So Dead

There’s this phrase that I’ve been hearing far too much for my liking lately, and the phrase is “this fandom is so dead.” Sometimes there are variations to the phrase, like “this fandom is dead…” but that’s not really that much of a change,  because it’s just as impacting, just as negative, because the meaning is the same, as well as– um completely misused! I don’t know if any of you out there have ever experienced a fandom actually dying, but I have, and even when a fandom dies, it never really does, especially if it’s a community based around a television series.

Me, I’m a life long X-Phile, that’s a devout fan of The X-Files, which is a television series that premiered 20 years ago this year. It was ground breaking, it was innovative, it was smart, it was thought-provoking, it was scary, emotional, sexy, and hilarious, it was in many ways one of my best friends. Yes, I just called a television show a friend, but it’s true, it was there every Friday night on Fox, until of course it was moved to Sunday nights where it was the ending anchor piece to the night’s line-up of comedies like The Simpson’s, and I think for a time That ’70s Show. Sunday is where I hung out with it forThe-X-Files-the-x-files-25080821-1024-768 almost 9 years, Sunday night was a ritual of anticipating hanging out with my good friends Fox Mulder, Dana Scully, Walter Skinner, Byers, Langly, Frohike (pronounced Fro-hickey), Alex Krykec, (Cry-check), Marita, The Cigarette Smoking Man, The Well Manicured Man, Mr. X. Deep Throat, and yes, even Agent Pendrell, who was sadly never given a first name. That’s until it ended in 2002, and that’s when the lull began, unless you count 2008 when a horrible film that I’m pretending didn’t actually happen, was made and released. However, even after that disastrous film that didn’t happen in my world, even though a friend gave me a copy of it, and I never watched it, because lalalala, stupid movie was stupid– the fandom hasn’t died. You know what it’s doing? It’s napping!

Which is what’s happening with The Hunger Games fandom! It’s napping, or dormant if you prefer. Dead to me means literally and figurativly unable to be revived, no one cares about it anymore, it’s buried, gathering dust, it’s just dead. By that definition The Hunger Games is not dead, because I don’t know if you’re aware of this or not, but we’ve got three the_hunger_games_catching_fire-wideforth coming films to look forward to, none of them are being put on a shelf, we’re not waiting around 5 years to hear if Katniss’ story will be completed– we know that we’re going to get those three films. So, next time I see someone say “this fandom is dead” I may not be able to control myself, because dead means lifeless, dead means we have absolutely nothing to look forward to, that we’re watching the stars of our favorite whatever do other projects, tuning into them doing interviews on late night talks shows, and hoping, and praying that they get asked a question about that project you wish they would revisit. That is not us! Seriously, it’s not, and while things may be quiet, and a little bit sleepy right now it was only last month that we got out first teaser trailer, which trended on Twitter for a while I recall, and now it’s been viewed 25,054,284 via Youtube. We also got a brand new site launched for our use, and our pleasure, that’s not dead like behavior, that’s very much so alive behavior.

So, if you have the urge to use the word dead to describe this fandom before, say 2016– do yourself the favor, and don’t.



    1. I’m exempt from being yelled at for misspelling Ratboy’s name, mostly because I reversed the K and the C, ’cause I’m very Dyslexic.

      And yes, yes people are calling it dead, because it’s been a month since anything has happened.

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