Come On, Comic-Con: Part 2

Comic-ConYes, this is Part 2. Remember back in February when I bragged wrote about getting my badge for this year’s San Diego Comic-Con? Well, Comic-Con is upon us this week and guess what! I was right. Yes, I not only predicted a panel for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, but I even said we were going to get a trailer debut. Hot diggity, I was on fire!

So what do we know about Comic-Con this year so far concerning The Hunger Games? We’ve got a panel on Saturday with Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Lenny Kravitz, Jeffrey Wright, Willow Shields, Jena Malone and Francis Lawrence expected to attend. Now, there are a couple of names here that we kind of feel like we’re missing, I’m sure due to availability. But am I a little bummed that Sam Claflin isn’t on the docket? You betcha. Considering Finnick is the fan favorite and his casting was such a contentious matter, it seemed a highly likely and would’ve resulted in some great quotes from the ever gracious Sam Claflin. Then again, I was secretly just wishing to see the Josh Hutcherson/Sam Claflin bromance in person. This is all we ask for!

And then there’s the issue of a trailer debut. As soon as it airs in Hall H, Yahoo! Movies is going to have it up online for everyone to play over and over again. Ever since the debut of the rather lengthy teaser trailer, we’ve all been wondering, “Well, if that’s the teaser, what the heck are they going to put in the actual theatrical trailer?” Soon this question will be answered. I expect to come home to gifs upon gifs of the new trailer, don’t let me down!

Not to mention that there is bound to be autograph opportunities from some members of the cast. No official word yet, but that’s about how it goes. Oh and let’s not forget about the pins! We’ve got a brand new Catching Fire mockingjay pin that Lionsgate is giving out at their booth, and we hope to be lucky enough to snag one. We’re just hoping not too many jerks grab them to stick on eBay for some exorbitant amount of money.

And to round it out, check out a great Hunger Games Fan Guide put together by Welcome to District 12, featuring newbie advice from yours truly.

You all are more than welcome to follow me on Twitter (@twiffidy) in case there are any updates from me, Hunger Games related or otherwise. I’m also planning to post about my experience when I get back so look out for that.

See you all on the other side



  1. You left out Jena Malone from the list of cast members attending the panel. This has been happening a lot, apparently because the original Yahoo! article left her out and then added her later (or so I’ve been told, I’ve only seen the version of the news that mentions Jena).

    1. Thanks for letting me know! I took it straight from the press release that was sent but that obviously isn’t up to date.

    2. Yup. They added her in later. I copied-and-pasted their information to a post on Tumblr and was shocked/confused when people told me I was missing Jena. It’s strange that they forgot her, but then again, this is Yahoo! we are talking about…

  2. Have fun! I can’t wait until I can see someone’s video of the panel on Youtube. But on a slightly unrelated not…the Quarter Quell posters were released today, and they’re frickin GORGEOUS! They’re certainly giving the Capitol Portraits a run for their money. I will be expecting a post on them soon, ok? đŸ™‚

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