Reaction Post: Catching Fire Comic Con Trailer

Welcome to another trailer reaction post! If you’ve never seen one of these before, the Victor’s Village gang gets together whenever there’s a big reveal or event to discuss in detail, which typically melts down to insanity!

These posts are spoilery, likely typo filled, and LONG, therefore you’ll find most of it under the cut! Enjoy!




The Girl With The Pearl: All right! Let’s start off with the first shot of the trailer…
Twiffidy: Yes! I cheered when they showed that.
Them There Eyes: They made it possessive plural.
TGWTP: I feel the need to change the punctuation everywhere on the site. But then our matches Suzanne Collins, so I won’t. I guess it depends on how you interpret it? Maybe Suzanne WANTED it to be a village for each individual victor? LOL
Them There Eyes: my screen was stuck on that frame for about an hour…. because Yahoo! Movies was being a dick. You can see my frustration being expressed in my Twitter feed. It was glorious.
Twiffidy: LOL I’m just wondering how that change came about. Was there someone really nitpicky about grammar in the production design team?
TGWTP: There must have been! They probably went back and forth with Suzanne on it, too!
Them There Eyes: Perhaps….
TGWTP: Also, I named our site after a ghetto. Starting to feel like I’m full of poor choices…
Twiffidy: It looks very dreary English
Them There Eyes: Ghetto… no way. Ghetto needs some put upon Jewish people living 8 to a room.
TGWTP: I wasn’t necessarily going for World War II ghetto, but the drift is there lol
Them There Eyes: I’ve said it a million billion times, it looks like 19th century/ Victorian era England… which is brilliant considering so many people pictured Victor’s Village to be ultra modern, and high end looking. Instead they’re probably some of the oldest standing buildings in the District.
Twiffidy: And compared to the Seam, it must be ultra modern.
Them There Eyes: I dunno, The Seam seemed (ha), to be mostly shacks from the Teens and ’20s in style. The Victorian era, style wise pre-dates the Seam in that sense then.
TGWTP: Katniss is essentially walking into a Victorian horror novel!
Twiffidy: Also did you notice the scene following with Katniss and Prim is in Victors’ Village? I always assumed it was in the forest.
Them There Eyes: Yes… poor girls trying to forage in the Village. There is no life in that place…
Twiffidy: Imagine Haymitch lived there all by himself for YEARS
Them There Eyes: No wonder he started drinking. I personally can’t wait to see if they keep Haymitch’s place a total sty.

TGWTP: Moving on, I’m so impressed by the imagery in this trailer, especially art as a form of protest. That Mockingjay in the train tunnel? I NEARLY CRIED.
Them There Eyes: Yes… I think we can all agree that we let out a collective gasp when we saw that Mockingjay painted in the tunnel. That, or got shivers.
Twiffidy: It’s a great issue to present since, of course, the creativity in the districts and artistic expression would very much have been stifled
Them There Eyes: It’s pastry flowers and knitted stolls… that is the extent of artistic expression in the Districts.
TGWTP: I hope there’s more. Like Banksy art of crazy proportions.
Them There Eyes: A giant baby painted on a wall in District 7?
TGWTP: Why not?!
Them There Eyes: No, no… giant baby with a white beard!



Them There Eyes: Can we please talk about how the bullet train finally looks like it’s from hundreds of years in the future… finally. Not purchased from Japan circa 1999.
TGWTP: YES. I am so happy that we are finally IN THE FUTURE.
Twiffidy: Lol so many upgrades for the Capitol in just a year
TGWTP: Ratings in the last Hunger Games were phenomenal. Their budget skyrocketed!
Them There Eyes: I do like though that they kept the same vista when they enter the Capitol. Continuity is nice, but it feels like they added so many more buildings into that skyline.
TGWTP: One thing I’ve enjoyed from this movie so far is that the sets don’t look like sets, which is the case with the first movie.
Them There Eyes: Yes! No more 3 walled sets! Sometimes it felt a bit like looking at Original Star Trek… which had no budget.


TGWTP: Have you guys heard people talking about the District 12 salute and what they think of? Crazy responses!
Them There Eyes: Nazi salute?
TGWTP: I’ve seen people say it looked like the Black Power salute too. I don’t think the Nazi angle was what we’re going for. It only seems to be J-Law with her arm out to the side in that one shot. It’s crazy to think people compare Katniss to a Nazi, probably because Jen’s arm was sore.
Them There Eyes: That was Katniss losing it and saluting at the same time… I reserve the right to not look too deeply into any social/ historical connections… Girl’s been given a potential death sentence.
TGWTP: Meanwhile, I’m over here reciting the Girl Scout pledge
Twiffidy: Now that’s what I see!
TGWTP: Because if the arm was lowered, that is the Girl Scout salute
Them There Eyes: Never was a girl scout, they probably wouldn’t have taken me.
TGWTP: I was a Girl Scout and a Girl Scout camp counselor at one point. They’ll take anybody.


