Confessions of a Control Freak Writer

Welcome to another Guest Postapalooza entry! Panem Propaganda’s Arowana Flounder is here to talk about her addiction to fan fiction… and how it might be slowly driving her crazy when it comes to all other things Hunger Games!


Mutts or extras with bad posture?

Mutts or extras with bad posture?

I stand before you today as a control-freak fanfiction writer. I have written two Hunger Games Fanfiction stories and am currently writing a series of Victory Tour related articles for PanemPropaganda. It has been one hour since I last wrote something based on someone else’s work.

Suzanne Collins did all of us aspiring writers a HUGE favour when she glossed over the finer details of things like: the finer details of life in the other Districts, the other Victors’ back stories, and what happens to the other characters between the end of Mockingjay and the epilogue. This has given fangirls (and boys) reign over certain aspects of their favourite book series.

That control-freak part of me has already had a tantrum at Johanna’s hairdo (IT’S NOT SPIKY!)

That control-freak part of me has already had a tantrum at Johanna’s hairdo (IT’S NOT SPIKY!)

Personally I found myself intrigued by the story of Johanna Mason and spent just under a year writing my version of her biography (which, by the way, you can read here. Thanks for asking!). I’ve always tried to keep to the original book canon whenever possible, and reverted to film canon if available in the event of a gap in the book. This kind of (some may say obsessive) attentiveness means that over time I’ve gotten rather attached to Jo. She’s evolved from one of the relatively minor main characters to the star in my eyes. I figured that Lionsgate would stick with the rebellion theme for the trailer, just like in the teaser, so Johanna and the other Victors would be saved for the main feature. However, after seeing an ambiguous grainy photo a few days ago, it looks like they may include some arena scenes in the trailer revealed at Comic-Con in July.

So, what if the trailer comes out containing a sneak peak of the arena and I don’t agree with any of it. I, and the peace and quiet of my friends, were safe after the teaser trailer because it all took part in the districts and my writing has laid no claim to any of that part of the book. A part of me feels absolutely sick with anticipation for the movie to come out. What if something is different to what I’ve written? That control-freak part of me will definitely have an enormous anxiety attack.

Awww crap! I need to do some serious rewrites!

Awww crap! I need to do some serious rewrites!

Am I alone in this? Possibly, possibly not. Will the movie theaters be wtf-ing around the world if Peeta doesn’t paint Rue on the floor of the Training Room? What if…gulp… Cinna walks out of the Launch Room unharmed?

I’m well aware of the fact that I’m probably the only one throwing a wobbly about Jo’s hair, but whether it’s that or Finnick’s trident having one too many prongs, die hard fans and dedicated fanfic writers, will be watching with bated breath to see if our long thought out predictions come true on the big screen.

Arowana Flounder



  1. As a former fanfic writer myself (under a different name in the Harry Potter fandom), I hear you! I spared myself a lot of agita back then by taking the view that the HP movies were basically a kind of “fanfic” themselves, that I should not expect them to hew to book canon, because they are NOT canon. (For example, in the last HP movie, we get the death scene of a character, whose fate is left ambiguous in the books. I don’t think the fact that this person died in the movie, is proof that she died in the books.)

    I think we also need to draw a line in our heads between canon and fanon, because I have seen happen in many fandoms, that people call out an adaptation for “violating canon”, when it’s actually going against FANON, not canon. (For example, the idea that District 5 was the “science district”; this is fanon, not canon, as the District 5 industry was actually never mentioned in the books.) We also all have our own sets of “headcanons”, which, again, are not the same as actual book canon that can be backed up with textual evidence.

    1. Totally with you on that! Once someone commented on my story saying “Everyone knows Johanna Mason was 12 when she won her game” and I was like “Do they?!”

      I like your idea of film canon being a fanfic in itself. Maybe that’ll work for me when I’m sat there in the cinema stewing over something petty :p

      Arowana x

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