The Hunger Games Book Murders

We have a confession to make. Despite loving the series, we have thought about becoming accomplices to Hunger Games trilogy book murder. Somebody needs to go all Minority Report on us and stop us before we get started.

It all started off innocently enough. Our site anniversary happens to be next week (More on that later!) and when we get in the Hunger Games giving spirit, we like to turn to Etsy when we can. Which means an unholy amount of time endlessly searching through The Hunger Games listings. WE REGRET NOTHING.

Along the way, we see things like Hollow Books

And Hardcover Purses


And we know that we should be weary, especially after that Lauren Conrad idiocy, but these are actually cute and fun! Plus, we’re pretty sure 90% of the LC backlash is because no one believes she’s actually read a book, let alone wrote one without the poor ghostwriter who was forced to translate her thoughts into cohesive sentences, and there she was, tearing apart classics (not even in order, mind you!)

We know that books, unless whole, are not meant for decoration. They’re meant to be read and loved. They’re meant to hold our dreams and vicarious tendencies, not our petty cash and receipts. The actual content of these books are trashed or turned into something ridiculous like paper flowers that you obviously cannot read so WHAT’S THE POINT?

And yet… The cover art does beg to be displayed. And kitsch is pretty much our middle name. And it’s art, isn’t it? … And we’re kind of bad people, aren’t we?

Where do you stand on “book murder”? Could we possibly be alone in seeing the coolness behind SOME book cover designs or should it all be a traumatic horror show to book lovers like us?

We Have This Internal Argument As If These Are Actually Within Our Budget,
The Girl With The Pearl



  1. I just got super annoyed that she didn’t stick the Series of Unfortunate Event book spines in the right order. Now someone’s going to see that on her shelf and go “Oh I’ll just help her out and put those books in the right chronological order…OH NO SUPERGLUED TO A BOX!”

    I’m ok with bookish decoration as long as it doesn’t exacerbate my OCD tendencies. :p

  2. I think the purse is cool, if you really love the book. (The only good use I’ve seen for hollowed-out books is the Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince proposal book; look it up, its really sweet and cool.) I do think that you should buy a second copy for making stuff, instead of just ripping up your own book. Alos, you can use the pages to make cool necklaces (look it up, they’re really cool!) collages, and other stuff. Also, its easier and much less scandalous (because yes, boook butchery does pain me inside) to just take off the flimsy slide-on cover, and leave the actual hard cover and book intact for further reading.

  3. I feel your angst. I hate the idea of trashing books for crafts and art projects … and yet they are SO FREAKING COOL. I keep debating adding some “book page flowers” to my wedding bouquet, but my heart breaks a little at the idea, too. I’m so torn!!

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