Them There Eyes: Shall we talk about some of the other upgrades?
TGWTP: Yes! What were the other upgrades you guys loved?
Them There Eyes: COSTUMES!
Twiffidy: The training room!
Them There Eyes: Jacked up training room was pretty snazzy, I do say.
TGWTP: Both were hugely different, but in such positive ways.
Twiffidy: 24 victors need more advanced training equipment!
Them There Eyes: Yep, pretty much every “upgrade” also seemed to put the franchise firmly into the science fiction category.
TGWTP: One thing that gets me is the “trained killers” bit. They’re technically no more trained that Katniss or Peeta… unless they’ve continued killing people since winning their games?
Twiffidy: Oh he says “experienced killers”
TGWTP: Ohhhhhhhhhh
Them There Eyes: I always thought of Brutus and Enobaria as people who would have gone home and possibly taught in the super secret tribute training academies.
TGWTP: But oh man, Johanna. DAT AXE. And dat ass, but mainly DAT AXE.
Them There Eyes: And Gloss and Cashmere are supposed to be barely out of their teens so…. they still have healing flesh wounds probably.
TGWTP: I’m starting to love Gloss and Cashmere, even though I want to place her in front of a pole every time I see her interview outfit.
Twiffidy: Also the hovercraft looks WAY snazzier this time around
Them There Eyes: The Hovercraft looks like something from Deep Space Nine.
Twiffidy: Which is more what I was envisioning
Them There Eyes: Yep.
TGWTP: It does! Aaaaaand I love it even more with that reference.
Them There Eyes: Lettin’ my science fiction fan flag fly. Watch out… I may bring up Voyager.


TGWTP: So how about more Gale in this trailer? I’ll admit I’m a Peeta girl myelf, but I really enjoy the additional Gale showing up in here.
Twiffidy: I’m just glad Liam gets to do more
TGWTP: Me too. Liam just seems so damn huggable!
Them There Eyes: Face it…. They needed to flesh out Gale’s role. So if anyone’s going to continue to freak out about him having more screen time… take it up with every single screenplay writer on the planet.
TGWTP: And where this trailer showcases tension and Gale has a lot of that built up, he’s used perfectly!
Them There Eyes: Yes, no more sitting on a hill looking sad.
Twiffidy: I’m glad they’re really hitting the “Gale the revolutionary” part of his character in the trailer. It needed to happen
Them There Eyes: Yay… set up for Mockingjay!

TGWTP: And set up for the KATNISS VS. SNOW SCENE! I flailed. So happy that is still happening, because it’s the pivotal moment in the series for me.
Them There Eyes: And look at all the pretty furniture! …Sorry.
Twiffidy: That scene had me sold on Snow as a villain. In the books I mean. And so I’m really excited to be able to see it played out
Them There Eyes: I want to see her try and eat a cookie in his presence and then try not to choke.
TGWTP: I hope there’s a moment where he’s all calm about the cookie but his eyes say “EAT THE COOKIE, DAMMIT! I DARE YOU.”
Them There Eyes: And then it’s just saw dust in her mouth, and she’s like, “This is so yummy…” but her face is all, “I can’t swallow. Throat closing.”


TGWTP: And then we jump to THE REAPING
Them There Eyes: Effie has a soul!!!
TGWTP: Seriously, what would you guys give to make Effie smile again after that shot of her single tear?
Them There Eyes: A cookie.
TGWTP: Because I’m all like “Don’t cry, Effie! I’ll make it better, I promise!” As if I can save a ficitional character.
Them There Eyes: Hey… Effie lives. Can’t fret too much about her.
Twiffidy: I think that’s really touching upon the whole thing with even the Capitol citizens aren’t all right with the Quarter Quell. Seeing that distress in Effie who was so cheerful about reaping some children last movie really shows that things have changed.
Them There Eyes: Also… it’s getting hard for her to get soap.
TGWTP: So she’s depressed because she doesn’t smell good?
Them There Eyes: That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.




TGWTP: Does Haymitch seem drunker to you guys? I think I’m seein’ it, but it could just be my imagination!
Them There Eyes: No, he does… and it works. I guess he really lets it go when he’s at home.
TGWTP: It does work! I needed Haymitch to be more of a mess.
Them There Eyes: Also… I think they got Woody a better wig.
TGWTP: YES. Less poof! More grunge and less showdog
Them There Eyes: Yes… The last one was his showdog wig. This one’s his, put-something-on-my-head-it’s-cold wig.
Them There Eyes: We need to talk about Peeta.
TGWTP: Oh, Peeta. He’s showcased well in this one. All wounded and leaving the audience with questions.
Them There Eyes: And finally getting across to the non-book readers that the relationship was an act!
TGWTP: Yay! Hopefully, it’s not too late and they’re not too terribly confused. That’s my one major peeve with the first film. It would have taken ONE LINE.

