The Hunger Games “Celebrities”

What does it take to be a Hunger Games celebrity? Well, we get it depends on where you’re from… and your definition of “celebrity”!

For instance, when you see an article out of Georgia about a “Local Hunger Games celeb”, who do you assume it is? A tribute? E. Roger Mitchell, aka Chaff, lives in Georgia, and our female morphling, Megan Hayes, is a native. Dayo Okeniyi has lived there and is currently filming in the state. Or a major behind the scenes player, perhaps? It’s got to be something like that!

Nope. This guy.

BFFLs with Captain Crunch and Captain Planet

BFFLs with Captain Crunch and Captain Planet

He goes by *cough* Captain Chris. He is a firebreather. According to the local newspaper, he is a Hunger Games celebrity because he is the only firebreather featured in the Catching Fire trailer. We mean, it lasts almost a full second and you can’t see any defining features of the person behind it, but IT’S HIM!

We’re not saying that what el capitan doesn’t have some respectably dangerous flair to it, despite his ridiculous stage name. Firebreathing is awe-inspiring, especially considering that I’m still trying to overcome a fear of lit candles in my mid-twenties. But let’s not jump straight to “celebrity”! The shot made it into the trailer, but as fans who pay close attention to trailers often realize, not everything in the trailer makes it into the movie. If it does, it’ll likely be that same shot– two seconds from a distance.

Pretty much the only extra we noticed. Still not a celebrity!

Pretty much the only extra we noticed. Still not a celebrity!

It’s not that he isn’t great and we don’t appreciate his rare talent! He’s just nawt exactly someone that Hunger Games fans stand in the rain for three days for a chance to meet. They might might grab his autograph at a fair, if they’re already planning on attending for other reasons, the autograph is free, and they’re waiting for friends to finish up on that ride that always gets them sick.

We understand your pride in realizing that one of your own is in The Hunger Games, Douglasville Patch– I practically flipped when I realized my buddy made it into the first movie as an extra (that you can only really see when you pause the movie juuuuust right)– but slow your roll with the “celebrity” jargon!

Everyone involved in The Hunger Games is a talent. Some of them are daredevils, prodigies, artists, or gurus. They all deserve recognition, though most of their work goes unnoticed, sadly. But let’s not confuse talent with celebrity, especially in a world where most celebrities would much rather be recognized for their talent!

Now This Is Stuck In My Head! Damn You, Douglasville Patch!
The Girl With The Pearl



  1. Firstly, ou reworded it from “Local Celeb Featured in New Hunger Games”, to “Local Hunger Games Celeb”. Do you know what the term “local celebrity” means? Say it with me…. they are very well-known by the locals.

    Also, that’s not his actual stage name, so you could always try finding your sources in more than one article. Just a tip. Even a mediocre writer would do that, even when they are just reviewing the article itself.

    This is so embarrassing for you.

  2. Apple, has a point,, at least get things right. . It’s exciting for the people who know Chris and , he IS known. He travels with his s=Southern Fried Sideshow, was on America’s Got Talent, etc. and it’s just the Captain or Captain Stabtuggo.

  3. “Small town anger issues”… Sheesh. There’s nothing wrong with being proud of local success. There are actually a LOT of people who know “Captain Chris”. A lot more than know of this pretentious fan-blog. I only stumbled upon it because of a link making fun of it (but hey exposure is exposure, right?). Let’s examine what is more difficult: A rare skill set (fire breathing, sword swallowing), or writing a fan-blog about Twilight, the Hunger Games, My Little Pony, etc. You’re a dime a pathetic dozen, go get a real skill.

    1. It’s hilarious that a) you think this is our job and only skillset and b) Whoever set all you locals out after us is giving us tons of hits that will result in advertising money for us.

    2. ^That’s how I found it as well. Like I said, how embarrassing for the writer.

      I happen to know Chris through my career as a make up artist and photographer.
      I’ve seen many people wait in line for his autograph, and rightfully so. He’s a good-hearted and hard working individual.

  4. Geeze…..did the Captain Stab Tuggo bang your girl back in high school or something? You sure do have a hard on for the guy!! A true showman who has also been featured on a little show called America’s Got Talent where they made it to the quarterfinals. Other than this shitty blog what have you done?

    1. Well, this shitty blog does pretty damn well, for one. And I work a very successful real job and have a great life. I’ll take that, even if it’s not America’s Got Talent.

      You guys are clearly new around here and don’t get it. We poke fun at everything. But we wrote in more than one paragraph of this article that this guy is talented, but we find the term “Celebrity” to be overused. Way to be over-sensitive, though!

      1. It still stands that the term that was actually used was “local celebrity”, and that is in no way an exaggeration when it comes to the particular individual on which this piece was written.

