Ah Instagram. The second I got a phone that could use it, I downloaded Instagram and started posting filtered pictures of food and silly pictures of my friends. Since then, Instagram has become a marketing tool for many, including YA franchises like The Mortal Instruments and yes, now, The Hunger Games.  9db027eeb98a11e2bbe722000a9f1253_7

With the re-introduction of Capitol Couture a few months back came a Capitol Couture Instagram, and a couple of days ago, The Hunger Games itself got one as well, so far posting two pictures of the Catching Fire hardback, first the cover and then the first page of Part I, “The Spark”. Most intriguingly, though, was that both were captioned with the date May 14th, which is this Tuesday.

If a Lionsgate entity teases a date pre-movie release, fans tend to jump to the conclusion that it’s a trailer. Since the teaser trailer was just released and is only now in theaters, we’re willing to doubt that.

So what is that May 14th date about then? We’ve got stills, maybe we’ll get more? Maybe another poster? One of our favorite memories of the ramp-up to The Hunger Games movie coming out was the clever puzzle-hunt reveal of this poster, so maybe Lionsgate has something similar in store. Or even a resurrection of theCapitol.PN? Considering they’re posting pictures of the book, it might even have to have something to do with it.

Since the movie is a little over 6 months away, I’m not getting my hopes up for anything too big, but it’s exciting nonetheless. It’s great that we seem to be getting something new each month, keeping the fandom awake and so not dead.

Instagram is totally a Capitol thing


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