TGWTP: Okay, now is the time to get out any and all Cinna feels!
Twiffidy: Knowing what we know about the book, Katniss coming up the tube is so gut-wrenching
TGWTP: Her face pains me so. But in the best way possible. Which may make me really messed up…
Them There Eyes: I’m oddly looking forward to seeing Cinna being well… y’know.
Twiffidy: Yes. The sick need to see how exactly they dispatch Cinna.
TGWTP: I KNOW, RIGHT? I feel like there’s something wrong with me because I’m thinking “It’ll be great when this guy is bludgeoned to death!” At least, that’s what happened in my fanon version of Catching Fire.
Them There Eyes: Yes… and judging from the way they’ve edited Gale’s whipping scene for the trailer, I’m assuming they do not hold back where it comes to beating Cinna to death.
TGWTP: Glad it wasn’t in the trailer though, we need some surprises. But Katniss’ face after was perfection.
Them There Eyes: Or… wait, doesn’t Cinna make it a bit longer, because they torture him for information?
TGWTP: Yeah, i think he dies via torture long after in the books. But on screen? BLUDGEONING!


TGWTP: Any other last thoughts before we wrap this gig up?
Twiffidy: OH! The dress!
Twiffidy: Do you think they showed too much?
Them There Eyes: The massive dress with a five ft skirt! No…. gotta entice the newbs.
TGWTP: We haven’t seen the front, but I wish we didn’t get more of a reveal than the very start of the transformation. The wingspan is probably the most awesome feature and it’s already out there.
Twiffidy: I think the wings thing though will really intrigue people
Them There Eyes: Yeah… get those butts in those seats so we can have a doubled budget for the Mockingjay films. This means Jennifer will get an even cooler trailer, right?
TGWTP: That’s the thing now. My trailer expectations are THROUGH THE ROOF.
Them There Eyes: I meant dressing room trailer, but hey… cooler movie trailer works too.
Twiffidy: Lol
TGWTP: *facepalm*



  1. As someone who saw the movie first and only then went and got the books, I was puzzled when I learned that there were viewers who did NOT realize Katniss was faking. There were certainly lines about it – Haymitch’s message “You call that a kiss?” and Haymitch’s lines to Katniss on the roof that she has to act like she was “so in love with that boy” that she couldn’t imagine living without him, followed by the interview scene where Katniss was clearly faking it all. The only thing I wasn’t sure before reading the book is whether Katniss had any real romantic feelings for Peeta (even though I was sure she wasn’t in love with him), or if she just cared for him as a district partner and ally she’s been through a lot with. Also, her feelings about the bread incident were not clear in the movie. The book is far “shippier” and has more hints of real feelings from Katniss compared to the movie.

    I was also puzzled that some people thought Gale was Katniss’ boyfriend, even though their scenes together before the Games were as non-coupley, just-friendsy as possible.

    But I suppose that, since those things were too subtle for some people, they would have to hammer it home as clearly as possible.

    Re: the “experienced killers” line – why is everyone complaining about it? It comes straight from the book.

    1. Yeah, I didn’t read the book first either (I tried, but they were all checked out of the libraries) and I remember, while watching the movie, thinking that her faking and playing up the romance was so interesting. And I still think that look she gives to the cameras/audience after reading Haymitch’s “You call that a kiss?” message is hilarious. But I guess it was all subtle enough that if you weren’t really thinking about it or paying close enough attention it pretty much went over your head. For instance, maybe Katniss at the end had really fallen in love with Peeta, but Haymitch just needed her to REALLY hammer it home that she was crazy-enough-in-love to do what she did.

      1. I’m glad you 2, who saw the movie first, realized it was fake. I heard comments like “They had no chemistry” well no duh it was an act lol. You had to pay close attention to Jennifer’s facial expressions and the notes from Haymitch. You could even tell from the interview night she told Haymitch they were not star crossed lovers and that he said he could use that to help get them sponsors. P.S. Sorry for my grammar mistakes, I am not an excellent writer 🙂

      2. “Haymitch’s “You call that a kiss?” message is hilarious”

        IKR? I laughed so hard in the theater and I was the only one. Oh well… 🙂
        I agree that Katniss’ feelings for Peeta are very ambiguous in the book itself, I mean this line just kills me every time: “Because if he dies, I’ll never go home, not really. I’ll spend the rest of my life in this arena trying to think my way out.” But I’ve seen a lot of people missing the whole ‘it was an act’ point as well. It might have been intentional from Gary and co. to leave it hanging for these guys, but they might wanted to hit just the right note of ambiguity, because as amazing as actress as Jennifer is, it’s hard to read clearly Katniss’ face when she doesn’t fully realizes her own feelings.
        Actually…Wait. The most likely scenario is that they didn’t want to present Peeta as the whiny guy who’s mad because of the way Katniss saved his life, and that’s why they left out the book!train scene which decision of course led to this whole discussion.

