Oh, That Catching Fire Poster…

We’ve got a special guest post from a fansite friend today! Specifically, Arowana Flounder from Panem Propaganda is hear to talk about the new Catching Fire poster and the references we all REALLY thought of when we saw it! Not everyone knows their art like Them There Eyes, but dammit, we know our Disney movies!


Have you ever heard the wolf cry to the blue corn moon?

From the looks of the new Catching Fire Movie Poster, Katniss has. Look at her, she’s probably wondering why the grinning bobcat grinned too.


District 12… Is near a canyon?

I can’t say I wasn’t a little disappointed when the Catching Fire poster was revealed. I know a lot of people had been expecting stills or a second trailer or some sort of footage, but I was pretty excited to hear it was a movie poster. Great! Maybe we’ll see a bit of the arena, or some of the new characters!

Many of my friends see my obsession with the Hunger Games series as amusing (and, I think, a little psychotic) so I was looking forward to being able to show them a kickass poster. Instead I see Pocahontas pondering plunging into the waterfall…wait…those clouds…they kind of look like wings or something…It’s a Mockingjay! Katniss is the Mockingjay! I get it!

No one else will! Not if they haven’t read the book! It isn’t kickass like I wanted it to be so that I could show off to people who don’t know the series. It’s mellow and picturesque, and I’m afraid people are going to think it’s a Homeward Bound story where Katniss traverses Panem on foot to find her mother and Prim, who’ve gone on a vacation to San Francisco.

I saw a fan made poster that was absolutely amazing, and it’s probably the reason I’m so disappointed with the official one:


It’s just so atmospheric, and there are new characters holding weapons! That’s pretty exciting right? And two of the characters have their shirts off, something for the ladies *wink wink nudge nudge*. I mean the arena scenes are obviously the best bits of the second book, aren’t they?

Why would Lionsgate make a poster NOT using the most exciting bit of the story, but, instead, featuring the main character looking like Chief Powahatan’s daughter? It’s not like she’s a well-respected member of her society fighting against the oppression of a more technologically advanced (and rather dandy) culture… no, wait…

Ok, it’s not like she’s been trapped in an organised relationship with a guy that it seems to make so much sense for her to be with, but she has confusing feelings for another…oh no wait.

And she doesn’t have a best friend that seems to always get forgotten about in retellings of the st—wait… (Poor Madge).

I’ll admit that last one was pretty tenuous, (this is my first ever blog post and you should be nice!) but the first two strike a chord right? At least they did with me. Suddenly I DID get it. She’s the girl watching her home change. The trailer showed us the changes, all the excitement, now the poster shows us the girl that we saw go through some pretty tough stuff in the last movie, finally home like she wanted to be.

Now here she is, her arrow nocked in place, ready to struggle again, a new day dawning, a new fight ahead of her.

Actually, ok, it might be a little exciting! Who cares if she’ll never know how high the sycamore grows?!

I Bet Peeta Paints With The Colours Of The Wind,

Arowana Flounder



    1. The fan-made poster is awful. It looks like something that has been drawn by a 3-year old; they have their backs turned to us, so nobody could even tell who they are unless they have a lot of info from the book; and why on Earth does Finnick look like he’s wearing pants 5 times his size, and holding his arms as if he’s crucified?

  1. Kudos to you on your first post. I don’t actually know Disney movies, so I fear that I am missing some of your points but your post is well written. Thanks.

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