Campaigning for Coin: Joan Allen

It’s time for another round of Campaigning for Coin! This time up, we’re discussing Joan Allen, best known from The Bourne series, Mists of Avalon, and Pleasantville!

Joan Allen

Joan Allen

Kait (The Girl With The Pearl): Joan Allen has essentially made a career out of playing women who range from “intense” to “total witch with a capital B”. But there’s a reason for that: She’s great at it! She’s had great roles in popular movies like The Crucible, The Notebook, and Pleasantville that make her a noticeable candidate, but it’s her taking on Pam Landy in the Bourne series that convinces me she’d be a great Alma Coin. Both characters require equal strength and subtle deception, which Joan pulls off without a hitch. She can make Coin versatile enough that she doesn’t feel like the stereotypical bad guy (which she isn’t!) and keep audiences on their toes. We certainly wouldn’t be disappointed if she were cast in the role!

Savanna from Hunger Games Fireside Chat: While I’m definitely aware of Joan Allen’s talent and fame, I’ve only seen her in a couple of things, so I hardly feel qualified to make a personal statement about her abilities as an actor. Yes, believe it or not, I’ve never seen the Bourne films or The Mists of Avalon or Nixon or Pleasantville. Or any of her other notable performances for that matter. (What’s wrong with me?) All that being said, however, I’d be totally thrilled to see her play Coin. She’s the right age and definitely has a great look for the role. Unlike Glenn Close and Tilda Swinton, Allen has a much softer appearance that would believably mask Coin’s ruthlessness (and certainly fool movie viewers who have not read the books). And as a Tony winner and Academy Award nominee, she’d also lend even more acclaim to an already much-celebrated cast.

In "The Mists of Avalon"

In “The Mists of Avalon”

Lindsay from HG Girl On Fire: I’m thrilled Joan Allen is one of the actresses we are talking about here, because she is the exact person I was thinking of when reading the book. I think she’s an exceptional actress. I first took notice of her as the dysfunctional mother in The Ice Storm, but loved her role as an oppressed woman coming into her own in Pleasantville. It’s her role as Pamela Landy in the Bourne franchise, though, that really seals the deal for me on this one. She’s tough-as-nails when she needs to be. Ready to take on the man. She’s been nominated three times for an Oscar. To me, she looks perfectly the part. I think she’s been underestimated as an actress. She’s not so stunning it would throw you off to have her as your Coin, but also not unattractive. I’d love to see Allen, or someone of her caliber, take on the role.

Carla from Joan Allen is a legend, and I would be over the moon if she were cast as President Coin. Every role I’ve seen her play, even those characters that were not in any sort of position of power, demand attention the way I expect Coin would. But my favorite thing about Allen is that she can play characters that are perfectly polite– with an edge. I’m thinking particularly of her roles in The Notebook and Mists of Avalon as I say this, but even in her other projects I’ve seen that she can come across as perfectly diplomatic and no-nonsense, and with just a single gesture (a tightening of the lips, a narrowing of the eyes, a deepening of her tone) she can convey that she’s really not that agreeable. And there’s a layer of brattiness to her, but not in a way that makes her seem childish, but in a way that makes her come across as controlling and manipulative. And Coin needs that, in my opinion. Coin needs to be someone who can seem like a leader who has everything under control at first glance, yet have a subtle bitchiness to her that only becomes obvious when she’s around Katniss. And I’ve hardly seen anyone better at conveying such a trait than Joan Allen. She would be a fantastic choice for the character if you ask me, definitely one of my favorites on this list.

As Pam Landy in the Bourne movies

As Pam Landy in the Bourne movies

Kelsey from My Hunger Games: Joan Allen is an actress with many different faces. From the innocent but persecuted Elizabeth Proctor in The Crucible, a picture perfect housewife with a deep-seeded restlessness in Pleasantville, to the overbearing mother in The Notebook. But can she pull off the cold and calculating President Alma Coin in our beloved Mockingjay movies? To find out, we can take a look at her work as Pamela Landry in The Bourne franchise. Allen portrays a leader much like Coin, and what the two ladies share is a strong dedication to their perspective causes. On the outside they carry a strength and confidence that inspires people to follow them, and yet they both have their own agendas. I think Joan could pull off the role very well, and what gives her an edge is the wide range in her filmography. Allen’s kind of talent can give President Coin a well-rounded outer shell, in addition to bringing out her inner darkness.

Lee from The Hob: Joan Allen is an extremely versatile actress. Most recognizable as Pam Landy from The Bourne movies, Ms. Allen has already shown an affinity in genre work such as her portrayal of Morgause in the Mists of Avalon to voicing a Skyrim video game. President Coin has no moral compass, other than power – how to get it, how to keep it. She stops at nothing. Ms. Allen has shown she can play remote and commanding; appearing quiet and lethal as you would expect from a great performance of an actress playing President Coin.


What do YOU think of Joan Allen as Alma Coin?


One comment

  1. She would be a great choice! Although I feel like saying this about all your choices so far – but with Allen I can’t even find any negatives, since she doesn’t have the being known mostly for playing villains, like Swinton and Close.

    There are so many amazing actresses in that age range who could be a great Coin – there are people I haven’t even thought about but when I heard their names I thought “she would be a great Coin!” I have a feeling I’m going to love the choice of Coin whoever they cast. Unless, of course, they go and cast someone like Angelina Jolie as in that April Fool’s joke by the THG Fireside Chat. 😉 (Kidding. Of course they won’t, Lionsgate have shown themselves to be really smart when it comes to casting.)

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