        In many other places, the term “celebrity” is most definitely overused…or at least undeserved. Snooki, for example. Why are we celebrating those people? But “local celebrity” has a completely different meaning, and your article seems to be purposely misleading to suit your agenda.

  5. It truly is a sad time when we refuse to (and a sad person who cannot) throw our support behind one of our own who is striving to improve his life. The author’s Vitriol (and, dare I say?Jealousy) are undermining the talents, skill and marketing genius of a man who used his unusual skills alone to break into a role in a Hollywood film.

    1. Clearly, the author of this article is jealous because his own readership does not garner national attention, (and doubtfully ever will) as he resorts to Middle-school level back-biting and snarling to peddle his sad articles.

    2. Clearly, the author of this article is jealous because his own readership does not garner national attention, (and doubtfully ever will) as he resorts to Middle-school level back-biting and snarking to peddle his sad articles.

      1. Yup. Jealous I can’t breathe fire. You caught me. Also, where is everyone getting the idea that I don’t think this guy is talented? We describe his skill as “awe-inspiring” and clearly state in the article that we think he is talented:
        “It’s not that he isn’t great and we don’t appreciate his rare talent! He’s just nawt exactly someone that Hunger Games fans stand in the rain for three days for a chance to meet.”

        Also, I’m a girl. I’m not looking to garner national attention and mainly just blog for fun, but if you must know, we have an international following.

        1. As addressed earlier, your reading comprehension is equated to that of a preschooler. The sheer audacity in convieniantly reformulizing the quote from the original article to create added drama is amusing. You are concerned for our lack of comprehension, as I am concerned for your ability to conduct the slighted amount of research. “Captian Chris?”
          What a pathetic attempt at creating a blog worth reading. Yes, I stopped reading after you trash this man for his art. You may need to educate yourself before you write anymore.
          Nonetheless, I’m sure “Captain Chris” appreciates the free press.

          1. I quoted at article. You’re free to go bash the reporter in your local newspaper who wrote his name incorrectly, of course. But that would mean reading exactly what I wrote and realizing that my information came from the Douglasville Patch.

            I didn’t research his name further because this article is about the glorification of any talent as “celebrity” more than the man himself.

            It’s hilarious that all of you, who I’m sure are dear friends of this man, are going back forth between claiming that this site gets no views and has no fans (both of which are untrue) and claiming we’re giving him press. Which is it?

            Also guys, this article came out in EARLY JUNE and was not even one discussed much by our readers. Nobody cares except you. Truly.

  6. Captain Stab-Tuggo is actually the Guinness World Record holder for sword swallowing and is one of the most notable side show performers in the country. But nice work belittling him on the internet to make yourself look insightful. The last thing we want to do is undermine the cult of celebrity. Good thing there’s folks like you fighting the good fight to keep a nice solid wall between the counter-culture artists who put their lives and heath at stake for the sake of art and “real celebrities” who truly deserve our respect and attention for being pretty and marketable. Glad you spent the time writing this article. Lets keep those fuckers in their place.

    1. I’m concerned about everyone’s reading comprehension, given that we do commend this guys skills and are instead commenting on the loose use of the word celebrity that society deems appropriate the second someone sets foot on a movie set.

  7. This gentleman IS a LOCAL CELEBRITY. He is TALENTED. Why would you question this when Guinness does not? He has been on the national stage. One would think (oh did you?) that a local man would gain your enthusiasm rather than your lack of respect.

  8. I feel like I have to step in here and say that Victor’s Village is a lot more “known” than you all seem to think it is. They work with the film studio, Lionsgate, to promote the ‘Hunger Games’ movies. They’ve been invited to interview actors from the film and were invited to attend the world premiere of the first movie in Los Angeles last year. I don’t think they should be embarrassed about anything related to this blog, as it’s clearly been a fun and successful hobby for those involved.

    I also feel like you’re all taking this way too seriously. I highly doubt the author of this article put as much time and effort into writing it as you all seem to think. You seem to be imagining her sitting at her computer for hours and hours, seething with jealousy and plotting ways to mock and humiliate the firebreather (because…why?). When in reality, this was just meant to be a lighthearted and somewhat silly post.

    IF ANYTHING, THEY’VE GIVEN “THE CAPTAIN” TONS OF EXPOSURE. I had no clue who he was prior to reading this, and I’m sure the same can be said for most readers of Victor’s Village. Nowhere did she criticize him or mock his talent. If I were him, I’d be amused about all of this more than anything. And just glad to have my name out there.

  9. I don’t mean to sound harsh, but let’s be real here…if anyone should be embarrassed about ANYTHING going on at this website right now, it’s Chris. I know that if I were him, I’d feel pretty shitty if I learned that my friends descending upon a ‘Hunger Games’ fan site/blog and bashing both it and its writers. What is/was your goal here? To make the writer of this article feel as horrible as she made Chris feel? Why would Chris even let something like this bother him? I just don’t get it.

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