The Hunger Games, Explored

We know. WE KNOW! You want to talk about the trailer, because oh my goodness… that trailer! But we’re holding off one more night, because such an event requires a thoughtful, collective FREAK OUT. You know we love to break things down, so marinate for a while and we’ll get back to you with that goodness later on!

We did, however, get another reveal yesterday! As the MTV Movie Awards started, the Hunger Games Explorer opened its virtual door to fans! We came, we saw… we said “That’s it?”

For all intents and purposes, Hunger Games Explorer is a fancy Tumblr or Pinterest board that gathers up fan reactions to the Catching Fire teaser trailer, along with a link to the teaser and a smattering of stills and gifs and fan art.

We enjoy all those things, of course. We just have multiple sources for this information already. We guess it technically is a way to explore The Hunger Games, but we had high hopes for a chance to explorer the world behind The Hunger Games, aka the districts introduced in Catching Fire and more of The Capitol, in an interactive format.

One idea gives us hope: Soft Launch! Maybe? Possibly? (Probably not.) The time between the teaser trailer announcement and release was not long enough for Lionsgate to create an advanced, detailed advertising experience. We’re hoping that there will be bells and whistles later on, closer to the release date. Think of Lionsgate as a classy lady who’s not going to give it all up on the first date! …We hope.

Capitol Tour v2.0… GO!
The Girl With The Pearl


One comment

  1. Wow, you are so right: I just checked it out and Hungergamesexplorer is really quite boring. It’s not even the best of the fan art and Tumblr, some of which is astonishingly good. I was actually kind of blown away by the super-creative gifs out on Tumblr just this morning. Real fangirls must never sleep 🙂

    Speaking of which, I can’t wait for the in depth VV analysis — you guys NEVER disappoint!

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