Victor’s Village’s Catching Fire Comic Con Trailer

In two days, we will have a new trailer for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire presented during a panel with the stars at Comic-Con! After going so long with only intermittent Catching Fire news, these last couple weeks are almost enough to make us SPONTANEOUSLY COMBUST! …Though, if we predict the combustion, how spontaneous is it, really?

We’ve already got a couple great new stills to get our blood flowing, but the trailer will be the real deal, but there are still some things we haven’t seen yet that could make this trailer beyond awesome! Therefore, we present…


We need the Catching Fire equivalent of THIS. plzkthx.

We need the Catching Fire equivalent of THIS. plzkthx.

Katniss vs. President Snow – Though we’re struck with the fear that the Snow and Plutarch scenes from the first trailer will replace the Katniss / Snow showdown that kicks off the Catching Fire books, we’re still hoping to see a scene of confrontation where we learn that this isn’t just politics. It’s personal!

Wedding Fever and Horror – It would take about 10 seconds of trailer time to juxtaposed The Capitol’s wedding fever with the reality of what’s being pushed upon Katniss and Peeta. And it would be a helluva emotional 10 seconds. Wedding mentions without both side of the coin just will not cut it on our book.

Danger in the Arena – That’s right. None of this “Save the arena for later” business! Lionsgate had already “announced” The Quarter Quell. ARENA SCENES FOR ALL! They can be quick little flashes, but we better see the ocean pedestals or crazed monkeys or nerve gas fog or arrows getting shot at force fields. We know the danger of the arena, now we need to feel it!



Introduction of the other Victors, particularly Finnick and Johanna – We’ve seen pictures of the other Victors, now how bout some footage? Let’s see the movie’s take on what Finnick and Johanna are all about! As much as the audience loves Katniss and Peeta, we’re going to need more characters to root for. This will be the perfect chance to make us do just that!

Peeta – APPEASE THE FANGIRLS so that they calm down already! Most of us realize that Peeta will be a major part of at least half the movie whether we see that in the trailer or not, but some of us need a little reassurance. Give it to em! Close-up shots of Josh Hutcherson’s jawline preferable, but not required.

Gale’s New Scene – Anything new that’s specifically added in for character development is always intriguing to us. We want a glimpse of new goodness to come! Then maybe the fans can see and hopefully appreciate why they added it in.

What about you, fellow Tributes? Want do you want… Nay! NEED to see in the new trailer?

The Girl With The Pearl



  1. A little bit of Katniss and Peeta would be great, because they have some LOVELY interactions in CF. I also wouldn’t mind seeing a little of Finnick creepily flirting with Katniss, because, hilarity. and possibly sugar cubes. ๐Ÿ˜€
    I just really hope they don’t show any of The Dress transformation, I want to save all of that for the big screen.

    1. I’m not fond of the idea of showing Finnick creepily flirting with Katniss in the trailer, because that would make the non-book audience think that they’re introducing another potential love interest for Katniss. (Especially if they see pictures like the “Team Finnick” one above). And while I do love me some good trailer misdirection, in this case I think it would be counter-productive and make people think that THG is really this Twilightesque romance series where every male character is in love with the heroine and she is “choosing” between a bunch of hot boys.

  2. I definitely want some trailer glimpses into the fact that Katniss is in a much bigger national drama now, with higher stakes and more of the players such as Finnick and Johanna. I guess first trailer showed some of the higher stakes but I want more. I want peole who ignored the first movie to realize this is about a girl/country headed toward war.

  3. Dammit, I want those Snow/Katniss scenes so bad! I thought I already reconciled with the possibility that those were replaced by the Snow/Plutarch interactions… But in reality I was just kidding myself. I NEED Donald Sutherland and Jennifer Lawrence to just BRING IT because you know they would make everyone glued to their seats, catching their breaths like 5 minutes into the movie. It’s also an incredibly poignant scene that makes Katniss realize the stakes. So yeah, if we get a glimpse of that even, I’m not even sure I’d care what happens for the rest of the day. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I also personally wouldn’t mind some creepy flirting Finnick. I don’t think any normal person would actually see that as a romantic gesture (and lbr, people who’ll start ‘shipping’ them because of that would ‘ship’ them no matter what because that’s just how their brain works), it’d more about introducing the character himself – and well, that IS your at-first-glance-Finnick. I’d especially like if they would bring in the Quarter Quell storyline and therefore establish that Finnick at this point is considered a deadly enemy. So yep, bring on the sugar cubes! bring in the Quarter Quell storyline and therefore establish that Finnick at this point is considered a deadly enemy. So yep, bring on the sugar cubes!

    1. Aw, thanks for backing me up on the Finnick suggestion. I just think that most of his and Katniss’s interactions, from the 1st meeting to the showdown at the Cornucopia, are plain funny. I especially hope the training scene with the noose joke and her reaction to it were kept in the movie, that’s comedy gold right there, even though they’re all in a terrible situation. If that’s in the movie, I might just fall out of my theater seat laughing.

      But for more serious matters, I remember several months ago, I think before CF even started filming, I wondered what the trailer might be like, and one of the first scenes I thought about was Katniss and Snow in the study. It’s ominous and creepy, and it kickstarts the whole plot (“There have been uprisings?”), so, yeah.

  4. Wow! Just watched the trailer for the gazzilionth time. Looks like you guys got a lot of what you (and I) were hoping for!

    That scene where Snow is watching the Katniss/Gale kiss on the hologram, Katniss is in the room! That’s the confrontation scene. Hooray! It made the cut.

    And at the Quarter Quell reaping, as Madam Butterfly (aka Effie) pulls out the only paper in the ‘ladies’ reaping bowl, we can see Peeta and Haymitch standing shoulder to shoulder on the stage — that means in the movie we’ll see the dramatic moment when Haymitch is reaped and Peeta volunteers. Awesome.

    And Enobaria’s teeth!! Great scenes from the training sessions. Even a little peek at Finnick.

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