The Demographics

CinemaCon-2013-5The title of this article sounds like a girl group circa 1965, they sway a lot, and they wear color coordinated outfits, they also say “shoop” a lot, and “na, na, na“. Okay, maybe they don’t, but they might say this– I think the demographic for The Hunger Games franchise has finally reached beyond what the studio originally thought it was, i.e. teenage girls, and their boyfriends being reluctantly dragged to the movie theatre, also possibly parents being dragged to the movies as well.

It’s no big reveal when I say that none of the writers who work for Victor’s Village fall into any of those categories, yep– we’re all women, childless, and all over the age of 25, unless of course we’re lying, and we’re really all 12, 14, and 17, in love with Justin Bieber, and have no idea who Anne Frank is. It’s also no big reveal when I state, at least for me, it’s been difficult being a fan of this series when according to society, I’m not supposed to like it. I’ve personally never thought of The Hunger Games trilogy as a series that’s a cookie cutter young adult novel ??????????????????????series, it’s just very well– adult to me. True, there’s no sex, there’s no swearing, which also according to society teenagers don’t ever do, therefore it’s left out of a large chunk of the literature that’s geared towards that age bracket. But, yeah– if young adults aren’t having sex, and not swearing, than someone better get me a TARDIS, so I can go back in time and tell probably 80% of the people I knew in high school and college, to well– stop having of the sex, and swearing like sailors.

How, or why do I think the demographic has changed though? Three words, Iron Man 3. Yep, yesterday at Cinemacon in Las Vegas it was announced by Francis Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth, and Elizabeth Banks, that The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’s first teaser trailer will be attached to Iron Man 3 when it’s released in the next several weeks. Iron Man 3‘s demographic is not teenager girls, it’s just not– Iron Man 3‘s demographic is actually young adult males ages 12 and up, and dominantly this audience has also read the source material that Iron Man 3 will be based on. Kind of a sharp pivot to the left, don’t ya’ think? Especially considering that The Hunger Games‘ first teaser trailer, and first full length trailer were both attached to the teenage girls Mecca of a film franchise, The Twilight Saga.

Times are a-changin’, and they come with comic books. 

Them There Eyes



  1. Demographics! I love it. Where does the professional women who love to read fit in? A friend at work told me about a couple of mature, mothers and MDs no less who dressed up in their Hollywood glam then crashed the cast party at the Hollywood premier. How about appealing to all demographics? I get male co workers to read it all the time. But yes us ladies do love our sci fi and dystopia! And yes like the teenage girl who wants to crash a Hollywood party to meet her favorite cast, I say hey book club girls let me go to the next one please!

  2. My husband, in his early 40s, is pretty obsessed. Not only did he run to the bookstore on the day Mockingjay was released and buy 3 copies so that none of us would have to wait to read it (dad, mom and teen daughter), but he has watched the trailer for CF more times than I have. When I caught him at it, he wailed (yes, wailed), “I can’t wait all the way until November!” You can see why I love this man. 😉

  3. On a tangent…could that Iron Man 3 poster BE any more targeted toward men? Well, I guess they could have shown Gwenyth Paltrow with her shirt ripped and hanging off her shoulders. Blech.

  4. I’m in my 50s. A male friend in his 30s (he recommended the books to me), a female friend in in her 70s and a male co-worker in his 40s ALL love The Hunger Games! It’s the franchise that knows no democraphic!

  5. Even though I fit into the demographic of teenage girl. I am really excited about the teaser being shown before Iron Man 3. I personally detested the vampire franchise that must not be named. And only read it, because all of my friends were reading it at the time. I think this move may make people take the series considering many people consider the Twilight Franchise to be a bit of a joke. My dad, brothers, and I usually go and see the Marvel movies in Theaters and I’m interested in seeing my dad’s reaction to the trailer, becuse he does not belong to the originally thought of demographic. Also maybe with the placement along with Iron man may confirm that there will be a lot more action and darkness to this one compared to THG Movie.

    1. Nahhh we’re not sexist. We’re saying that the movie ads should be targeted to all audiences, but originally weren’t.The first movie was definitely advertisied to teen girls more than any other demographic, when it should have been directed toward EVERYONE, because everyone loves the trilogy!

  6. I totally don’t fit the supposed ‘target’ demographic, but then I went to see THG three times in the theater and half of the audience looked like me (in other words, baby boomers 50+). Most of the guys in the audience were older. The younger people were mostly girls. I think that the next three films should broaden the demographic very substantially and pull in more younger men.

    It wouldn’t bother me at all to see these films rated R — if they are going to be done right, they are war/sci fi movies and should not be seen by every kid. IMO one of the things that hurt THG was that they tried so hard to keep it PG13 that the brutality of the Games and life in the districts was downplayed.

    I think Lionsgate really had no clear idea what they had on their hands when THG first came out. The box office numbers had to have pretty much blown their minds and the breadth of the film’s appeal was obvious in the numbers. What I’ve seen of the trailer suggests that they are going to be a lot less shy about the hard, dark turn that the second and third books take — and to my mind that’s absolutely great.

  7. I always found this funny. Neither of my teenaged cousins have ever heard about The Hunger Games and yet my 25-year-old BROTHER had his movie ticket pinched to a cardboard, read the whole series in 4 days and re-watched the movie later with his girlfriend (his idea btw). Ok, so it should be added that he was studying abroad in the US at the time THG was released and my cousins live at this far-end-no-one-cares segment of Europe where the series isn’t really that big (yet), but the point stands. There is a strong teenage audience, sure, I get reminded of that day after day when I visit my Tumblr tags. They talk about ships and teams and they think the first movie ended with Peeta and Katniss getting together. But there are a lot of people interested in this series. They might not obsess over Katniss’ love life but they do lament on the fact that we finally have a blockbuster franchise with a strong female lead. They talk about if this really is a reflection on our own society. And the male and female audiences who go to the movie theatres for entertainment can both learn a lot from Katniss and enjoy themselves in the process. There is a much larger demographical potential here and I’m glad that the marketing for CF finally realizes that.

  8. I’m pleased that Lionsgate is no longer afraid to try and sell the movies to a wider audience. I think they’ll find it works. My 40 year old male cousin loves the books. And I certainly don’t fall into the teenage girl category.

  9. i’m male, 23. first, i watched the movie in theaters out of curiosity because some friends told me about a movie like Battle Royale coming out. i love Battle Royale so i was intrigued. i left the theaters pretty satisfied but feeling the violence and gore were a little tamed (since i was comparing it to Battle Royale). fast forward to when the trailer for CF was released, i saw it posted on one of the sites i regularly visit. i don’t know what got into me but the trailer got me really excited. it felt so much more promising than the first movie that it made me read the books. i surprised myself when i finished the book in less than 3 days. you can say that i’m now pretty addicted to the trilogy. already read them twice (don’t ask why i’ve got so much free time).

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