double standard between the genders in terms of fashion. But – here again, I admit to a Capitolesque moment – Jen is young and beautiful and I enjoy seeing beautiful women dress well. I bet there’s not one major designer who wouldn’t love to see her wearing their stuff, and that must be a really fun position for her to be in. I don’t blame her for making the most of it. 🙂

    1. One other thing – Josh’s total fashion apathy sends a deeper message that will eventually come across to the powers that be (and for all we know, may already have done so). Try something fashion-forward. Try something conservative. Try something dressy. But for goodness’ sake, try SOMETHING that shows you care about your work and want to keep doing it.

      1. The sad thing is that we’ve seen him dress better, and I don’t just mean at events or what not. He wasn’t alone though, it seemed to be a common thread amongst the famous men in attendance at SDCC to be dressed down, plaid shirts were all the rage. But it’s still angering that there’s Jen in a coordinated outfit, there’s Halle Barry in heels when she’s pregnant, and then there’s Josh and co. in boots and a flannel looking ready to go get a beer.

  3. Preach. Josh looked adorable, but more like he was there to attend Comic Con than to promote the biggest movie of his career. But you’re right that it wasn’t just him – many other actors were dressed in a similar casual manner while the ladies dressed up.

    And LOL at the Lenny Kravitz comment. Maybe the two of them should have a little chat since Portia seems to be on vacation.

    1. He did look adorable, he always looks adorable… he’s an adorable guy, he can’t help it. But it’s true, he was dressed way too casual for the caliber of the project he was promoting. And you’re right, he wasn’t alone in his choice of attire, I think David Guintolli from Grimm was sporting pretty much the same outfit as him– but that may have been on the day he was doing a joint panel with a bunch of other guys known for being on science fiction/ fantasy series’.

      Lenny’s in his own world…

  4. That double standard does tend to exist in general, but who really gives a *cough* about it at Comic-Con? It’s not that deep. Now if he and Liam show up to the premiere lookin like that (they won’t) there’d be a problem.

    @JJ: I lol’d at the Portia comment. Poor Portia. Nothing good coming up for her after this movie…

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