Reppin’ The Fandom, Catching Fire Style

If there’s anything we love about being a part of The Hunger Games fandom, it’s the interactivity. Sure, you can love pretty much anything and thus be part of its fandom, but actually being given the ability to get involved is kinda glorious.

A lot of book and/or movie franchises got into the interactivity pretty late in the game, but The Hunger Games team has been introducing interactive components since the release of TheCapitol.PN and while they don’t always go over as spectacularly as we’d hoped, we give them ten points for trying!

Now they’ve got a new campaign to help spread the Catching Fire book love:

First off… AHHHHHH! THAT’S KIMMY FROM MOCKINGJAY.NET AND ALDRIN FROM DOWN WITH THE CAPITOL! They’re so good in front of the camera, they even make hanging sentences look cool! We’re kind of, sort of super jealous.

“So why not send in a video and try to be part of the new Catching Fire book trailer?” You ask. Because we are decidedly less cool in front of the camera and in front of the world in general! We’d be replying with a low quality iMovie video in which I have too much product in my hair as I try to quell the static electricity that is still all over the place, gesturing wildly and never quite looking into the camera.

Not the mention our “answers”…

THE HUNGER GAMES: WE ALL HAVE OUR REASONS. MINE IS… I have an addictive personality when it comes to books! Especially Young Adult dystopian and fantasy novels. Stop judging me, okay? It’s not like I’m doing crack! GAWD!
I LOVE THE HUNGER GAMES BECAUSE… The world has gone apeshit and there’s all these conspiracies and everyone is dropping like flies in these freaking arenas! My anxiety level goes through the roof but I’m also really excited, so I guess I’m some sort of twisted masochist!
THE BEST PART ABOUT CATCHING FIRE IS… The huge plot twist in the end when Plutarch and Haymitch and all the cool tributes are part of the rebellion and they actually set up the games to help Katniss escape to District 13 WHICH IS REAL. Also, that Katniss/ Peeta moment on the beach where you think “If this weren’t a fairly innocent series when it comes to teen sexuality, they would totally get it on right now, cameras and all.” What do you mean, I’m not supposed to give away the plot?
EVERYONE SHOULD READ CATCHING FIRE BECAUSE… HELLO! It’s only my favorite book in the trilogy! It’s our Empire Strikes Back and if you can’t appreciate that, well, you know where you can shove it!

Hopefully, some of you people can express your book feels a little more eloquently!

Reppin’ The Fandom RIGHT Since 2011,
The Girl With The Pearl



  1. “Also, that Katniss/ Peeta moment on the beach where you think “If this weren’t a fairly innocent series when it comes to teen sexuality, they would totally get it on right now, cameras and all.””

    They totally wouldn’t, since, even if we discount the fact that it would be awfully embarrassing to have sex in front of the entire country, Peeta wouldn’t be such a fool to reveal to the whole of Panem that he’s a liar and that Katniss is obviously not pregnant, since I think the majority of people would realize that it’s her first time.

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