Campaigning for Coin

1626_1glenn_close155109We’re starting a new series, and it’s called Campaigning for Coin! Over the next several weeks fan-site reps from all The Hunger Games fan-sites will weigh in on different actresses in the role of President Alma Coin of District 13. Starting off the series we have the silver haired Miss Glenn Close, a fan-favorite to some. Read on and see what everyone thinks of the idea of Glenn Close as Alma Coin.

Them There Eyes aka Rebekah: I’ll be blunt, Glenn Close is far from my favorite choice for Alma Coin, but is she the worst choice out there? Far from it. Glenn brings everything to the table that would be required of an actress in a role like Alma Coin, but to me it would be flat out type casting. See, Glenn is known for playing tough ladies (Damages), scary ladies (Cruella de Vil), and oh yeah– creepy and/or weird/crazy ladies (The World According to Garp, Fatal Attraction, Stepford Wives). I’d even say she’s made a career of it. Personally I think taking on a role like Alma Coin wouldn’t be challenging for her at all, and if I was Glenn– I’d want to play a character that’s not something I’ve technically done before. Aside from that, logistics get in the way as well, as she’s just signed on for another franchise just this week, Guardians of the Galaxy. So, I’d go so far as to say that adding The Hunger Games franchise on top of that would be incredibly taxing on a lady who’s over 15 years older than Alma Coin is supposed to be, and if you’re a regular reader of my work on Victor’s Village, you would know I’m not a proponent of casting an older actress in this role. Glenn Close? I’ll say it loud, and clear, I don’t think it’s going to happen. Next!

Arianna from Down With the Capitol: Honestly I’m all in for Glenn Close as Coin. I never thought of her until her name was brought up for this project. She could most definitely play the part as Coin aka an evil woman in power, especially after playing parts in movies cruella-clawssuch as Cruella De Vil in 101 Dalmatians and her role as VP in Air Force One. She also has the perfect Coin look which is a bonus. Glenn would only add amazingness to the already stellar cast we have.

Amanda from HG Girl On Fire: This is actually a hard call for me. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind what so ever that Glenn Close could pull this role off. I think she could, and she would extremely well. I think she has proven her acting chops time and again especially with this type of role. One of the things I think is very important for the role of President Coin is that the actress not be too likeable, and be able to pull off being the “bad guy.” I want to be happy when we get to the end, and (spoiler alert) Katniss murders Coin, which in this scenario I don’t think would be a problem, especially when I picture that scene in Fatal Attractions where she’s boiling the pet rabbit. My one and only problem is that Glenn Close does not fit the mental picture I have of Coin. I pictured her as being younger with darker hair, but with that being said I think with hair and makeup that would be and easy fix, and I’d rather see someone who could play the role very well, and not concentrate on looks so much.

Savanna from The HG Fireside Chat: I adore Glenn Close and think she’s immensely talented, though I haven’t seen much of her recent work. I loved her as Queen Gertrude in the 1990 film adaption of Hamlet, and her performance as Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard is just…magnificent. To say the least. But for some reason, I’m not too into the idea of Close as Coin. Maybe it’s because she’s too big of a name and too recognizable. Honestly, I’d rather see a lesser-known actress have a chance to take on the character and have it become a career-defining role. That being said, Glenn Close can do absolutely anything, and if she were to be cast as Coin, there’s no doubt in my mind that she would be phenomenal. She does the cold, hard, calculating thing very well and would certainly be a believable leader. The best thing she has going for her, in my opinion, is her powerful, almost magnetic presence; whether she’s onscreen or onstage, it’s impossible to not be drawn to her.

Crystal from I’m not the biggest fan of Glenn Close. I know, I know, she’s got a stack of Oscar nominations, but that doesn’t mean I think she’s consistently a great actress. I’ve already seen her play an executive office role in Air Force One and for those of you that haven’t seen it, she was pretty awful while I thought Harrison Ford, Halle Berry, and Gary Oldman carried off their silly cliche action roles off rather well. I need someone who makes me feel like withering into the floor and an actress who has been in Mars Attacks! is just hard for me to take seriously. She’s got the hard look, but for some reason I’m just not confident she’d pull it off with the right amount of cold Coin swagger.

Kristen from Obviously, Glenn Close has had quite a bit of commercial success in family movies, including her hysterical take on Cruella De Vil in Disney’s live-action version of 101 Dalmatians—but let’s not forget the role that really made her a star: Alex Forrest in the 1987 thriller Fatal Attraction. If you haven’t seen this movie (and if you’re old enough to watch R-rated films) stop reading right now and go watch it. I guarantee you will never see a creepier interpretation of the sociopathic “woman scorned” character on film. In the interest of keeping spoilers to a minimum, let’s just say that Glenn Close plays a manipulative nut-job so well, she’ll make your skin crawl. That being said, I would absolutely LOVE to see Glenn Close as the ruthless, power-hungry Alma Coin. I think she has amazing range, and is beyond capable of convincingly portraying the cunning, unscrupulous leader of District 13.

Angie from When I think of actresses that could portray our infamous

Air Force One

Air Force One

President Coin, Glenn Close does seem to fit the generic Coin mold. Glenn is a little older than President Coin, but I still think she could pull off the character. She possesses the “look” that President Coin should have: shoulder length gray hair, eyes that could bore into any soul, and a serious stature. What sets Glenn apart from the rest in my opinion is her previous role as Cruella de Vil in the 101 & 102 Dalmations movies. Glenn shows that she can play the role of a ruthless, selfish villain that truly only has one main objective. The characters are alike considering in both films they are willing to do or kill whatever or whomever they need to get their way – whether its puppies or medics or children.