      3. @mse: Maybe. But regardless of what the intention was (it could have just been time, for all we know. A lot of people think the gist of it was condensed into the “Try to forget”, “I don’t want to forget” exchange), or what the audience’s prior HG knowledge is, the important thing is that when this movie starts, K and P will barely be speaking to each other. Until they make up and officially become friends before entering 11. Aaw.

  2. twiffidy – I’m glad you thought about the reveal of the dress. I also thought that they should have stopped at the scene where the grey/black of the dress is beginning to show through as the white dress burns away and leave it at that for now. The reveal of the wing span etc. just destroyed one of the reveals I was waiting for when the movie arrives.

    From some of the Comic Con interviews July 20/21 it appears that they are being “very faithful” to the source material. Jena indicated such when asked about the nude scene in the elevator which I have on my “can’t wait to see how they filmed that one” list. Also Jen indicated that she did indeed have to bite into raw fish so they went all out trying to adapt the scenes.

    I am a bit puzzled about your reference to Haymitch’s drunkenness as I did not see much evidence of that in the trailer so I will need to watch it frame by frame again.

    Also agree that Jen’s face as she exits the “tube” was fantastic linked to her seeing her close friend attacked.

    Can’t wait…………..

  3. Re this: “A lot of people think the gist of it was condensed into the “Try to forget”, “I don’t want to forget”

    To my mind, that exchange made it perfectly clear she was faking in the Games and was done with him afterward. If her feelings had been real, she wouldn’t have wanted to forget them; ergo, he understands she was faking. The message seems clear enough. I definitely agree the movie actually leaned too heavily in this direction – Katniss’s feelings were much more ambiguous in the book. I’m still not sure the cave kiss was the “real” one because he was into it but she wasn’t, whereas in the book it was a very different story. I hope that’s the story we’ll see in CF.

    1. The cave kiss didn’t struck me as real. There were hints that Katniss felt something, but they were in other moments, not when they were kissing: particularly when he was putting the medicine on her forehead, she had a very tender look on her face, and the music in that scene also emphasized that it was a “real” moment. Other than that, it seemed that she really liked him (although no necessarily in a romantic way) when she smiled at his joke.

      1. Yes, I agree. I thought that was a very nice moment, as well as the one when they wake up and are looking into each other’s eyes contemplating the thought of going home. And the one where she thinks he’s eaten the berries and freaks (that one is an interesting mix of sharp-tongued schoolmarm and something deeper), and some moments during the Cornucopia fight, final announcement, and victory. (Sorry – I know everyone is well aware of these, but I love discussing them because J/J did a great job with them, even though there weren’t enough of them).

        But I still wanted a real cave kiss, darn it.

      2. @SPM: The berry freak-out is one of my favorite scenes, book and movie. She was scared because she cared (ha. rhyming. That’s also the Monsters Inc. motto). Anyway, in the movie, it also hints a little bit at/alludes to her beginning and upcoming romantic confusion (in case you didn’t realize it before…). Notice the only two people she says “Damn you!” to when she gets upset at them. When I saw the movie I actually thought, “Huh. They must’ve done that on purpose.” And this was before I read the book.

        Lastly, I lol’d at your last line. 😀 Don’t fret, we still have the CF beach scene to look forward too.

  4. Great post! Love, love, love the trailer, it’s beyond amazing. My only (very slight) complaint is Willow Shield’s “acting”…it’s terrible.

    I disagree about the reveal of the Mockingjay dress though, I think they showed just enough to introduce the fact that Katniss isn’t following Snow’s incentive. The masses (i.e. non readers) need to know she’s fighting back in spite of what was shown in the first part of the trailer.

    Now can the (actual) casting for Mockingjay start? We’re dying here!

  5. @Twirl4me – nice catch on the significance of that line. Hadn’t thought about it that way before. And I know we have the beach scene, but now Jen’s revelation about the snot-filled outtake has kinda harshed my buzz. Seriously, that was off-the-charts TMI. Must try to block it out before November…speaking of which, I wonder what scenes (if any) they’ll release before the premiere. Why is it all so far away?!

    1. Oh my gosh, I thought the same thing! 😀 That’s a different scene though, but it’s another one of my favorites that I was looking forward to, that they’ve kind of ruined for me. That girl has no filter, which is one of the reasons people like her so much, but my goodness. I cannot un-hear that… I can only hope my mind doesn’t go there when I’m watching the movie.

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