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Welcome to our SECOND TO LAST entry for Guest Postapalooza! (Just kidding about that last post thing!)

Today, JJ is talking about about a certain ship and why it matters!

Here’s how this competition is gonna go now: Tomorrow, we will have one more post. Tuesday, we will release the poll featuring every guest entry, along with links so you can re-read and pick your favorites. Each poster will go to a different author, regardless of whether or not one of them gets the top two posts. We hope you all have fun with it!

In case you missed the memo!

In case you missed the memo!

When I hear what fans want in the theatrical trailer, it’s two major things – Finnick (understandable because we haven’t seen him in action yet) and Everlark.

Oh Everlark, I refuse that other shipping term for you. Everlark is like a beautiful bird that soars through the skies, while that other term lives in that little corner of our brains that will always be twelve years old. But I digress. I very much want some nice Everlark scenes in the trailer, because it will give me confidence that they are, as promised, staying true to the book.

And also because Everlark is THE GREATEST SHIP OF ALL TIME. Ok, that’s a bold statement. Let me explain.

Katniss and Peeta’s story is full of hope, sacrifice, tragedy, confusion, angst, pain, friendship, and love. Fierce, I’ve-risked-my-life-for-you-through-three-books, “Let me go.”“I can’t!” love.

And there’s also that tricky complication that, as you root for this couple, you are in a way like the citizens of Panem, participating in the media circus that makes their lives hell.

The moment

The moment

Panem is a world hundreds of years in the future, yet the media landscape rings true to today. And as the three remaining movies are released, we will inevitably see a lot of the media culture that Suzanne Collins was criticizing in the books.

As readers, we have the ultimate VIP ticket that the richest of Capitol citizens would yearn for. Because we see the story through Katniss’s POV, we understand the toll that the “Lovers from District 12” façade takes on Katniss and Peeta. But we also see that much of the pain is because the feelings are not a lie. It’s hard for Katniss to grasp for a while because she’s busy to navigating through a world where powerful forces will manipulate everything to their own interests, or kill her/everyone she loves for one false move. But when the dust settles, we know what happens.

So, not only is Katniss and Peeta’s relationship filled with mind-twisting complexity, our relationship with them is really complicated. Are we friend or foe to our favorite couple? It’s that added dimension that’s so interesting and keeps me coming back.

And yeah, when I think about toastbabies I get a little emotional.



  1. I loved this post! Great job talking about a topic I haven’t seen discussed since, well, I can’t remember. And the toastbabies! *wipes away tiny tears*

  2. That’s a great summary. We are indeed put into a strange, somewhat voyeuristic position of watching their relationship unfold, getting invested in it, discussing it, much like the Panem audience. This is even more the case when you’re watching the movie than when you’re reading the book. The media coverage of THG, so focused on the romance and the Games, makes this even more obvious and ironic. I liked the ambiguity of the ending of the movie, because it put us in the position of the audience, wondering what was real and what was not and why Katniss did what she did with the berries, and coming to different conclusions.

    So, this is the last post in the Guestpalooza. Do you mind if I ask why my post was not selected and if it didn’t fit the criteria?

  3. Btw, the line GREATEST SHIP OF ALL TIME should be read in a Kanye West voice for full effect.

    Thanks for letting me vent about my Everlark love. And my guilt about it.

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