Nail On The Head

julianne mooreUnless you’ve been living under a rock, the last week or so, the talk of the Hunger Games fandom has been mostly focused on one thing: the Julianne Moore rumor. Thursday, Deadline reported a rumor that Julianne Moore was being looked at to play President Alma Coin, and later in the day, The Hollywood Reporter went a step further and confirmed she’s been in early talks.  Both Deadline and THR have been known to be fairly reliable sources regarding casting news so all the fansites have been abuzz and several entertainment media outlets have run with the story. But there’s one thing…

Just two days prior, the fansites had done a Campaigning for Coin post on Julianne Moore. It seemed like such strange and incredibly coincidental timing. Did the fansites just predict casting out of the blue? That would be a first. Here are the two possible ways it could’ve gone. A) The fansites inadvertently started a rumor and all the entertainment media sites just ran with it or B) We are really just that good.gw154-timing_is_everything

As per usual, the media sites have been talking about the casting rumor as if it were fact, and some who clearly know nothing about the series seem rather confused about there being another president in THG. We however are a little more reserved since no one can forget the lesson we learned from the John C. Reilly rumor/fiasco.

But here’s a little lesson to take from all this. Maybe, just maybe, your favorite fansites know what we’re talking about.

For the record, we’d be very much delighted if this came true

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