Liam and His Team

Ladies and gentlemen of Twitter, HEMSY IS IN THE HOUSE! …Sort of.

Nobody sees the fine print, anyway!

Nobody sees the fine print, anyway!

We briefly mentioned in another post that Liam Hemsworth has joined the 21st century as far as young celebrity staples go by getting himself a Twitter account, @LiamHemsworth. The man himself has tweeted twice since opening the account, once to introduce himself to this new-fangled form of communication and the other to thank everyone for rabidly following his account while simultaneously attacking him with tweets.

But there’s another player in this game. A team of them, even! They call themselves “Team Liam”, aka the gaggle of PR reps that are actually responsible for running the account. We’re sure Hemsy will get his tweet on every now and then, but it’s going to be simple and career-based and pretty lame. No talks of favorite foods or pictures of pets or corny jokes. Right now, half of his four tweets reveal what the account is actually going for: Advertisement, advertisement, advertisement.

We actually have to tip our hats to Team Liam for their honesty. Many celebrities have their account run by PR reps posing as the celebrity, giving false impressions that the celebrity is totally absorbed in their carefully mapped out career with ZERO personality. There are cases where that is the actual celebrity and they’re just that sad, but usually it’s a PR team. Kudos to Team Liam for having the courtesy NOT to pose as the man himself.

A Gift to the Teens from the PR gods!

A Gift to the Teens from the PR gods!

The PR-Celebrity Twitter collab does have its perks: For one, Hemsy gets to “connect” with fans on Twitter without actually having to give a damn about Twitter. ICYMI, he’s made it pretty clear that he doesn’t want to share his personal life. He can tweet about loving his job or being thankful for this or that and be done. He doesn’t have to feel compelled to read all his @replies and retweet to prove that he loves whatever country said “Superfan” is from. And though we DO NOT see him as this type, having a monitor hold his Twitter hand keeps him from going on the Internet and doing something really fucking stupid. Think Alexander Ludwig joking about having sex with pre-teen fans… and that’s only scratching the surface compared to some celebrity shenanigans.

Liam’s upcoming film, Paranoia, is getting the attention it needs from his young, possibly action-oriented fanbase via magical Internet portal, as will his future projects! He’ll occasionally acknowledge that he’s proud of his work and thankful for his fans that way too! He’ll get more love all around and more people may go see his films! Truly, it’s a sweet setup. Some fans think the deserve this semi-personal online relationship with celebrities, as if a retweet or reply means they’re OMG LYKE TOTALLY BIFFLES! But in reality, they’re not either way, so keeping it simple sure can’t hurt.

We Have Yet To Tweet Him Saying “HEMMMMMSSSSSSYYYY” Like A Loony! …It Will Happen.
The Girl With The Pearl

P.S. I secretly hope someone else was silly enough to stick the non-existent extra syllable in the title like I did: Li-am and his Te-am! *cough* To make amends for that, here’s the Paranoia trailer:


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