New The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Trailer!

We don’t have a post today, but we’ll be coming to you with our trailer reaction and Comic Con breakdown SOON! In the meantime…





  1. so much “eye candy” in the trailer. it has been said, and i agree that, it certainly was a visual treat. apart from the much-improved visual effects compared from the first movie, we were offered glimpses of the other characters and their emotions (and development), and more scenes. i liked that. (and more Haymitch, and i liked that.). however, i found that this trailer is kind of “all over the place” (for the lack of better term), i.e, if we use the teaser trailer in comparison, even if its mainly Snow and Plutarch conversing, the “storyboard”/”the way the clips are arranged, the voice over and the overall presentation and the tagline, etc” (i do not know what it is called exactly) is more coherent and whole than this new trailer. (it’s like when you make a music video for a song, the lyrics/line playing should match a corresponding scene/clip/visual. and the scenes has a natural flow or fluid transition to the next even if the next clip shows a different character, setting etc) i am sorry i cannot fully explain/describe/communicate effectively what i meant and if this comment is hard to understand but this is how i felt after watching the trailer. it was like “give them, pump them with clips: BAM BAM BAM! but the result did not came out as polished or coherent or something…

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