Courtney/Tiffany from Welcome to District 12 : Glenn Close for Alma Coin is something we never knew we wanted until it was first suggested. She quite often plays a woman in power, like the Vice President in Air Force One, and can play a great villain, like Cruella De Vil in the live action 101 Dalmations movies. Some may argue that Glenn Close is too old, but we think that’s silly since the casting in The Hunger Games has not limited actors for their age. For example, Lenny Kravitz and Donald Sutherland are WAY older than the characters they play, yet they are fabulous additions to the franchise. We’re more concerned with the actor themselves than the age, provided that they are not on the extremes of the age scale. More than anything, it would be nice to round out The Hunger Games cast with yet another critically acclaimed actor. While never having won an Oscar, she has been nominated several times and has won everything else under the sun. We think Glenn Close has the look as well as the range to play good, evil, and a woman in power: All necessary traits to play Alma Coin.

Betcha can’t wait to see who’s up next!



  1. I’m on the fence about Glenn Close. I adore her purely for her drunk acting at the Golden Globes this year. But I think she’s told old for the part. If she was cast as Coin I would be happy enough, but she’s not my first pick.

  2. Seems like a classic case of “could” vs. “should”. Glenn Close could play Coin… no doubt about that. But should she? It seems a bit ho-hum-yawn to put her in this role. I personally would really like to see an unknown or an unexpected actress knock this one out of the ballpark. The Coin in my mind when reading Catching Fire was African-American, in her 50s, attractive enough, but with more of a cold military look.

  3. Oddly enough, I didn’t think of Close at first, but when someone suggested it, I thought it was a great idea, so at the moment she’s near the top of my list. She has the right kind of presence (I imagine her giving people the Patty Hewes stare at the war meetings), she’s good at Coin-like roles, and with grey hair she’s have the right Coin look.

    Regarding her age, I’ve made it clear earlier that I would much prefer a somewhat older Coin (but not too old – not Judi Dench age), to a younger Coin, especially considering the fact that most Hollywood actresses and actors tend to look (at least on screen) 10 years younger than they are. For a role, it’s more important what an actor looks like, than what their actual age is. When Katniss says “50”, I think it means that Coin looks around 50, not that Katniss knows her actual date of birth. Close can pull off looking like a 50-year old – I thought Patty Hewes was supposed to be around 50, not 60-something. And as pointed out, some actors like Lenny Kravitz are older than their characters are supposed to be in the book. (Although I don’t think this is the case with Donald Sutherland. We don’t know how old Snow is, or how long he’s been in power, but he’s described as an old man. I don’t see any evidence that he’s not supposed to be in his mid-70s. Sutherland is not small, though – on the contrary! – and he doesn’t look like he’s had a ton of plastic surgery.)

    @Amanda: Coin is described as having grey hair.

    I don’t see why the actress who plays Coin should not be famous or recognizable. Donald Sutherland is recognizable (at least to those of us who watched movies from the 70s on TV). Woody Harrelson is recognizable. Jennifer Lawrence is now recognizable as Jennifer Lawrence, not as Katniss. Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, X-Men, Batman films, Marvel films (Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury) cast a bunch of famous and respected older actors, and it didn’t hurt them or the franchises. Do we want so badly that an actor is forever identified with just the role in THG? No actor wants that. Even if they were not that well known before, they would try to find different roles. A problem would only arise with movie stars who are only good at playing themselves, or playing the same role over and over.
    It’s also harder to find really great “up and coming actresses looking for a career-defining role” who are in their 50s. Even those who aren’t famous on the level of Streep or Close are also well-known.

    My only problem with Close as Coin is that she’s best known for playing villains, or at least somewhat villainesque/anti-heroic/morally ambiguous characters, so that could tip it off too soon that Coin would be a villain. (The same would be the case with Tilda Swinton, another popular fancast for Coin.) This is why Sigourney Weaver is still my #1 favorite for Coin: although she can play a cold b1tch (though I can’t remember her ever playing a Coin-like figure as a major role – she did, however, have a recent minor but important role as a shady authority figure in a movie where her appearance was a surprise), she’s best known for playing heroines, which may help fool the audience into thinking that Coin may not be that bad, that she’s difficult and hard but still one of the good guys, until they realize she’s not. (And my inner geek can’t help rejoicing over the idea of “Ellen Ripley” pitted against Katniss Everdeen.)

    But the real question isn’t whether Close *could* play Coin (yes, of course she could) or if she “should” play her, but *would* she want to play Coin and would she be available for the role? If she said she wanted it, like Philip Seymour Hoffman did, I’m sure Lionsgate would be just as overjoyed to announce the casting. The same goes for other big names mentioned, like Streep, Weaver etc. It will depend on who’s available and who’s willing. Many actresses complain about the lack of good roles for women over a certain age, and Coin would certainly be a good role. On the other hand, I can see Close, for instance, thinking that it’s not too challenging to play another tough woman in power or another villain. Coming off playing Patty Hewes for five years, I don’t know if she’d like to play someone who’s like a less complex, less ambiguous and more overly villainous version of Patty.

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