Photobombs, and Fashion

So, Jennifer Lawrence is kind of our resident girl crush du jour here at Victor’s Village. I honestly can’t count how many times Twiffidy or The Girl With The Pearl have gushed over their adoration for her, and I don’t think I’m immune to this kind of behavior either. So, when our dear Mockingjay attends a high profile fashion gala in the fashion capital of the United States, otherwise known as New York City, we pay attention. Or, at least we pay attention to the sound bites, and a few of the pictures, and of course above all, the GIF sets. Jennifer did in fact attend a high profile fashion event in New York City this week, which means she got a break from standing around naked, whilst being painted blue. Yep, Jen’s currently working on the new X-Men film, so going to New York to attend The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s annual Costume Institute exhibit and gala, was in fact a break– a very glam break. I mean, damn girl, look at you, with your veil, and your perfectly quaffed hair, and the matte red lips, just, daaaamn."PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala And that’s not even a photo that shows us the gown she had on. I think it’s time to profusely thank none other than Rachel Zoe, Jennifer’s stylist, for helping pick out this look. That is unless my wires are crossed, and Zoe is no longer the brain behind the looks Jennifer dawns whilst attending public events. If that’s the case, then I would sincerely like to know who is, so I can fan-girl them like the broke fashionista that I am. No really, I have veils like that in my collection, vintage ones, they never get warn though– ’cause they’re vintage.

It really is quite an evolution we’ve witnessed where it comes to Jennifer’s public attendance styling. Think way way back when her Oscar gown was chosen for comfort over rs_500x281-130507172441-jlawphotobombstyle. I think she in fact described it as a giant tank top, which makes me wonder why it required her to wear two sets of Spanx to achieve that streamlined look. Poor dear, just– poor poor dear. Anyway, I personally would like to applaud Jennifer for stepping it up over the last couple of years, she’s come a long way since she landed in Hollywood. Yes, all the way from playing an overly enthusiastic school mascot on Monk, to being the girl who photobombed Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker), herself on the red carpet, yes– in view of the world at large. Get down girl, don’t stop being your weird self.

Does she care? Probably not, but that’s why we like her.



Them There Eyes



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